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Robert Scoble thinks PR is dead

My audio thoughts on what a personal brand really is good for and PR is dead (at least now lame PR people practice it).PR is Dead

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Robert Scoble not Scrambling away from Fast Company

Seems in fact Robert Scoble is Taking a leisurely walk – into something new which “can’t be disclosed – yet”  Now the question must be asked- WHY is seagate not renewing its million dollar contract, in a time when successful social media celebreties like Robert are  in short supply….

From Robert’s blog

Back in 2003 I wrote a Corporate Blogging Manifesto. Rule #13 is “don’t write if your life is in turmoil.”

It’s even harder to write when you are negotiating for stuff. But it’s really harder when you also are trying to deal with your career while continuing to do your job. This week I uploaded something like 20 videos to Fast Company TV. Whew! I am visiting as many companies as I can as quickly as I can (yesterday I saw two more, today I’m visiting another three) so that I can get a good bead on what I should build next and also to get some ideas of where to take my blog.

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