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SUPERMODELME Struts its Way onto AXN

First Online Reality Programme to Ink Cable Network Deal in Asia – show premieres November 7 at 10.30pm on AXN

SINGAPORE, OCTOBER 2009 | Refinery Media today announced that it has inked an agreement with cable network channel AXN, for the broadcast of SUPERMODELME in the Asia region.

A sweet win for new start-up Refinery Media, this unprecedented feat is accented against the norm whereby reality programmes are usually aired directly onto television and later online, and not vice versa.

Sruts onto AXN Cable TV

Sruts onto AXN Cable TV

SUPERMODELME – Asia’s first groundbreaking online reality programme, presents 10 models from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and India, who will compete to be Asia’s next hottest face on the runways and magazines. 20 episodes are broadcasted twice-weekly and over 10 weeks, with a weekly elimination of one model.

SUPERMODELME exposes the glitz, glamour and unforgiving demands of the fashion world, as viewers get in-sync with the models as they battle it out to be the eventual winner of SUPERMODELME.

The on-air version of SUPERMODELME will be specially re-versioned and encompasses even more exciting highlights and footages, that have never been seen before.

Said Ms Karen Seah, Founder – Refinery Media and Managing Director – The Refinery Studio, “This is indeed a milestone for a new start-up, like ours. My team and myself no less, are exhilarated, to soon be able to view and share our efforts embedded in the online version of SUPERMODELME, with a broader audience, and achieving this deed, together with leading entertainment network, AXN.  We will continue to embrace the web technology and other lifestyle mediums with more exciting content to come which also includes Season 2 of SUPERMODELME.”

About Refinery Media

A subsidiary of events company, The Refinery Studio, Refinery Media, a multimedia micro studio, was formed in March 2009 by its founder, Ms. Karen Seah.  The core business of Refinery Media is producing original content for the 360 platform which comprise of Web, Mobile and Television.

Refinery Media produced SUPERMODELME, a 20-webisode online reality model search competition that showcases the challenges and struggles encountered by 10 aspiring models from across the Asian continent. This reality series was launched online on 16th June 2009 and also has some behind-the-scenes footages being shown on StarHub Mobile.

Together with Exploit Technology Pte Ltd (A member of A*STAR), Refinery Media will be developing an English to Chinese/Bahasa translation subtitling technology called Substream.


AXN is the heart of action and adventure. Launched in 1997, AXN is a leading English general entertainment destination among upscale, affluent adults aged 18-44.  The channel delivers top rated drama series, blockbuster features, adventure-reality and first-run lifestyle sports programs from around the world, as well as dynamic original productions, to provide viewers with an unparalleled entertainment experience to get stuck in!

AXN is an international channel brand that was started in Asia, but has since expanded to Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.  It is now available in 60 countries globally.  In Asia, the channel is seen in more than 84 million households across 23 countries pan-regionally, including 40 million households on time-block basis in China.

AXN ASIA is wholly owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and managed by SPE Networks – Asia, which also operates pay-TV channels AXN BEYOND, ANIMAX and SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION. Visit www.axn-asia.com for more information.


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Top Ten Ris Low Positive Steps to take

The Top Ten Positive Steps for Ris Low – ex Miss World Singapore Beauty Queen – It is unfortunate that the Singapore media has taken advantage of  one of their own – Namely Ms Ris Low – however Ris you can turn the tables on these circumstances and after some time out of the camera’s glare re-emerge armed with the SMARTS you need to shine beautifully in all ways that you seek to fulfil. But it will take a little work 🙂

Top Ten Ris Low Positive Steps to take:

  1. REFUSE any further interviews until you are ready
  2. ENGAGE an honest & supportive publicity manager
  3. SEEK Public Speaking and Language Tuition expertise
  4. REMAIN out of the Public Eye till you are prepared
  5. SUPPORT Nursing but in the real sense it is not for you
  6. MOVE past your youthful mistakes – yes that is all they are not fun
  7. MENTOR find someone that you admire to help groom you
  8. FIND those things that you are passionate about, with passion you can do almost anything and there is the excitment you crave
  9. EMERGE to the public confident, brilliant, sophisticated and with purpose
  10. SMILE – you are radiant when you do. With radiance, it can and will help you and those you support and care for to bring your personal life & career to heights that others may only dream of.
Radiant Ms Ris Low - Image Zaobao

Radiant Ms Ris Low - Image Zaobao

To the Public & the Media: What an incredible opportunity to build a new and globally influential position for Ris Low and Singapore.


