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Second Life – A New Beginning – itsReal

In my last post which mentioned Second Life I proclaimed that its creators Linden Lab were “publicly mute” about happenings in their virtual world… as it is always the case when you say something the reverse happens and Linden Lab are now talking – and being seen for innovation once again – available now – if you would like your own Second Life styled virtual world complete with all SL’s bells and whistles and your security on your OWN servers behind your firewall – Linden Labs can offer you SL Enterprise starting price for your world that could accom up to 800 avatars is USD55,000 thats – (USD68.75 per avatar).

An interesting opportunity exists out of this move for the loyal SL Developers who have stuck by Second Life throughout the incredibly long period of silence. Their belief in virtual worlds and commitment to the potential business opportunities via second life could well be visualized with the creations of SL Marketplace.

For me, I still believe in the virtual world propositions and hope that Enterprises grasp the concepts of hosting their own virtual communities in 3D and that the crusade reaches astounding new heights…

Below is the announcement of SL Entreprise from the official Second Life Blog… https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/workinginworld/blog/2009/11/04/introducing-second-life-enterprise-now-in-beta-and-second-life-work-marketplace

Ampitheatre 8.jpg

We’re Listening

Over the last few years, the number one request and core business requirement of many of our enterprise and government customers has been the need for a behind-the-firewall Second Life solution. The extra layers of security and administrative control in a stand-alone product would allow these organizations to explore virtual work as a powerful and effective collaboration and communication tool—if it was available. We listened. Last year, Mark Kingdon (SL: M Linden), Linden Lab’s CEO, announced that we were working on a behind-the-firewall solution in response to customer needs.

Ready for Work

Today, we’re excited to announce the beta launch of Second Life Enterprise, formerly known by our internal code name “Nebraska” and now known as SL Enterprise. SL Enterprise is the most secure, content-rich, and flexible enterprise-ready virtual workplace solution available today, built on the world’s leading 3D virtual world technology platform–Second Life. The SL Enterprise solution enables large organizations to bring distributed colleagues together into a persistent branded immersive space to collaborate, meet, learn, and prototype new offerings, while cutting travel costs and working greener. Customers including IBM, Intel, Case Western Reserve, New Media Consortium, DefenseWeb Technologies, Northrop Grumman, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and many others, are maintaining and growing their presence in Second Life while also working in the SL Enterprise environment for certain uses that require higher levels of security and control.

Product Detail

Ok, let’s talk nuts and bolts for a minute. The solution itself runs 8 regions simultaneously while storing over 25 additional regions that you can take up and down in a flash. With 8 regions, the system can support a maximum of 800 avatars. From a user perspective, SL Enterprise feels exactly like Second Life with all of the benefits including a 3D rich immersive environment, spatial voice, text chat, and the LSL building environment. But, you can use real names and connect those users directly to your network directory. Oh, and let me croon about the control panel where administrators use a web-based dashboard to manage users, regions, content, and systems—complete with backup and recovery, LDAP integration, and bulk account creation.  The solution comes standard with 7 pre-built regions and 10 multi-cultural SL Work avatars with business attire and accessories included.

Deck Out your Workspace with Content

What about content, you ask? Great question. There are three ways to create or bring new content into the SL Enterprise environment. First, the solution has the same rich LSL building tools as Second Life so creating new content within the solution is easy. Second, if you own the intellectual property rights in content you created in Second Life, then you can transfer that content into the SL Enterprise environment. Now, you’ll need to affirm your IP ownership prior to moving any content—you must identify the Second Life names of your employees who created content for you, and if you wish to transfer any content created by a Resident who is not your employee, you must provide Linden Lab with a signed written permission from that Resident content creator. (So for SL merchants, those who purchased your content within Second Life cannot move it to the SL Enterprise environment without your express written permission. But, keep reading because there’s a business opportunity for you….)

Coming Soon! The SL Work Marketplace

And, there’s a third option that we’re very excited about. Today, we’re also announcing the Second Life Work Marketplace, set to launch in Q1 2010. The SL Work Marketplace will be the first virtual world application and solution marketplace in the world. It will allow large organizations to download entire regions of collaboration tools, meeting and event solutions, training solutions, work avatars, business-oriented environments, and much more, into their stand alone SL Enterprise environment and make enterprise-wide use of that content under an organizational site license. For Solution Providers and content creators, this opens up a whole new market for work-related content. Initially, we’re only accepting content from Gold Solution Providers and Recommended Application Providers, but we will open up the application process to a broader audience soon.

