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Machinima Expo in Second Life – itsReal

See forty-one of the 130 films selected for the competition. Ten films and three Canadian films are up for special jury prizes which will be announced at the Expo.
I think for Asia Pacific Start time is around Midnight – between 9 & 10 November…
The Machinima Expo will take place Sunday, November 9th, from 9 AM to 9 PM on Second Life’s Jamvile Island (217, 228, 23).

There will be a “Premiere” of the film “Clear Skies” with the director, Ian Chisholm, present to answer questions after the showing of the film.

Featured panel on “women in machinima” with major female machinima filmmakers participating. The event will wrap up with a party and fireworks.

This event was originally slated to take place in Montreal as part of the Canadian Arcadia Games festival.

How to Attend the Expo this Sunday

The long awaited Machinima Expo will occur this Sunday, November 9th @ Second Life. We will have an entire day of events, panels, demos, screenings and premieres starting at 9pm and running until 9pm in the evening. These times are SL times which makes them Pacific Time (-8:00 GMT).

The location slurl in Second Life is here:


There will be an information booth and Expo helpers available to answer questions and help you out if you’ve never used Second Life before. SL is a free download here:


And here’s a nice guide on how to attend events like this in Second Life:


A detailed guide with links and more detailed info can be found at Phil Rice’s blog:


And stop by Saturday evening if you want to get a feel for the place and check out the schedule. We’ll be tinkering around and checking the set up most of the evening.

Phil has also created a sweet teaser for the Expo. That’s Phil on the far right in his Second Life “Sol Bartz” persona. I hope you will come by, watch some movies and have fun!

MachinExpo Teaser from Overman on Vimeo.

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Striking a new path together for education in SL – y.s. authentics supporting eduate.eu – itsReal

eduate.eu wants to use a virtual environment with Second Life to present national and international projects regarding lifelong learning. The presentations shall offer both information about the project works and suggestions for other project executing organisations, in order to implement Second Life as a learning and communication tool for their project work.
eduate.euPeople interested in the realisation of education projects in Second Life can stroll on a learning path and follow the individual steps of such implementation. Of course, eduate.eu is also available for other educational institutions, that wish to include Second Life in their project work.

Read more at y.s. authentics

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photo contest in SL – First Annual jokaydia PhotoComp! – itsReal

Everyone is invited to take part in jokaydia.’s first community art project/competition – which is all about taking interesting, artistic, crazy and/or creative shots to be displayed in their new Gallery space on jokaydia, which will launch at the end of March.

There’s only one catch – they’ve picked the location! Your images MUST be taken within the jokaydia Estate.

jokayida photo comp

For information on how to enter visit: jokay.com.au/2008/02/29/announcing-the-first-annual-jokay…

3 Prizes

Each winner will receive $10,000L and their work will be prominently displayed in the jokaydia Gallery as part of their launch exhibition.


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RoundUp: Big Week in SecondLife, Cory Jumps, Outreach, Efficiency, Sexual Health, Boston’s Virtual Key n reel intruding on real – itsReal

Ondrejka forced out of Second Life’s parent company?

Big-Bit Logo

From Wired

On Tuesday, Cory Ondrejka, CTO of Second Life developer Linden Lab, gave the company notice that he would be leaving the firm at the end of the year.

According to CEO Philip Rosedale, Ondrejka, who was the company’s fourth employee, has decided to leave to “pursue new professional challenges.”

“Cory and I are in agreement that our paths, at this point in time at least, lie in different directions,” said Rosedale.

Aside from the code that he created for Second Life, Ondrejka’s greatest contributions to the company were his efforts to give players complete legal control over their virtual goods, an idea considered radical at the time.

Ondrejka’s departure could signal a blow to a company whose title has consistently come under fire for technical glitches. His team was responsible for adding streaming video and web-integration to Second Life — technologies which have been hailed as huge advancements, but also decried as methods through which hackers can deface the virtual property of others.

Google News Alert for: “Second Life”

Living a Second Life
Macworld – San Francisco,CA,USA
by Joe Hutsko You’ve no doubt heard the buzz about Second Life,

the online world where people create virtual second selves.

Mac users are as welcome as
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‘Virtual’ training in Second Life
HRZone.co.uk – Bristol,UK
A UK law firm has launched a ‘virtual office’ in Second Life,

to offer interactive online training to its employees.

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