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She came to Singapore as a wide-eyed 17 year old.
Then, Supermodelme.tv happened.

And Evelyn Leckie had to deal with giant squids, frog-catching,
reverse bungees, Zorbing, wearing a bikini at a wet market…and as a
testament to how young they start ’em in this industry –
a photoshoot wearing nothing but a G-string.

Her sweet nature earned her the thumbs up from most viewers and the votes from

Her World readers (click to see video). But what of her “posing” skills,

considering this is a modelling competition?
Well, with the judges constantly raving that they couldn’t
believe she just barely started modelling (at a hair show, no less),
is it any wonder Evelyn finally grabbed the crown away from the
seemingly more experienced Christabel
and the often overlooked Kathlene?

At the Zouk finale (click here to see photo gallery) on 22nd August, we finally got to see
Evelyn and the rest upclose.
All 10 girls strutted their stuff in different segments.
Christabel did her thing in the runway challenge with a walk that
will soon bring her to London Fashion Week. And after hearing her
honest confession about her body insecurities on the show,
Kathlene’s pose-off in a bikini with some very hot male models
made us feel like proud parents. Was this really the body they
criticised for having baby fat? Take that, judges!
In the end, Evelyn took away the great prizes, including a $10,000
FEVO Mastercard which she assures us, she’ll spend on her education.
And that goes to show she really deserved to win.
With the competition finally behind them, the top-3 – Kathlene McKinney, Christabel Campbell and Evelyn Leckie – visit the Her World office to tell us what really went on behind the scenes.
Evelyn Christabel Kathlene
On why they joined the competition
Christabel: My agency told me about the show, and I thought it’d be good for my career. And this would be the fastest and easiest way to add to my portfolio.

Kathlene: I joined with my agency and I thought that the show would let me know if I wanted to do modelling or not.

Evelyn: My agent sent a digital photo of me from a hair show that I did straight to Karen (Seah, founder of Refinery Media). I got in which was a big surprise.

On the one thing they would like to change after watching themselves on TV
K: I would stop trying to get in front of the camera because I was terrible in front of it.

E: Remember that karaoke day? I went a bit over-the-top because Rebecca Tan was there. I was over-confident because I wanted to complete the task but I think it was too much.

C: I kind of wish I self-censored a little bit. I mean, I didn’t really say that many things but I wish I didn’t reveal so much of myself, even though it was supposed to be a reality show.

On the toughest part of the competition
C: Just being comfortable with myself because I tend to be a bit more reserved and introverted and I might appear a bit uptight on camera. My challenge was learning to loosen up and be more real. So because of that, after I watched the show I thought that I shouldn’t have bothered trying!

K: I’m not used to following orders. I get really worked up and that caused people to get stressed with me and not like me.

E: I felt the hardest part was the beginning when we first arrived. I was so homesick because I haven’t been away from home for that long with nine different strangers! Our phones were taken away and I felt I couldn’t cry or anything because the cameras were in your face. But the friendships we made made things better.

On living with other girls 24/7
C: Horrible. Like never again!

K: The best part was that if we wanted to talk to somebody, there’d be somebody to talk to. If we wanted to borrow something – like if someone got their period, you could say ‘hey, do you have a tampon?” If it were guys, they’d be like ‘what?’ And it wasn’t bitchy at all, everyone was pretty friendly.

E: By the time we got into the house, we all just felt like friends from school. It was hard living in another country but I guess everyone helped us to deal with our homesickness.