Business-Friendly Mainland

One other important thing to note: The Enterprise Team is not just working on SL Enterprise and the SL Work Marketplace. We’re also hard at work making improvements to the main Second Life environment—to make it easier to use and useful for organizations using Second Life today and for those that will be joining in the future. We’ll have more to share on some of those improvements in the coming months.

Learn More

In the meantime, you probably have a million questions and we look forward to answering them in future blog posts and in our upcoming office hours (days and times posted to the left). But, before you dive in, I wanted to share some materials that will hopefully anticipate a few.

Pricing begins at $55,000 USD. If you’re interested in learning more about SL Enterprise, then contact us and let’s explore how the solution can dramatically improve your internal collaboration and communication and decrease your travel costs.

Please join us in discussing SL Enterprise!


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Hold the phone, reality is calling – SMH TECH

Click on any bubble and an information box comes up. This box is for a nearby cafe, that one for a hotel, those others for a range of points of interest: the gardens themselves and, beyond, Old Melbourne Gaol, Victoria Market, the Eureka Skydeck and Federation Square.



There are many other bubbles on the screen — for businesses, landmarks, sporting venues, dozens more natural features — all containing location descriptions, facts about the subject, opening hours, user star ratings, links to web pages and so on.

Welcome to augmented reality, the digital revolution that integrates location and data.

via Hold the phone, reality is calling.

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Flip stages Bondi flashmob stunt – mUmBRELLA

Viral Videos – this Post from mUmBRELLA has got some AUSSIE critics buzzing – my thinking – if you are going to Stage Something do it the OPRAH Way


From mUmBRELLA: While the idea – and indeed the execution – may not have been entirely original, video footage of a dancing flashmob on Bondi Beach on Friday afternoon is close to going viral.

via Flip stages Bondi flashmob stunt – mUmBRELLA.

When is the FLIP coming to Singapore ?

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Social Proof in a Virtual World – itsReal

If EVER there was a new Virtual World Development occurring I believe we are witnessing one via Yoovolution.com

The program driven by Internet Marketing boasts 3 days 33 thought leaders 30,000 lives transformed  –  the program organisers have married internet marketing tactics with their OWN custom-built virtual world which might be better described as a virtual space. In addition, these internet marketers are trying to grasp social media opportunities via their blog, youtube, and of course facebook & twitter.

check out their promo video:

Whether these marketing claims manifest entirely is not the issue, what is reality is the virtual world that has been created and the social need that Yoovolution is attempting to satisfy, yes in turn making them money.

The tactics of SOME Internet Marketers are considered by a large percentage of the public as infecting in a hideous virus kinda way and I myself are prone to ignore the multiple pleads and email avalanche these consultants persist to do, yet it must work and it is done within the legal framework of the internet. (in most cases)

That said, the yoovolution proposition is compelling and may just be the medicine needed to kick-start virtual worlds again – something that second life the premier virtual world, but who has gone PUBLICLY MUTE and other emerging worlds like Twinity might mimic or make relevant to their worlds.

Yoovolution is about HELPING people, bringing people together to share for their personal development, as well as their personal and business growth – and participants don’t need to catch a plane to be with others also seeking answers and guidance.

So is this the ultimate Positive social influence execution of Social Proof ?

Are existing Virtual Worlds missing the point on what they really should be about ?

Are these Internet Marketers just cashing in on peoples in abilities ?

Can Yoovolution create a herd effect to bring new life to virtual worlds?

I know what i believe this develeopment offers, let me know your thoughts – APLINK – itsReal 🙂

Social Proof source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Proof

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or better informed. Since observation of others usually provides only inconclusive information about what behavior is most profitable, the term ‘informational social influence’ is superior. Social influence in general can lead to conformity of large groups of individuals in either correct or mistaken choices, a phenomenon sometimes referred to as herd behavior. Although informational social influence at least in part reflects a rational motive to take into account the information of others, formal analysis shows that it can cause people to converge too quickly upon a single choice, so that decisions of even large groups of individuals may reflect very little information


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SUPERMODELME Struts its Way onto AXN

First Online Reality Programme to Ink Cable Network Deal in Asia – show premieres November 7 at 10.30pm on AXN

SINGAPORE, OCTOBER 2009 | Refinery Media today announced that it has inked an agreement with cable network channel AXN, for the broadcast of SUPERMODELME in the Asia region.

