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socialmedian opens in public beta – try it – itsReal

You can find APLINK here on socialmedian
How does socialmedian work?
  1. Join or create News Networks on your favorite topics.
  2. socialmedian is made up of many News Networks, each based around a topic (like “android”), set of related topics (like “wireless software and devices”), or a particular grouping of people (like “marketing directors in wireless companies”). Join the networks that reflect your interests to discover and share news and information with other people like you.

    socialmedian’s members can create and join News Networks on any topic. A News Network enables people with common interests to easily discover and share news from thousands of sources.

    socialmedian members have created and joined News Networks on broad topics like “tech news,” more focused topics like “campaign 2008” and very specific topics like “android” or “indie movies.” Users have also frequently created News Networks to track competitive industry news.

    Members of a particular News Network determine which topics and sources they want to include. Some members choose to include just a few favorite news sources. Other members prefer to aggregate news from hundreds of sources. Members can also easily submit news they discover on the web and/or offer their own self-reported stories.

    All News Networks on socialmedian are currently public. Any socialmedian member can participate in a public News Network. In the near future we will also offer private News Networks which will enable private groups of people to share news and information. This has been a popular request from members who want to be able to track and share news just amongst their friends and close colleagues.

  3. Clip interesting stories – when you clip it, we share it!
  4. Once you’ve joined a News Network, socialmedian starts to present you with stories from thousands of sources.

    See something interesting? Clip it! When you clip a story on socialmedian, we let the people in your Networks know that you found that story interesting. All you need to do is click that “Clip it” button and we take care of the rest. It’s that easy! This makes for an easy way for you and the people around you to highlight news to each other.

  5. Get personalized news delivered to you.
  6. Check out the My News Feed on your home page. Your My News Feed presents a running feed of what the people in your networks are finding interesting.

    socialmedian also send you regular emails highlighting the most popular stories in your News Networks. You can adjust your settings to choose how many emails you want to receive per day from socialmedian. The typical member gets 2 emails per day.

    go to www.socialmedian.com

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