On whether the challenges helped them
C: Some did, some didn’t.

E: Maybe the frog one really helped us…

K: The bikini at the wet market definitely not.

C: We actually kicked up a really big fuss when they told us about it. I really didn’t see the point in that one!

E: And we felt pretty bad for the aunties and uncles and children.

K: Yeah, everyone was in their pyjamas!

Kathlene on bikinis and being skinny in the industry
They kept telling me to lose weight. They said ‘you still have baby fat on you’ and I’m like ‘I’m 17, you know, what do you want me to do?’ It was actually a really, really big thing for them. That was pretty difficult for me but I can understand, because in this industry you got to be really skinny. Which I don’t know if I want to be anymore? For the bikini shoot – because they kept telling me to lose weight, of course I was going to feel uncomfortable, especially with cameras around. But for the finale show, I wore pretty much a thong, all over these guys!
Christabel on being an Asian face in Fashion
You guys are a local magazine and you know what kind of models you hire. Because of that, I primarily did runway because they’re slightly less picky about runway. Runway’s more about skills and not skin colour. It was difficult and it’s still very difficult. I think Karen has just attempted to change the industry, but it’s not going to change just because of one thing. It’s going to be a long process. I would love to stay here and change the industry, but it’s not gonna happen, to be honest.
Evelyn on coming out tops
I know my friends helped me out with the voting but I was very surprised I won. When I first got accepted into the show, I thought that I’d be back in a week because I was certain I’d be the first person to go. So, it was a real big surprise to stay till the end. As for the $10,000 prize money, normally I spend money once I get it. But I think I’m going to save for something special, like my education.
On their future plans
E: I’ve been accepted to UWA in Perth, but I’ve deferred for this. Maybe halfway through next year I’ll start, depending on how well this is going.

C: I would love to be a journalist. However, I want to travel now and the easiest way for me to do that is to stick to modelling and try something different. I’m going to do that for another year. I’m going back to London after this, for London Fashion Week in September and also just to model in general because I would like to travel and live somewhere else.

K: I would like to do interior design in the future. But I don’t know where I’m going to be in a month – Vietnam, Thailand or Singapore because it depends on my dad’s job. I would still like to model but I’m going to study first and have something to fall back on.

Ciara was singled out on the show as an outcast. But as we found out, there was more to her story than what we saw.
On comments made by the other girls on the show
I haven’t watched the show but I’ve heard some of the comments made by the other girls, mostly through one of my girl friends. From what I’ve seen and heard, they weren’t uncalled for. I’m pretty okay with them.
On why she under-performed
I had a lot of issues going on back home (in the US) that I didn’t tell people about. My friends were like ‘you were very outgoing, and you just stopped.’ And I agree – I was outgoing at first but things just started wearing me out. I did want to do the competition, I wanted to make it far, but I don’t think I gave 110% because my confidence was shot. I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained. So if I could go back and do it all over again now, I think I would do a better job. I feel a lot better and healthier and a lot of things have been settled back home.

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SUPERMODELME.tv the final face off!

Catch the final webisode on Thursday, 3rd September 2009

After 10 weeks of intensive competition, the winner of Asia’s first online reality programme was excitedly revealed, at the finale party of www.SUPERMODELME.tv. Staged at Zouk on 22nd August, Saturday, the final showdown, that will be broadcasted online on 3rd September, was filmed ‘live’, amidst a crowd of over 1,000 guests and with the attendance of some of the leading faces in the Singapore fashion industry.

Warming up the party were presentation-flashes of webisodes, images and videos of SUPERMODELME.tv; the star-studded party was accented with the presence of renowned fashion luminaries, celebrities, business associates, media friends, as well as the ardent audience-fans of http://www.SUPERMODELME.tv.

