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About the Asian Models would they date U when they go home

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About the SUPERMODELME.tv  Models


CIARA SCHMALFELD, America (Native American/Japanese/German)
Age: 22
Height: 1.73m
Language Spoken: English
Interests/Hobbies: Modeling, bargain hunting, traveling and snorkeling
Profile Intro Video

HELEN SWALE, Australia (Australian/Filipina)
Age: 20
Height: 1.78m
Language Spoken: English
Interests/Hobbies: Going to the gym, modeling, netball, fitness, socializing and reading
Profile Intro Video

KATHLENE MCKINNEY, Britain (Irish/Thai)
Age: 17
Height: 1.71m
Language Spoken: English
Interests/Hobbies: Traveling, dancing, shopping
Profile Intro Video

YUEN SZE JIA, Malaysia (Chinese)
Age: 22
Height: 1.8m
Language Spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay
Interests/Hobbies: Playing the piano, drawing and basketball
Profile Intro Video

EVELYN LECKIE, Australia (Australian/Chinese)
Age: 17
Height: 1.8m
Language Spoken: English
Interests/Hobbies: Dancing, music, shoes, learning French, music festivals and Thai food
Profile Intro Video

ANNA SYUHADA, Malaysia (Malay)
Age: 22
Height: 1.75m
Language Spoken: English and Malay
Interests/Hobbies: Sports, listening to music, reading magazines
Profile Intro Video

EMILIA SOH, Singapore (Chinese)
Age: 20
Height: 1.78m
Language Spoken: English and Mandarin
Interests/Hobbies: Fashion, tennis and reading
Profile Intro Video

JENNY FUGLSANG, Sweden (Swedish/Korean)
Age: 20
Height: 1.77m
Language Spoken: English, Korean, Swedish, a little bit Spanish
Interests/Hobbies: Modeling, traveling, painting, gossiping with my friends, partying and dancing, working out and reading magazines
Profile Intro Video

CHRISTABEL CAMPBELL, Singapore (Chinese/Indian)
Age: 21
Height: 1.78m
Language Spoken: English and Mandarin
Interests/Hobbies: Reading, traveling, food and culture
Profile Intro Video

FIONA THOMAS, Australia (Sri Lankan/Indian)
Age: 23
Height: 1.73m
Language Spoken: English and basic Japanese and Italian
Interests/Hobbies: Modeling, travel, fashion, swimming, business, shopping and animals (especially cats)
Profile Intro Video


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NEWSFLASH! Squidoo bans X-Rated content PORN and SPAM

NEWSFLASH! Squidoo bans X-Rated content, PORN and SPAM

“99% of you won’t even notice any difference

If you’re making great, unique, useful, content-filled lenses, I’m betting you won’t have any trouble with these policies.” Billboard from Squidoo Management

via NEWSFLASH! A Squidoo Policy Update.

If only this effects 1% of the Squidoo population then it’s quite an amazing way of let users know of the the new polocies.

Excerpt from the Overview…

When Seth, Corey, Gil and I started creating Squidoo in 2005, we had a vision of openness, creativity, authenticity and generosity that has guided the Squidoo publishing platform, our company and our community to much success.

A few years later, as the number of lenses and people on our site have grown, we believe it’s a good time to describe and update Squidoo’s policies that support our founding principles.

That’s what this overview lens is for. It’s an official supplement to our Terms of Service. It’s an effort to promote clarity about what is and isn’t acceptable on Squidoo, in terms of content and behavior.

Most important, it’s a set of guidelines that should help you navigate and make the best of this powerful platform we’ve all created together.

via NEWSFLASH! A Squidoo Policy Update.


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Are you GAY in the closet need a HandBag Date . . .

Watch SUPERMODELME.tv become a fan: Starts June 16th 2009


Found on mUmBRELLA.com.au

Feel that joining a traditional dating website is too much of emotional commitment?

Then Dr Mumbo has just the Aussie website for you.

Blind Date II blind date

– “no commitment, no strings, just great company” is the latest atttempt to tap into Australia’s dating scene.

Aimed at professional singles who have a function to go to and don’t want to turn up on their own, the service provides the “handbag” of a date to join them.

While it all sounds vaguely reminiscent of the Bruce Willis – Kim Basinger movie Blind Date, Dr Mumbo can’t decide if this particular idea is brillliant or barking.