A sweet win for new start-up Refinery Media, this unprecedented feat is accented against the norm whereby reality programmes are usually aired directly onto television and later online, and not vice versa.

Sruts onto AXN Cable TV

Sruts onto AXN Cable TV

SUPERMODELME – Asia’s first groundbreaking online reality programme, presents 10 models from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and India, who will compete to be Asia’s next hottest face on the runways and magazines. 20 episodes are broadcasted twice-weekly and over 10 weeks, with a weekly elimination of one model.

SUPERMODELME exposes the glitz, glamour and unforgiving demands of the fashion world, as viewers get in-sync with the models as they battle it out to be the eventual winner of SUPERMODELME.

The on-air version of SUPERMODELME will be specially re-versioned and encompasses even more exciting highlights and footages, that have never been seen before.

Said Ms Karen Seah, Founder – Refinery Media and Managing Director – The Refinery Studio, “This is indeed a milestone for a new start-up, like ours. My team and myself no less, are exhilarated, to soon be able to view and share our efforts embedded in the online version of SUPERMODELME, with a broader audience, and achieving this deed, together with leading entertainment network, AXN.  We will continue to embrace the web technology and other lifestyle mediums with more exciting content to come which also includes Season 2 of SUPERMODELME.”

About Refinery Media

A subsidiary of events company, The Refinery Studio, Refinery Media, a multimedia micro studio, was formed in March 2009 by its founder, Ms. Karen Seah.  The core business of Refinery Media is producing original content for the 360 platform which comprise of Web, Mobile and Television.

Refinery Media produced SUPERMODELME, a 20-webisode online reality model search competition that showcases the challenges and struggles encountered by 10 aspiring models from across the Asian continent. This reality series was launched online on 16th June 2009 and also has some behind-the-scenes footages being shown on StarHub Mobile.

Together with Exploit Technology Pte Ltd (A member of A*STAR), Refinery Media will be developing an English to Chinese/Bahasa translation subtitling technology called Substream.


AXN is the heart of action and adventure. Launched in 1997, AXN is a leading English general entertainment destination among upscale, affluent adults aged 18-44.  The channel delivers top rated drama series, blockbuster features, adventure-reality and first-run lifestyle sports programs from around the world, as well as dynamic original productions, to provide viewers with an unparalleled entertainment experience to get stuck in!

AXN is an international channel brand that was started in Asia, but has since expanded to Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.  It is now available in 60 countries globally.  In Asia, the channel is seen in more than 84 million households across 23 countries pan-regionally, including 40 million households on time-block basis in China.

AXN ASIA is wholly owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and managed by SPE Networks – Asia, which also operates pay-TV channels AXN BEYOND, ANIMAX and SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION. Visit www.axn-asia.com for more information.


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Top 5 Social Media Trends 2010 – Hospitality

As part of the Web In Travel event – I was invited to Brand Karma by Circos Social Media workshop – held at the Singapore Arts Museum. No one would be surprised that I would be a positive and eager recipient of any content that is supportive of social media and how my agreement to the premise of how suddenly social media is making a huge impact on consumer decisions.

But, I am not alone – the attendees at this workshop filled every available seat and then some. My 1st impression was one of amazement – not at the number of people but at their Attire – i then kicked myself as hey this is hospitality – not only service is important – so is how you dress and look… the outfit of choice – smart suit – colour Black or Grey – your look, highly groomed – hmmm my jeans and polo shirt just slightly out of place. That aside – what this also tells me and you is that Hospitality is taking social media very seriously.


Morris Sim (co-founder & ceo) Brand Karma’s high level presentation was awesome and given Brand Karma is a monitoring company, he covered a wide overview of social media activties in 2009 – my biggest disapointment however is when the Top 10 Social Media events in 2009 were presented Tourism Queensland’s Best Job in the World did not make the list – given the global success of Best Job in the World, and that it is to made into a TV program. Best Job In the World centres around tourism & hospitality, with the desired results of creating MASSIVE tourism toAustralia’s Queensland, I would have liked to have seen it get Special mention – it was not SO – I will do it myself in this blog post. – Like the Susan Boyle media coverage – The Best Job in the World also gained significant traditional media coverage and social media drove the coverage – congrats Tourism Queensland.