Hosted by supermodel – Charmaine Harn and show producer/choreographer – Rizal, the http://www.SUPERMODELME.tv final face off, kick-started with the much awaited appearances of the final top three contestants – Kathlene McKinney, Christabel Campbell and Evelyn Leckie; who were reunited with their seven other eliminated counterparts.

Christabel Evelyn Kathlene

Christabel Evelyn Kathlene

A photo shoot challenge framed by Jeremiah Ang of Geoff Studio, and a catwalk challenge dressed in Frederick Lee Designs, saw Kathlene, Christabel and Evelyn, pit their tip-top modelling talents, amidst an intensified situation – in front of a ‘live’ audience.

The participation of celebrity and international models to the catwalk challenge – Ethel Cho, Tinie, Charmaine Harn, Kristen D, Kazumi and Yang Xu, all who helmed the modelling scenes during their reign, added a sheer boost, to the confidence of the top three finalists.

With the public’s voting comprising of 50% (internet, SMS, onsite-mobile voting boxes) and the remaining 50% voted by judges – Andrew Tan – Creative Director, The Refinery Studio & Managing Director, Andrews Models KL; Jeanette Ejlersen – Fashion & Beauty Director, Her World; Marcus AC – Celebrity Show Producer and Fashion Stylist and Olivier Henry – Photographer, Milk Photographie, the stakes for the evening, were indeed on a level of fashion-high.

The evening’s fanfare also saw the announcement of the winner of the Her World / NuYou Readers’ Choice Award, which went to Evelyn Leckie and the winner of the Best Use of Social Media Award, which was presented to Fiona Thomas.

Culminating the high points of the night, was the revelation of the winner of Asia’s first online reality programme – the prestigious title of SUPERMODELME.tv was conferred to Evelyn Leckie, who walked away with a S$10,000 value FEVO Mastercard, a cover shoot with JetStar Asia inflight magazine, four days three nights stay at Somerset Azabu East in Tokyo, an Acer F900 Windows Mobile Phone, a Redken and M.A.C. hamper.

Kathlene Chrsitabel Evelyn

Kathlene Chrsitabel Evelyn

“I was so ecstatic, I never expected to win. I am so excited and grateful for this wonderful opportunity I have been given,” said Evelyn.

First runner up, Christabel Campbell won for herself a S$5,000 value FEVO Mastercard, a four days three nights stay at The Ascott in Kuala Lumpur, a Redken and M.A.C. hamper, whilst second runner up, Kathlene McKinney earned herself a S$4,000 value FEVO Mastercard, four days three nights stay at the Citadines in Bangkok and a Redken and M.A.C. hamper.

The crowd’s shrill enthusiasm was further heighten, when five winners who had accurately voted for the winner of SUPERMODELME.tv, were separately presented with a Samsung Preston mobile, handset Xbox set and Redken hampers.

Revelry at the finale party of SUPERMODELME.tv continued on, as the fashion-sassy crowd strutted their best dance moves, and with previsions of greater anticipation, for Season Two of SUPERMODELME.tv.

Asia’s first online reality programme – SUPERMODELME.tv was proudly presented by StarHub and supported by Hyundai and FEVO Prepaid MasterCard by EZ-Link Pte Ltd and MasterCard Worldwide, and also supported by the following partners: Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (A member of A*STAR), Jetstar Asia Airways, The Ascott, Redken, M.A.C., Tiger Beer, Piper Heidsieck, Russian Standard Vodka, Red Bull, F&N, alldressedup, diva, Dorothy Perkins, Massimo Dutti, Max Studio, Miss Selfridge, Pull and Bear, PUMA, Rip Curl, River Island, TOPSHOP, Warehouse, ZARA, Her World, NuYou, Clark Quay, Mimolette, Red Dot Traffic, Zouk, Suncoast Sitra, True Group, IDP, Akamai, m:idea and Webvisions.

Catch the final webisode on Thursday, 3rd September 2009

About Refinery Media
A subsidiary of events company, The Refinery Studio, Refinery Media, a multimedia micro studio, was formed in March 2009 by its founder, Ms. Karen Seah. The core business of Refinery Media is producing original content for the 360 platform which comprise of Web, Mobile and Television.

