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Gillette the best a man can get – but at what price ?

In recent times i have been drawn in on both launches of Gillette’s new razors….first came Mach3 and then Fusion – hypnotized by the extravagant and lavish advertising and marketing that Gillette bestowed upon Singapore – MRT stations, subways & of course premium shelf spaces in supermarkets. Not to forget the advertising on TV, newspapers & magazines = I think somehow Gillette is yet to catch on to social media as I don’t recall ads in this space…however with all the existing tradional channels i was swept up in the wave and rushed to buy the perfect razor – its new rendition that bit more perfect.

Yesterday I was at the supermarket to pick up some groceries…and i came upon the mens section – all the fuss has blown over and the shelves have reverted to almost boredom however – what has Gillette left consumers with – massively priced razor refills – 3 blades (extra special of course) priced at 27.95 per pack – why do I consider this outrageous – i think it is more that Gillette inspires you to run to buy the great razor and then leaves you to bleed – not from a shaving cut because that is impossible but from your wallet – on this occasion i kept moving my trolley past and did not pick up a pack of refills – i will keep using the blade i have left… for a while longer – it hurts but not as much as forking out over a quarter of 100 dollars… for the best a man can get …APLINK


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