Naturally you can follow it on twitter @handbagpartner

APLINK thinks the name ” Handbag Partners” suggests it’s a great way to cover up being gay by registering at Handbag Partners and being able to HAND pick your blind date (handbag) for your next business function 🙂 so if Are you GAY in the closet need a HandBag Date . . . maybe signup with www.handbagpartners.com.au

Read more on mUmBRELLA: http://mumbrella.com.au/blind-date-ii-5677

Check out Handbag Partners Here: http://www.handbagpartners.com/

an APLINK wink

Watch SUPERMODELME.tv become a fan: Starts June 16th 2009



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StarHub bolsters mobile TV offering with three new channels

– With the new channels – Asian Food Channel, Bloomberg and JimJam – StarHub TV onMobile will boast 11 popular channels of “live” news, sports, food and entertainment programmes

– StarHub 3G Mobile post-paid customers can view Animax, Bloomberg Television and CTI TV channels for free

Singapore, May 2009 – StarHub today announced that it will bolster its premium mobile TV offering by adding three StarHub TV channels – Asian Food Channel, Bloomberg and JimJam (see Editor’s Notes) – to its StarHub TV on Mobile service.

StarHub TV on Mobile features a selection of popular “live” news, sports, food and entertainment channels for “anywhere, anytime” viewing on any 3G or 3.5G mobile phone. The current channel line-up includes CNN, CNBC, Channel NewsAsia, Football Channel, Goal TV1, Goal TV2, Animax and CTI TV.

“By extending TV viewing to the mobile phone, StarHub offers customers the freedom to view their preferred channels, wherever they are and whenever they want. With the additional channels, StarHub TV on Mobile provides even more choice for customers. For example, parents can entertain their children by allowing them to view the very popular, family-friendly JimJam programmes on their mobile phones. With Bloomberg Television, business professionals and entrepreneurs can access up-to-the-minute financial news on their mobile phone, while those customers interested in Asian food delights can get their fix from the Asian Food Channel!” said

Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Personal Solutions and Advanced Multimedia Services at StarHub.

From 23 May 2009, StarHub 3G Mobile post-paid customers will enjoy free* access to Animax, Bloomberg and CTI TV, or pay only $1 for 24-hour access to all other channels in the StarHub TV on Mobile line-up. Subscribers of StarHub TV on the Sports tier can watch ALL these channels for free. No additional charges will be incurred for data usage, which means that users can watch the channels freely and constantly without worrying about sky-high data charges.

Customers with the latest smartphones such as BlackBerry Storm, HTC Touch HD, Samsung Ultra Touch and the soon-available HTC Magic can enjoy the added convenience of one-click instant access from the StarHub TV on Mobile application when they select and watch any channel. Alternatively, customers can access the StarHub TV on Mobile service from the Gee! portal.

For more information on StarHub TV on Mobile, please go to http://www.starhub.com/mobile.

*Free access to Animax, Bloomberg and CTI TV is a promotional offer valid till 30 June 2009.

via StarHub – Corporate – Newsroom – News & Press Releases.

SUPERMODELME.tv proudly presented by Starhub

Its free SIGN up here http://SUPERMODELME.tv

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The Crew to bring you – SUPEMODELME.tv

Contestants – http://www.facebook.com/pages/SupermodelmeTV/80974482419

Attention: open in a new window.

Karen Seah – Executive Producer

A veteran in the nightlife entertainment scene for 10 years, Karen has acquired an impressive status in the industry, having successfully built and operated five respectable clubs regionally. Her first venture, Salt nightclub in Melbourne, was opened in 1999 while she was studying in the city. Since then, she was involved in a string of successes, including Nouvo nightclub and the legendary Zouk Club in Kuala Lumpur; Racks, an upscale billiard and pool bar in Shanghai; and Mimolette, a restaurant and bar located off the beated path which remains one of Singapore’s ‘Best Kept Secrets’. Karen’s diverse skills in conceptualisation, operations, planning and marketing led her to start up The Refinery Studio – a hybrid creative agency dedicated to exploring new communication mediums and tools through the creative use of web-based technology – and its subsidiary media agency, Refinery Media. In February 2009, Karen conceptualized SUPERMODELME.tv – Asia’s groundbreaking English online reality show. Combining fashion with the latest in web technology, SUPERMODELME.tv is set to debut in June this year.

