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TWINE branches Growth | Fast Company

Nova Spivack of Twine | Photograph by Charlie Nucc

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From Fast Company newsletter – Google a common query, such as “movie tickets,” and you’ll get 55 million hits. The first few — Fandango, AMC Theatres — are legitimate. Then they trail off, until by page 15, you’re awash in come-ons like “Get Your Hannah Montana Concert 3D Movie Tickets!!” Alas, I’m too late.

Such chaos hits home for Nova Spivack. Before he started his own company, Radar Networks, the 39-year-old entrepreneur and grandson of late management guru Peter F. Drucker, had so many virtual folders and bookmarks, he’d routinely lose track of important messages and links. Since then, he has watched social news and bookmarking services such as Digg and Delicious the latter sold to Yahoo for a reported $30 million garner avid followings for helping people find and store new information.

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