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Yaro Starak – a really useful nice guy – itsReal

Recently I had the opportunity to relax on a 5 hour BusRide from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore and the seats were big enough (only 16 seats on a mercedez bus) for me to take out my mac and read thru Yaro’s 52 page eBook Blog Profits Blueprint you can download from here – http://becomeablogger.com/ – and whilst I have been blogging for sometime for myself and for clients i found the eBook really enjoyable and easy to read. He writes so FRIENDLY you can’t but ignore the fact the he is sincere in his endeavour to help others but he is also an expert blogger willing to share his knowledge.

I am now subscribing to his emails and received his latest one were Jason Katzenback buzzed him on Skype pitching his new blog tool that he wanted Yaro to promote. The tool I think is an awesome idea and i am going to check it out you can too here: Kahuna. Once again you can see Yaro is a decent guy and wrote in an easy format liking the product he is recommending to us.

I have been meaning to let you know about Yaro since I returned from Malaysia but not enough time, however in this case I am able to add value to what Yaro’s email and what the Kahuna product offers.

My blogging mainly revolves around Virtual Worlds and Social Media – alot of the happenings in this space occur in the US market, now growing also out of europe as is the case with my client Twinity.

Virtual Worlds being a niche market in early adopter mode there is a problem of getting the news to this part of the world Asia, so i see myself as a middleman – bringing content to an audience that wants to know. I agree original content is the dream of every blogger but being able to also share others content to a willing and eager audience that wants to be educated is important too.

Thanks for sharing Yaro !

Check out Yaro’s other websites if you want to know a really nice useful blogger expert – APLINK

Blog Tips Newsletter at – entrepreneurs-journey.com, or blogtrafficking.com

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