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HR SUMMIT – free Expo 2moro – itsReal

Meet Recruit.net at booth 44

Don’t miss the biggest HR event of the year starting TOMORROW (6 May) and ending Wednesday (7 May) at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. The HR Summit’s Expo is completely free of charge and offers you an unprecedented opportunity to network with well over two thousand of your peers and catch up on all the latest HR services – along with a multitude of free gifts including:

FREE HR Pack worth over $100*
FREE HR InFocus DVD Talent Management Asia‘08 (worth $85)*
FREE Screenings and Asian Premier of Ken Blanchard’s Whale Done!

About Your FREE HR InFocus DVD – Talent Management Asia‘08 * (Worth $85)

Up close and personal with Asia’s top employers. Hear the inside scoop first hand from leading employers including: Shell Eastern Petroleum, The Four Seasons, Citibank, Standard Chartered and The Ritz Carlton Millenia. In this highly informative ‘HR InFocus’ DVD (worth $85) learn each of their internal strategies for improved: Talent Development, Employee Feedback, Recruitment and Retention. PLUS experts speak on improved Leadership Development and implementing an effective Work Life Balance programme. ONLY available for your collection at the FREE EXPO at HR Summit on 6 th and 7 th of May 2008, (11am to 5:30pm).

About the FREE Screenings and Asian Premier of Ken Blanchard’s Whale Done!

Whale Done! is a remarkable film, produced by Vision Point, that demonstrates what training killer whales has to do with training humans! In it’s Asian premier, Ken Blanchard along with top SeaWorld trainers Thad Lacinak and Chuck Tompkins teach viewers a technique that actually increases employee effectiveness at work— via tried and tested initiatives perfected over twenty years at SeaWorld! Free screenings throughout the HR Summit. Open to all HR and industry professionals attending the FREE Expo. Screenings on the hour, every hour from 11:00am until 5:00pm Tuesday 6 th May and Wednesday 7 th May.

Get your FREE HR Pack* (Worth over $100)

The famous HR Summit – FREE HR Pack returns and is bigger and better than ever before. Includes countless free gifts, magazines and invaluable resources. Don’t miss out on your FREE $100 HR Pack. ONLY available for your collection at the FREE EXPO at HR Summit on 6 th and 7 th of May 2008 (11am to 5:30pm).

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Recruit.net strategy evolves targeting social media micromarkets

Recruit.net Powers Ping.sg Newly Introduced Job Search Function..

Recruit.net’s marketing strategy evolves targeting social media micromarkets with job channels powered by Recruit.net’s award winning technology platform..

Singapore, May 5th 2008, Recruit.net, an award winning tech company that operates a network of trilingual job search engines across Asia Pacific, has launched a new job search function at Ping.sg, Singapore’s leading blogging community site. With the new function, community members are able to search for ten of thousands of jobs through a single click at Ping.sg. The Recruit.net job channel allows for users to find tens of thousands of Singapore related jobs from hundreds of websites in a single search through Ping.sg: http://jobs.ping.sg/
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Maneck Mohan CEO & Founder of Recruit.net to attend HR Summit 2008 – Singapore – itsReal

Recruit.net’s, Maneck Mohan CEO & Founder will be attending the conference and exhibition, HR Summit 2008, to be held at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Recruit.net continues its’ Asia Pacific expansion and this event provides the perfect platform to further strengthen bonds with regional partners and industry players.

Maneck Mohan will be available for meetings and appointments at the conference for those who are interested.

HRM Magazine presents HR Summit 2008, which is going to be held from the 6th of May 2008 to the 7th of May 2008 (2 day event) in Singapore. Now in its sixth year, HR Summit 2008 is set to be the biggest and best yet – with more choice than ever before. Delegates can choose from up to five concurrent sessions offering the opportunity to hear first hand from international speakers and business experts – along with global and regional HR leaders.

About Recruit.net
Recruit.net (www.recruit.net) operates an international network of trilingual job search engines. Utilizing proprietary search technology Recruit.net enables job seekers to instantly search millions of jobs from thousands of companies across the world. Recruit.net provides a range of features to its users including, online salary checks, job trends, the ability to upload resumes and receive job alerts via email or RSS feeds.

Recruit.net also operates a Pay-Per-Click advertising network called adnet that provides advertisers with the ability to deliver measurable, cost-effective online advertising across a growing international network of partner sites and affiliates.

Link to Recruit.net

For more information, please visit http://www.recruit.net .

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Recruit.net Rejoices new Alexa Ranking – itsReal

Have you noticed ping.sg has a job search channel powered by Recruit.net Visit it here http://jobs.ping.sg/

Whilst every other blogger I know is in mourning over their now fateful Alexa Ranking – me included – joy is in the air for recruit.net who are now ranked 7469 – beating popular gay & lesbian site fridae.com, by a whisker, fridae.com comes in at 7576…

see Recruit.net’s  alexa page below.

Alexa Rank for Recruit.net

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Check out some of my online social media spaces here:

APLINK aka Andrew Peters
HypoCol Wellness Community
HypoCol Wellness Media Bank
Geek Terminal Singapore
HARRO Research
Twinity Virtual World News
Twinity Facebook Group
Association of Virtual Worlds
Job Search Asia – Recruit.net
The Terminator Tube

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recruit.net to showcase at HR Summit 2008 Booth 44 – itsReal

Come down at see us – we have a surprising announcement to make – 6-7 may 2008

HR Summit 2008

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Innovation – Passion – is Singapore Alone – itsReal

CoSpace Yebber Geek Terminal ping.sg twinity recruit.net social media breakfast TheMediaSlut HypoCol Wellness Community  TDM

It is hard to believe that I packed in SO much into the 168 hours I had available last week. Forget about sleep – well almost. There is a buzz in Singapore and the 9 identified keywords – tags above are just a fraction of things that were revolving around APLINK  last week. Is this only happening in Singapore – I doubt it very much.

