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Christianity gets a Second Life stage to discuss Sexual Purity – itsReal

I have been a “believer” for a very long time that religion could not find a more easier and engaging format  of reaching millions of people around the world – than Virtual Worlds. I imagine beautiful places of worship where avatars (people) could commune to worship their faith. This concept is still very much in the near future however at least some of the faith are seeing the opportunities today, as seen in this post on The Metaverse Journal

An interesting announcement came to my attention today from the organisers of a ninety minute seminar.

It’s being held by the UK-based University of Plymouth at 6am Friday morning Australian Eastern time. The full details as announced:

Fathers Johann Barak and Joshua Tuchs (these are SL™ avatar names), who in RL are two Eastern Orthodox priests in USA, together with Presbytera Anna Hirschel (again, SL name–she is also in RL Eastern Orthodox and based in USA) will be holding a 60-90 minute seminar at our SIM in Second Life® this Thursday, 1 May 2008, at 1:00 PM PDT/SLT = 9 PM BST (GMT+1) about ‘Sexual Purity and Healthy Relationships: A Christian Orthodox Perspective for the 21st Century’.


There is a 30 minute Real Player Video available for download on SEXUAL PURITY & HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS

Download Video & Read More : Metaverse Journal


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