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OrSiSo launches new functionality enhancements GTalk Bebo and Facebook

OrSiSo launches new functionality & enhancements including GTalk, Bebo and Facebook

OrSiSo adds GTalk and Bebo to their latest release and enhanced Facebook functionality to allow people to access their published links from their Facebook stream

July 29 2009 – Global Release – OrSiSo (www.orsiso.com) announced today the release of an updated version of the social networking aggregator which includes additional features to complement a steadily growing array of tools for people trying to manage their social networks from one place.


“We are excited to announce the addition of GTalk and Bebo to our latest releases, as well as enhanced Facebook functionality to allow people to access their published links from their Facebook stream. These new features will definitely add even more value for our users who want to simplify and organize their online social networks”, founder and CEO Thorben Linneberg said.


“We have been listening closely to our user feedback and have been focusing on improving both the performance of the platform as well as taking the opportunity where possible to expand the opportunities available for social networks and services that we include in OrSiSo” he added.

The latest release of OrSiSo includes greater chat integration on top of the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo, Friendster and Flickr. “The enhanced chat functionality now lets you update your chat status across multiple IM platforms, and we have now added GTalk to our existing services of Facebook Chat, MSN, Yahoo! and AOL  after requests from our users” added Linneberg.

OrsiSoChat PressRelease-29-July-ScreenShot1

OrSiSo stands for Organize, Simplify, Socialize; and is an Adobe AIR platform that runs on PC, Mac and Linux. By connecting to multiple social networks from one place, and allowing you to merge multiple identities into unique contacts, OrSiSo helps you to simplify and filter the information and updates you receive every day. At its core lies SocialCraft(tm), an adaptive algorithm that prioritizes information based on relevance and closeness to you in real time; helping you keep up to date with your most relevant friends and contacts across all your social networks to give you more time to socialize both online …. and offline!

PR Contact: Andrew Peters – The Pacific West Communications

To find out more about OrSiSo, check out www.orsiso.com. You can download the application and be connected to all your social networks in a matter of minutes, it runs on PC, Mac and Linux.

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Startup Professionals Musings: Investor Presentation – 10 Slides is Just Right

Twitter is truly amazing – the opportunity to find GEMS on the internet from a simple connection request is AMAZING – so for all those startups seeking to present how investors like to be pitched to below is one guys thoughts which look pretty good to APLINK…

An alternative approach, which I prefer, is to build the investor presentation first, by iterating on the bullets with your team, and then fleshing out the points into a full-blown text-based business plan document. Here are the ten slides you need:

1. Market Need and Solution. Define the problem or the market need, and outline your solution. Give the “elevator pitch” for your startup.

2. Company & Business Model. Name of the company and organization, product or services, how you will make money, who pays you, and gross margin.

3. Product & Technology. Define the technology behind your product or services (past, present, and future development phases). Make sure to communicate the relevance of your product / services to market needs. Describe your technology patents and “secret sauce”.

4. Industry & Market Sizing. Define the characteristics of the overall industry, market forces, market dynamics, and customer landscape. The investor needs to understand the industry of your company. Use data from third parties like Forrester or Gartner.

5. Marketing, Sales, and Partners. Describe marketing strategy, sales plan, pricing, and partnership plans. Here is also a good place for a rollout timeline with key milestones.

6. Competition and Competitive Advantage. List and describe your competition. Describe some of your company’s competitive advantages.

7. Management Team. Qualifications and roles of the top three executives and top three on your Board of Advisors.

8. Funding Requirements and Use of Funds. How much money (if any) has management put into the venture? What is the level of capital funding sought during this stage? What is the company willing to give in return for the investment?

9. Financial Forecast and Metrics. Project both revenues and expense totals for next three years, and past three years. What is the current valuation of the company? Show breakeven and growth assumptions.

10. Exit Strategy. What is the timeframe of return on investment? What is the planned exit strategy (IPO, merger, sale, etc…)? What is the timeframe for the exit? What is the rate of return expected for the investor?

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