Kashma Budhrani – Co-Producer

Kashma Budhrani began her career in the financial sector dealing with international trade, investment management and asset management. But her world of finance and numbers took an unexpected turn when she obtained a Masters in South Asian Studies at New York’s Columbia University in 2008. She was captivated by all aspects of Asian culture and history, especially in the differing types of film and modern literature to each region and to the western world. Being a disciplined researcher with strong communication skills, Kashma has successfully organized charitable events, cultural festivals for his collegiate Asian Societies, as well as informational sessions to increase awareness of the economic disparities in India. She sees collaborating with Refinery Media as an opportunity to explore investment opportunities in Asia through new and exciting entertainment avenues.

Marilyn Tan – Director

With over 8 years of experience directing documentaries, factual entertainment, travel and reality shows, Marilyn is wholly dedicated to the craft of directing and has shaped many different genres for the screen. The most notable of her work spans architecture (Paradise Asia), science (Super Science), infotainment (A Tale of Four Cities for Channel NewsAsia), art (Frequency of the City for Arts Central), sports (Sports Swap for Disney Channel), food (Appetizing Adventures), and a travel series for Discovery Travel and Living. Both A Tale of Four Cities and Frequency of the City garnered her accolades – at the Asia Television Awards 2008 and New York Festivals 2009 for the former, and at the Asian Television Awards 2007 for the latter. When it comes to directing/producing programs, she is always on the hunt for interesting content and she greatly enjoys the challenge of telling compelling stories whatever their subject matter.

Cheryl Tan – Director

Lisa Tan – Production Manager

Shi Ying – Location Manager

Daniel Chong – Production Assistant

As the publisher of FL.ag magazine, Daniel Chong has successfully crafted a unique product relevant to Singapore’s GenY youth and the local creative community in just three years. FL.ag magazine has been called the “No.1 underground magazine in Singapore” by Tribal Times Mindshare and was also awarded “Supporter of the Arts” in 2008 by the National Arts Council. Daniel’s expertise in trends, culture and youth marketing, together with his strong interests in music and arts, led him to dabble in events of a more unconventional nature. In addition to his publishing venture, Daniel has run successful events at independent venues and clubs, supported by events partners like DBS Bank and Tiger Beer. In 2008, Daniel was instrumental in putting together a street party at Haji Lane in Singapore’s landmark Arab Street district, which was attended by thousands. More recently, Daniel was involved with the inaugural Singapore Tattoo Convention, which saw an impressive 15,000 attendees.

Eugene Loo – Production Assistant

Eugene Loo describes himself as a passionate newbie who is willing to try anything. With an academic qualification in information technology and working experience as a computer technician, coupled with his love of movies and TV dramas, he felt that being a production assistant for an online reality show would be an ideal fit for him. Within a month of working on the set of SUPERMODELME.tv, Eugene has felt more inspired and motivated than he could have imagined and hopes one day to be a veteran in the production industry.

IDP – Fringe Film Crew

IDP Media was formed in early 2004 by three creative individuals of different talents who shared the same mindset – to create a new media hype. With that mindset, IDP Media finds it niche in video documentation for the ARTS, FASHION and MUSIC INDUSTRY. Our visual style has evolved from the pure adrenaline-charge club videos commission by Zouk Club Singapore, to our present mishmash of art forms that are multi-disciplinary. They have produced such a diverse range of multi-media products, ranging from corporate partnerships with BMW Asia and Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific, to collaborations with Media Development Authority (MDA) and National Arts Council (NAC). Their efforts were recognized with a nomination for the Spirit of Enterprise award in 2007.

Ziv Ong – Chief Make-up Artist

Ziv Ong started out in 1998 as a fashion designer and stylist but soon discovered her passion was in makeup. With over 10 years in the business, she has done numerous magazine and commercial work, and her clientele has grown to include leading fashion brands such as Gucci, Hugo Boss, Chopard, Coach, Gerald Genta and Yves Saint Laurent. She has even worked with music sensations Pras Michel of the Fugees, Lauren Hildebrandt, Mariah Carey, Alex Toh and Sandy Lam. Besides her work with major fashion events such as the Singapore Fashion Festival, Ziv has also become the stylist of choice for many local and regional celebrities. Ziv has recently set up her own company “Gorgeoulicious”, a beauty service specially catered to each person’s personality.

