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Do you dare leave a comment on someone’s blog or facebook

It’s not hard to know that I am probably one of the most active people on the planet in social media and hence my sometimes meaningful and informative based actions on the Internet can be confused with over zealousness or dare i say SPAM.

I prefer over zealous in short OZ – which is coincidentally short for Australia which is where I originate.

Getting back on Topic – Do you dare leave a comment on someone’s blog or facebook, I would have to say that thankfully most of us live in a civilized world and when you have an opinion whether it be business or personal you have a right to get your opinions heard and understood – I think many have an issue with Understanding.


If you are seeking ways for people to recognise you as an expert in what you do, who you are or want to be – then the Internet & social media will allow you to show your true colours – and let you stand out.

To combat over zealousness, (OZ) I would recommend you read, as I am, a new book I have picked up called the “social media bible” it’s a marathon of a read at 821 pages – but my friend David Meerman Scott has contributed to the book as has Robert Scoble so with these 2 recognizable names (and many more) you are in for quite an absorbing read & education. The book has an online companion site and social network, which is only available if you buy the book and input the right code. For those who would like to know, the book is co-authored by Lon Safko & David K. Brake and published by Wiley. I am also pleased to note that Virtual Worlds gets a whole chapter titled “Virtual Worlds-Real Impact” in the Book.

Getting back on Topic – With a little help from experts and your own instincts you must and should dare to continue to add comments to someone’s blog, Flickr, Youtube, facebook or LinkedIn accounts, fanpages or, the list is endless on where you can comment to stand out – BUT be prepared to manage the subsequent influx into your email inbox of praises or outrage and one worded thumbs up or down comments. – APLINK


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