Refinery Media produced http://www.SUPERMODELME.tv, a 20-webisode online reality model search competition that showcases the challenges and struggles encountered by 10 aspiring models from across the Asian continent. This reality series was launched online on 16 June 2009 and also has some behind the scenes footages being shown on Starhub Mobile.

Together with Exploit Technology Pte Ltd (A member of A*STAR), Refinery Media will be developing a English to Chinese/Bahasa translation subtitling technology called Substream.

Also available on PressReleasePoint
SUPERMODELME.tv the final face off!


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We are heading for the finishing line at SUPERMODELME.tv

…a couple of things need noting about the series so far – the production quality of SUPERMODELME.tv is amazing, alot of energy and eye for detail has been applied to the production and whilst we are here to find Asia’s next SUPERMODEL – a light that shine’s throughout the entire season 1 is Singapore’s 1st and stunningly beautiful Host & Judge – Charmaine Harn – i especially love it when she giggles 🙂

So here are your TOP THREE Models – they need your vote to win – head to http://www.SUPERMODELME.tv to get the instructions on how to vote – ANYONE on this planet can and the production team have made it possible for you to vote… check out the fanpages on facebook http://facebook.com/Supermodelme.tv – and take part in the community chatter and engage with ALL TOP Ten Models on their fan pages !







I know who SHOULD win – can you guess ?

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Charmaine’s SUPERMODELME.tv Blog Diary – after today the girls will be competing for final 3….

Things are sizzling up and I can sense the models are becoming mindful of the battle ahead.

In my experience, walking into work in the morning and observing your reception gives you a rough gauge of how the day will turn out. Right before Geoff Ang, Marcus AC and I gave the models the brief for the photo shoot, there was an odd silence in the makeup room. Game On.

As nonchalant as they tried to act when told about their challenge involved squid and partial water submersion… each girl was plotting their own impression and execution of the shoot.From start to finish.I could see, as a model, how well they ALL dealt with the situation and performed as best as they could.

Evelyn started, got into the mood immediately and slammed the picture looking hot. Kathlene squirmed and resisted a bit but worked well with her expressions. Even Geoff Ang commented on how she had improved. Fiona is so consistent, it works against her and she appears boring with only one look and Christabel still couldn’t get her face angles right although her body looked incredible in most of the pictures. Anna transformed into a sea goddess and made the whole task look effortless.So as challenging as the task was, each girl knew, even before they were told, which areas they had neglected.

Compared to the usual banter in the changing room, and the giggling that use to be hushed silent regularly, there was a sleepy, contemplative mood.

I sense alliances forming and I can almost see the girls plotting in their heads how to work their assets to their best advantage.

There are only 5 girls left and after today…. The girls will be competing for final 3….

Read more at http://SUPERMODELME.tv

Follow on facebook http://facebook.com/supermodelme.tv

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Win dinner with Singapore’s 1st SuperModel

Win dinner with Singapore’s 1st SuperModel – 5 winners will be selected also runner up VIP passes to the SUPERMODELME.tv finale event at ZOUK!

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to become a SUPERMODEL, what drives a model to SUPERMODEL status and how their lives change overnight or would you just like to get some personal beauty, fitness, dietry or dating advice & tips from Singapore’s 1st SuperModel, Charmaine Harn, now is your chance…

…enter The Charmaine Harn Challenge – brought to you by SUPERMODELME.tv

Each week the models in SUPERMODELME.tv have to complete challenges, now we turn the tables and invite you to suggest…

What is your ultimate challenge for SUPERMODELME.tv host Charmaine Harn, Singapore’s 1st SuperModel?

Let your imagination go ballistic.

Charmaine will be on the judging panel and if your challenge is exciting and full of adrenalin she may surprise you and take up the challenge.

