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GDN: BigWorld Technology 2.0 to Show at GDC

“The overlap between games and virtual worlds and social networks is not looming – it’s been here for some time,” noted Gavin Longhurst, VP of BigWorld “We have looked at pioneering efforts in the space – including those from our own customer base with virtual worlds like Metaversum’s ‘Twinity’ built on our core technology, and see the possibilities and flexibility to enable greater social connectivity and content injections into future games and virtual worlds. It’s about empowering developers to provide users the ability to communicate and share with each other with the ease and immediacy they find in the rest of their online experience. Tempered of course, within the context of that game, narrative or online virtual experience.”

read more http://www.gamersdailynews.com/story-9395-BigWorld-Technology-20-to-Show-at-GDC.html

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