What is not able to be said here is even more astounding as to the level of opportunities and possibilities that are emerging daily – Singapore being the HUB for all this activity.

As a run down of last week, CoSpace was launched – wow, yebber turned ONE and held a unique and BINGOMATIC event at the Mint Toy Museum – thanks for the WebCam from the lucky draw, Geek Terminal becomes even more of a hub for entrepreneurs, ping.sg climbs the Alexa Rankings, twinity new T-shirt design launches and gets a public audience – watch out for MEETME when walking around Singapore – recruit.net books into facebook – the Media Slut – well she just keeps getting more evil, My client Hypocol doubles international online sales through Social Media Programs and takes its first bite of virtual worlds – TDM kicks off events planning – and finally the Social Media Breakfast – we crawled out of bed to reach the venue at around 9am – it was funny as NO agenda was set – we were given a “tagging” kit and the rest was up to us – from the video – you can see that the 40 or so managed to tag and get to know each other – i think i got across my waking and dreaming passion virtual worlds proposition.

Today is an appointment free day – my business partner is packing for New York to see what APLINK might be able to do to  share across the US how Innovative and Passionate Singapore is about social media, virtual worlds and business – hmmm one day in the very near future.

SG Skylinesingapore.gif


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Squidoo addiction – itsReal

In less than a week my addiction to squidoo is out pacing facebook – is it like changing from Gin to Scotch – cause Scotch is smoother – hmm check these out –

Geek TerminalHypoColTwinityHarroAplink recruit.net

My god I have a whole long weekend of Squidoo ahead – save me !!!

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Singapore statistics: Rising Wage Costs & 2007 Labour Market Records

Singapore Statistics – Jobs Health Card – is it too good ?

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Is the MacBook Air Really the technological marvel – or just airport security staff menace – itsReal

This MacBook Air blog post is entertaining so i have repeated it here – Is the MacBook Air Really the technological marvel – or  just airport security staff menace

Steve Jobs Made Him Miss His Flight

On waking, I reach for my blackberry. It tells me what city I’m in; the hotel rooms offer no clues. Every Courtyard by Marriott is interchangeable.  Many doors into the same house. From the size of my suitcase, I can recall the length of my stay: one or two days, the small bag.  Three or four, the large. Two bags means more than a week.

CNBC, shower, coffee, email. Quick breakfast, $10.95 (except in California, where it’s $12.95. Another clue.)

Getting there is the worst part. Flying is an endless accumulation of indignities. Airlines learned their human factors from hospitals. I’ve adapted my routine to minimize hassles.

Park in the same level of the same ramp. Check in at the less-used kiosks in the transit level. Check my bag so I don’t have to fuck around with the overhead bins. I’d rather dawdle at the carousel than drag the thing around the terminal anyway.

Always the frequent flyer line at the security checkpoint. Sometimes there’s an airline person at the entrance of that line to check my boarding pass, sometimes not. An irritation. I’d rather it was always, or never. Sometimes means I don’t know if I need my boarding pass out or not.

Same words to the TSA agent.  Standard responses. “Doing fine,” whether I am or not.  Same belt.  It’s gone through the metal detector every time. I don’t need to take it off.

Only… today, something is different. Instead of my bags trundling through the x-ray machine, she stops the belt.  Calls over another agent, a palaver. Another agent flocks to the screen. A gabble, a conference, some consternation.

They pull my laptop, my new laptop making its first trip with me, out of the flow of bags. One takes me aside to a partitioned cubicle. Another of the endless supply of TSA agents takes the rest of my bags to a different cubicle. No yellow brick road here, just a pair of yellow painted feet on the floor, and my flight is boarding. I am made to understand that I should stand and wait.  My laptop is on the table in front of me, just beyond reach, like I am waiting to collect my personal effects after being paroled.

I’m standing, watching my laptop on the table, listening to security clucking just behind me. “There’s no drive,” one says. “And no ports on the back. It has a couple of lines where the drive should be,” she continues.

A younger agent, joins the crew. I must now be occupying ten, perhaps twenty, percent of the security force. At this checkpoint anyway. There are three score more at the other five checkpoints. The new arrival looks at the printouts from x-ray, looks at my laptop sitting small and alone. He tells the others that it is a real laptop, not a “device”. That it has a solid-state drive instead of a hard disc. They don’t know what he means. He tries again, “Instead of a spinning disc, it keeps everything in flash memory.” Still no good. “Like the memory card in a digital camera.” He points to the x-ray, “Here. That’s what it uses instead of a hard drive.”

The senior agent hasn’t been trained for technological change. New products on the market? They haven’t been TSA approved. Probably shouldn’t be permitted. He requires me to open the “device” and run a program. I do, and despite his inclination, the lead agent decides to release me and my troublesome laptop.  My flight is long gone now, so I head for the service center to get rebooked.

Behind me, I hear the younger agent, perhaps not realizing that even the TSA must obey TSA rules, repeating himself.

“It’s a MacBook Air.”  – Source: Wide Awake Developers

Recruit.net Asia’s largest job search engine will be launching a contest soon and the winner will get a MacBook Air – stay tuned 

recruit.net logo


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