The Top 5 Social Media Trends closed off the presentation – below is my interpretation.

  1. My Story Trumps Brand Story (users talking about you gives more credibility)
  2. A hollistic Experience is what i want
  3. Design & empathy in hospitality developments will be key drivers as a response to social media
  4. Social Media will demand a corporate policy (HR Operations meaning social media moves beyond just marketing & Public relations)
  5. A new distribution star is BORN which will it be Facebook or twitter

I needed to rush to another meeting so I missed the full interactive workshops in store for the attendees – but i did take away that social media is still in its infancy – something reverberated today as Web in tavel – WIT took centre stage – more in my next post…


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TwitterWatchDog – A Pair of Helpers – itsReal

If you are hoping to get into twitter in a big way – I would follow these guys at TwitterWatchDog.com – it appears they know what they are doing ! Very soon I will be publishing my own Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Twitter – till then here are direct comments from the guys from TwitterWatchDog and why they do what they do !

About the guys behind TwitterWatchDog

Meet Al Ferretti

About Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

Al Ferretti

Hi~ My name is Al Ferretti and I’m a proud Co-Founder of TwitterWatchDog.com

I have always been a seeker and a provider of ways to connect people with each other, so everyone involved can benefit.

This is where my core personal and professional values of engaging, building relationships and providing value come into play…

These core values may seem like common sense yet it’s amazing how many people are unaware of, forget or simply take for granted.

I discovered as an entrepreneur, servant of corporate america and throughout my personal life, that my success virtually always surrounded a sense of community that included the core values of engaging, building relationships and providing value.

With that being said, it is my belief that Twitter is a true once in a lifetime opportunity that equalizes the playing field for everyone that fully embraces those core values.

Follow me while I help teach and train you how to maximize your experience on Twitter…I promise to serve you with the utmost integrity and look forward to getting to know and learning from you too.

-Your Pal Al Ferretti

Skeeter Hansen

Skeeter Hansen

I have always had a passion to help people live a better & higher quality of life. After spending 15 years in the Networking Marketing industry as a trainer & motivator, working with 1000’s of people from several similar companies I had decided to retire. I wanted to do something different. Still wanting to work with people, my good friend (Al Ferretti) recommended I build a business on the Internet.

In November of 2008, I decided to take action by starting my Internet journey. Within my first month on the Internet I discovered Twitter. Within a few months I was called a Twitter blogger & had co-founded TwitterWatchDog.com. My goal is focused on providing systems easy to follow to help people understand Internet marketing & social media through the use of Twitter.

-Skeeter Hansen

An interesting post from the duo is here: Employers Block Twitter & Facebook – http://twitterwatchdog.com/2009/08/29/employers-block-twitter-facebook/

to follow me on twitter – head here: http://twitter.com/aplink & of course facebook http://facebook.com/aplink

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facebook allows fanpage connect to twitter – itsReal

– facebook allows fanpage connect to twitter BUT not friendfeed which they just brought – this is curious as without any help on my side I get loads of people subscribing to my friendfeed account daily – it’s like friendfeed suddenly became alive.


– so what is the reasoning for facebook to connect fanpages to twitter and not friendfeed ?

Is it realisation of twitter’s enormous success – so what will facebook do with friendfeed ?

I cannot see any mention on the facebook Fanpage http://www.facebook.com/FacebookPages


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Entrepreneurship in Singapore is ALIVE ?

I sometimes consider and wonder why I push my career and social life to the OUTER LIMITS of normality and what many consider traditional and main-stay business – but everytime I consider that I should swing myself back to what REAL people do, the thought kinda seriously bores me and my enthusiasm for living is deminished. (joke)

The real challenges for me I think and what drives me is BREAKING the RULES and finding NEW ways of doing things. There is a group in Singapore called sgentrepreneurs visit http://sgentrepreneurs.com/events/2009/08/15/events-for-the-week-of-15-22nd-aug/ for their eye on what is happening in Singapore for Entrepreneurs this week.

sgentrepreneurs logo

Fostering and reporting on Entrepreneurship is vital to forging new business opportunities to existing issues and issues we can’t even think of now  – Congrats sgentrepreneurs.com – keep it coming…

so… Is Entrepreneurship in Singapore ALIVE ?  Can you see your ideas come to REALITY where you are today or could Singapore give them life ?

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