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PHOKKI.com launches world’s first online artist market for customized digital artwork.

PHOKKI, an innovative online enterprise spearheads a new internet platform and opens up a whole new trading world that promises to revolutionize the customized digital art market.

Finally, for the artist with the talent to transform an ordinary photo of you and me to a cutting-edge piece of digital artwork but without a gallery or a retail front to attract and sell to consumers, Phokki has innovated an online artist marketplace which will make this yesterday’s problem.





Leading the way in an industry where digital artists abound but the lack of a common trading place and value-for-money pricing stands in the way, PHOKKI has drawn a paradigm shift in the current custom graphic art market. They have ingeniously created an online marketplace- a platform where artists can sign up to offer their photo-styling services and consumers can meet and choose such artists.

Giving a “face and a space to artists”, these artists (many hidden from the public eye in unknown middle-man studios from Singapore to Stockholm to San Francisco) are now free to establish a name (or net-name) for themselves. Artists can showcase their unique styles in their own gallery space on http://www.phokki.com, sell their customized artwork to consumers (who have picked their unique style) as well as an innumerable range of merchandise based on the artwork – all thanks to the vision and dream of the Phokki team!

As CEO Sean Seah explained, the PHOKKI artist market will be a place where the consumers will be spoilt for choice in the range and diversity of digital styles available- whether it’s a case of time-tunneling you from a 2009 photo of yourself to a 1960s retro-vector styled version or a case of pumping power into your 10-year old kid by turning an innocuous photo of him into one where he is a red-caped, sword- yielding 300 Spartan defending the Thermopylae or transformed into a robotic transformer defending the world!

Or transforming you into a dream- complete with special romantic effects or “manga-ing” you into a doll-like green-eyed, red haired rock star! “

Interested artists just need to take 2 simple steps.

Firstly, visit http://www.phokki.com to sign up from any corner of the world. Secondly, upload their portfolios as samples of their style and they are ready for business! – reachable by the consumer from any part of the world with only the click of a mouse or touchpad!

Like a true marketplace, http://www.phokki.com will be rousing with an active artist community, converging and exchanging the latest on digital art styles, with social networking posts and joining of special interest groups. It is indeed a place to start making a name, making a living and making friends.

Specially for this launch, artists are invited to digitally-draw their way into a digital styling art competition, to be judged by some of the industry’s experts. An exciting Wacom tablet prize await the winning entrant!

For more information on signing up as a participating artist and joining the digital art competition, visit www.phokki.com

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A night for tech start-ups in Singapore | Techgoondu

Techgoondu at Geek Terminal Singapore

Start-ups who presented include: (see original post for links)

* Twinity (Jeremy Snyder): a 3D online-world that replicates real world cities in a virtual environment. The city of Berlin has already been launched, and both London and Singapore will be up later this year. According to Jeremy, they have about a 100,000 sign-ups since the launch of Twinity in September last year in 2008.

* Brandtology (Aaron Koh): a social media monitoring start-up that help companies makes sense of the big bad web by mining sentiments from it. Brandtology is founded by CEO Eddie Chao, who previously incubated managed security services player e-Cop that was acquired by Temasek in 2007.

* Makeaffinity (Thomas Tan): ever wanted to control robots over the internet to slug it out in a death match? Now you can with Makeaffinity’s robot sharing platform, which allows folks to play with and make web robots without much programming whatsoever.

* 2359 Media (Hong Ting and Wenhan): founded by a trio of passionate entrepreneurs who just finished their NUS studies and a stint in Silicon Valley. 2359 Media is an advertising platform for mobile phones utilizing location based services.

* Jorbb (Shen Heng): Most job advertising portals cater to the white-collar worker. Shen wanted to create a portal specifically for blue-collar workers — part-timers, trade promoters, temp staff — and Jorbb is the result.

* Neat Co (Sarabjit Singh): Neat co, a small US company with a second office in Singapore, was the only physical tech appliance company amongst the presenters. Showcased was their contextually aware OCR reader, a smart scanning solution for receipts and the like.

* Phokki (Sean Seah): And lastly, Phokki, a start-up which turns your photos into works of art via a platform that links artists to end users directly. I’ve written a post on Phokki before.

We had a couple of other start-ups who didn’t present like seemeCV and Airvert. Not to worry. Due to good interest in this first event from anecdotal feedback (thanks to those who gave theirs!), the Techgoondus will think about running this on a semi-regular basis once in a few months. Will keep you readers posted if we do run this again. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in ideas on this front, feel free to drop me an email.

via A night for tech start-ups in Singapore | Techgoondu.


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