To enter:

* tag your entry #SMMDINNER
* tweet it on twitter
* post it on your blog
* ping it to ping.sg “The Community Meta Blog”
* add it to our fan page on facebook – http://facebook.com/supermodelme.tv
* add it to your own myspace, friendster or facebook profile
* entries can be video, photos or simple text

The more social media places you put the challenge the more opportunities we have of selecting you as a finalist and then the ultimate winners to enjoy dinner with Charmaine at Singapore’s elite restaurant MIMOLETTE on the 12th August 2009. The more imagination you apply to your entry the more engaged Charmaine will become with the Challenge and to meet you in person. charmaine_harn for profile link

If, after all your social media activity you want to make doubly sure Charmaine sees your challenge – send an email to charmaine @ supermodelme.tv This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Only entries on public social media platforms qualify as an entry into the contest.

We know we are not going to be able to take everyone to dinner with Charmaine so we have runner up VIP tickets up for grabs to the SUPERMODELME.tv final at ZOUK on the 22nd August 2009 – get those Challenges out there you could be  dining with Charmaine or partying as a VIP guest at the SUPERMODELME.tv finale at ZOUK.

Contest starts NOW – closes on Friday 7th August 2009 – remember all entries must be tagged #SMMDINNER

Join the facebook fanpage for SUPERMODELME.tv


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Singapore’s 1st SUPERMODEL – Charmaine Harn

Tongue in Chic – Q+A: Charmaine Harn

Harper’s Bazaar Singapore ranks her as one of Asia’s most fashionable women. Actress Maggie Q places her “right at the top” of the modelling circuit. And this year, Charmaine Harn can add her starring performances on the Audi Fashion Fest ’09 runway into her ever-growing list of plaudits and milestones.

This 31-year-old supermodel can thank her lucky stars when she was personally chosen as Singapore’s sole representative in the “Ford Supermodel of the World” competition in 1996. Since then she has continued to sizzle for high fashion brands on the catwalks and editorial spreads in Paris, Milan, Taiwan, Shanghai, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Jakarta to name a few.

Currently based in Singapore, this jetsetter is also the host of Singapore’s reality model search, SUPERMODELME.tv. Charmaine lets us in on why she almost left the modeling industry, who she got star struck by and whether she is winding down on her modeling career.

via Tongue in Chic – Q+A: Charmaine Harn.

Become her fan: http://www.facebook.com/pages/charmaine_smm_host/101818361846?ref=ts

Follow Charmaine on Twitter: http://twitter.com/charmaine_smm

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Top Ten Female Supermodels of All Time

Courtesy of Sports37.com

You will see them every where. They are the creators and breakers of trends in the fashion industry. They are the ultimate fantasy of every adult male and they are the one who shine on the covers of fashion magazines all over the world. Yes, they are super models. Though the life of a super model is full of glitz and glamor, it is not easy to become a supermodel. There are only handful of models who are considered as supermodels in the world and where ever they go, they rule the media. Here is a list of some of the top supermodels of all time. You know many of them.

See who makes the List :


Watch Asia’s 1st Search for a SUPERMODEL http://supermodelme.tv

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Karen Mulder And Other Misbehaving Supermodels | The Frisky

Supermodel Karen Mulder, a Victoria’s Secret Angel from the late ‘90s, was arrested in Paris yesterday for allegedly threatening to attack her plastic surgeon. WTF?!

The Angel-gone-bad was trying to get the female surgeon to reverse a procedure. Karen “began screaming and shouting about the operation and became extremely threatening,” said a detective. “There were repeated calls to the female surgeon who was extremely scared.” We don’t know what kind of botched procedure could made her freak out, but if she got boobs and a stomach like Tara Reid once had, we understand her reaction, but not the violent threats. Karen, sadly, isn’t the only supermodel to exhibit bad behavior, she’s just one of a few to be actually arrested.

Watch SUPERMODELME.tv http://supermodelme.tv

Courtesy: http://www.thefrisky.com/site/slides/246-karen-mulder-and-other-misbehaving-supermodels/

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