Samsul Danial – Hair Stylist

With over a decade of experience, Samsul Danial’s deft skills with a comb and can of hairspray have made him an oft-requested figure at a variety of fashion shows and road shows. His portfolio includes jewellery clients like Chopard and Mont Blanc; fashion brands like Mumbai Se, Ted Baker, Levi’s, Coach; and publications like Prestige Magazine and Maxim. Samsul has also played a key role backstage at large-scale events like the Singapore Fashion Festival and Tang’s 75th Anniversary, and the musical Sunshine Girl, written and produced by Dick Lee.

Rena Zheng – Wardrobe Coordinator

Rena began her foray into the world of fashion by helping out backstage as a dresser during Singapore Fashion Week 2002. That first glimpse into the frenzied goings-on of a fashion show – models racing in and out of clothes, hair and makeup rushing with last minute touch-ups; yet everyone being completely professional and efficient – so impressed her, it inspired her to pursue fashion coordination further. For the next three years, Rena freelanced for many different production companies, working backstage at fashion shows. In 2006, she had a brief sojourn as a designer with local fashion label Celia Loe before going back to event wardrobe coordination a year later. What she loves most about her job is the excitement and being able to surround herself with beautiful clothes, bags and shoes everyday.

Clara Fang – Set Designer

While her friends were playing with dolls, Clara Fang was more interested in the dolls’ houses. Since she was young, her dream was to become an interior designer. Seeing how shapes and forms come together, the process of building and construction, and creating nothing into something all fascinate her. Following her childhood dream, Clara studied to become an interior designer. But it wasn’t long till she discovered a newfound passion in the events industry. In her mind, designing a set wasn’t so different from designing a room. Clara thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline rush that fills her from the start of production to teardown of a show. The past three years have seen her responsible for coordinating the set production for MediaCorp Publishing’s leading events including Styleweddings.sg, FHM Girl Next Door, FHM 100 Sexiest Women, BabyCare Festival, LIME SonicBang, and other signature events for publications I Weekly, 8 Days and more.

Adrian Seet – PR & Advertising

Adrian Eugene Seet possesses over a decade of corporate marketing and sponsorship experience from multinational corporations such as StarHub, Citibank, HSBC, and Visa – where he has managed alliance partners such as Esplanade, Raffles City, Dempsey Hill and Golden Village. Throughout his prolific career, he has handled various roadshows and major events like HSBC Wakeboard World Cup, HSBC Golf Challenge, and HSBC Women’s Champions. Like a true workaholic, he loves the fast pace and new challenges demanded by his work.

Cassandra Kok – Events and Promotions

After seven years in the events industry, Cassandra Kok knows the ins and outs of coordinating, producing and marketing a diverse range of events from fashion shows, road shows, gala parties, store openings, product launches and more. Cassandra got her first taste of event production in 2002, when she interned with PR and events specialist Style Asia (known then as Style Factory). She stayed with the company for five years before joining Launch Group, followed by a part-time stint with Ogilvy Action, before signing on with Refinery Media. Cassandra has worked on diverse projects such as Female Magazine’s 50 Gorgeous People, Singapore Repertory Theatre Gala Dinner, International Film Festival, the opening of the Prada store at Paragon, TAG Heuer Monaco 69 Launch at The National Museum, FINA World Swimming Meet, MTV Unsung Heroes, Good Charlotte’s concert in KL, and Sony Ericsson Trade Conference in Bali. You could say that when it comes to events, Cassandra has mostly been there, done it all. But she still has one wish: to be able to do a groundbreaking, unconventional event in Singapore that other people would not have even dared try.

Sarah Tan – Contributing Online Editor

During her six years in the publishing industry, Sarah Tan rapidly worked her way up the editorial ladder from magazine intern to Editor-in-Chief. Sarah’s introduction into the world of fashion publications began as an intern with the now defunct MPH Magazines publishing house, where she spent her days carrying as many as 20 shopping bags of clothes from various stores to the photography studio, steaming and shooting them, before carting them back again. Completely dedicated to providing the most newsworthy stories and latest trends to women readers, in 2006, Sarah was chosen to helm Female magazine, Singapore’s leading fashion and beauty publication. In just one year as its Editor, she helped increase readership ratings by 21% up from the previous year, according to the Nielsen Media Index. Upon leaving Female, Sarah was very quickly sought out to spearhead the launch of Cake magazine, a groundbreaking women’s luxury fashion and timepiece quarterly, as its Editor-In-Chief. Since leaving the magazine industry late last year, Sarah has been focusing on her own projects including a fashion label and a party hosting company called Trustfun.

Join The beta http://supermodelme.tv

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