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APLINK Recommends : Our Last Post About Twitter – TechCrunch

Truth from TechCrunch – MG Siegler

“Simply put, we write about Twitter so often because right now, it matters. From news organizations to movie stars, from earthquakes to fires, from Facebook to Google — everyone seems to be talking about, to or with Twitter. In an era of mass communication, it is the latest medium. And it’s fundamentally changing the ways in which people interact with others using the web. What you may view as a stupidly simple service with no real point, I view as one of the few inspirational products in bleak times.

I would argue that Twitter works so well precisely because it’s so simple. It fools some people with its “What are you doing?” question that resides at the top of the page, but Twitter can pretty much be about whatever you want it to be about. That’s why it’s an absolutely brilliant platform for so many new startups to build on top of. And those startups are really the key. They’re what are keeping Twitter so hot right now. Every day, something new launches on top of Twitter; some get coverage, some don’t. Some are silly, some are smart, some might actually work. But overall, the level of activity around the platform is amazing.

And that activity, fuels growth and feeds the system full of its most important life-blood: Information. It’s this real-time information that is Twitter’s most valuable asset. And it’s information that Twitter will soon begin mining in more interesting ways with its search product — which should be useful to a lot of people. And it should lead to even more innovation and more startups.

Stop and think for a moment about any one startup that has had such an impact on other startups. There aren’t many, and there really hasn’t been one for a while. I suppose you could throw Facebook in there, and before that obviously Google. But really, there aren’t too many companies in general that are changing the ways others do things, the way Twitter is right now.”

via Our Last Post About Twitter (Today — Maybe).

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OrSiSo Helps You Organize Your Virtual Life | Young Upstarts

“The key benefit of OrSiSo is that it takes the pain out of managing different networks and lets the user have fun again,” says Thorben. “With its intelligent filters, OrSiSo acts a lot lie the junk mail filter of your email software. With its one-click search function, it’s a lot like Google for your social life. Powerful functions like FriendMerge allow the reduce of clutter, while notifications, animated avatars, photo slide shows add to the entertainment factor.”

read more via OrSiSo Helps You Organize Your Virtual Life | Young Upstarts.

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