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Singapore National Day 2008 Sneak Peak – itsReal

Singapore National Day Parade 2008 is going to be different !

I just witnessed the NEW airshow – I walked into my door and heard the usual Jet sound as I live on their flight path however looking out to the CBD…. i saw the usual Helicopter with the National Flag trailing underneath in awesome glory – except it was going the wrong way – it was heading towards Changi Airport instead of the reverse – and so close to the apartments that line the ECP.

The media have been reporting that this year the event was going to be different and now I believe !

Soon after the usual jet formation flew across the sky, but once again in the wrong direction than normal. What followed after was an aeronautical display that had me transfixed at my window, jets with cloud streams billowing from behind doing amazing, synchronized  & choreographed dances in the sky.

I think there is a message in all the jet streams but today I could only make out a heart – and the formation of the stars on the Singapore flag when the jets flew to the centre of Singapore….

If this is a taste of what the sky display is to be like, heaven knows what will be happening on the ground and on the water at Marina Bay – hmmm I want a Ticket to see this NEW Singapore National Day Parade 2008.

Is this a message – Singapore is Really Changing and Heading in a new direction ? – APLINK

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