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R-ID™ Solution | Universal Tech Pte. Ltd

R-ID™, Redundancy Inexpensive Disk Solution

What is MyXerver™ R-ID™ Solution?•R-ID stands for Redundant-Inexpensive Disk•MyXerver™ R-ID™ is a cost-effective backup storage solution to MyXerver™, offering data redundancy for MyXerver™.•This redundancy package consists of the NoTouch™ NT3600 External Storage Drive and the software solution for synchronization or backing up of data from MyXerver™.

Why the need for MyXerver™ R-ID™ Solution?•MyXerver™ provides a convenient single point centralized storage for all your precious data accumulated over years.•At some point in time, the need arises for these precious data to be protected.•MyXerver™ R-ID™ Solution is a simple and convenient secondary storage solution that can be added quickly and easily, offering data redundancy and peace of mind.

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