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foursquare Rapping its way around business

Foursquare popularity is sweeping the world… in a single google alert over 20 mentions where displayed this morning… we know google alert is not perfect so how many more mentions in facebook, twitter, friendfeed etc does foursquare produce.

Of all the alerts this new custom RAP song for foursquare deserves a spot on my blog, are you using foursquare ? if yes how ? Has a social platform finally been green lighted as a business tool as well as being sociable ?

By @borismsilver and @thenewb.

Mr. Silvas in da building
Checkins by the hundreds, thousands, trillionz

Ayo I know its my first stop
Look at that leaderboard and see me at the top

Bouncin to new places, adding em quick
I know all the TO-DOs and I got all the tips

Show up at the Bar and I check in Right Away
Sent it to my Twitter cuz Im here to stay

Looks like you got ousted welcome to the game
This is Foursquare bitch! Gowalla aint the same!!

Now that Im the mayor, now that Im here
Gimme my free breadsticks AND my cold beer!!

La la la la
How it feel to wake up and be the mayor of the city!
La la la la
Tryina get that Crunked badge, drinkin like P Diddy


Got a rock like this
Cant use an iPhone, AT&Ts a piece of shhh

No one on the corner had an app on this
So I used my mobile web, wasnt very quick

You can learn where to eat just by checking my feed
Checkin checkin my feed checkin checkin my feed

Follow my lead its the road to success
Never need a reservation, they always say YES

But I cant teach you my swag
You can pay for a coffee but you cant buy a badge

School of social media Imma grad
I hope this hits techcrunch or else Ill be sad

Its Newby
Checkin w/ the groupies eating lotsa sushi

Bet you didnt know we could flow like thiiiiis


Lets talk about the knockoffs, they just imitating
They cant even compare and no were not even hating

Copyin foursquare cuz you lack innovation
How could you turn down Googles valuation?

So let me say it now, let me be clear
Foursquare is the app that all you should fear

Hockey stick growth, all star investors
Lots of passionate users, all beta testers

I add lots of value, Im a superuser
You cant spell your top venues, super abuser

Dont checkin to your house, thats just really lame
Ill snatch up all your badges, call me David Blaine

Your checkins are fake, theres no way those are true
20 stops in one night? IM GONNA CATCH YOU!!

And whats up with all these randos trying to friend me?
Im checked in off the grid like TIGER WOODS B!!!!!

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ReadWriteWeb Weekly Events Guide – NEW

Do you have an event, ReadWriteWeb may help promote it…

Are you itching to get out of the office and network with your peers? In a new feature on ReadWriteWeb, we’ll provide a weekly roundup of upcoming Social Web events. We’ll publish this every weekend, as good a time as any to review your conference plans.events_guide

Know of an event taking place that should appear there? Let them know  contact us.

ReadWriteWeb Events Guide, 25 April 2009 – ReadWriteWeb.

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herebeforeoprah sparks a worldwiderave – itsReal

herebeforeoprah that started as a movement against Oprah Winfrey @oprah joining twitter (how strange) is turning into a worldwiderave. Couertesy of twitscoop we can identify that the term herebeforeoprah starting aound 6 hours ago and since then has gained momentum in the last 2 hours – http://www.twitscoop.com/twits/search?q=herebeforeoprah


Now will someone start #herebecauseofoprah, i have pulled an all nighter, so it won’t be me – twitters servers better be ready for the onslaught as this side of the world starts to wake up and find out – that maybe their hero (oprah) is now on twitter, and they rush to sign up and connect directly to Oprah – That is after all the power of twittering… http://twitter.com

I have readwriteweb http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/twitter_mainstream_oprah_winfrey_and_ashton_kutcher.php

to thank for my sleepless nite as they broke the story first – thanks guys 🙂

oprah_twitter_avatar.pngTwitter has gone mainstream. Late last night, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) became the first Twitter user with more than 1 million followers. Today, media mogul Oprah Winfrey sent out her first tweet and will dedicate a full episode of her talk show to Twitter.

if you would like to follow meon twitter – he you go: http://twitter.com/aplink

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Oprah Twitters – itsReal this time…

oprah_twitter_avatar.pngTwitter has gone mainstream. Late last night, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) became the first Twitter user with more than 1 million followers. Today, media mogul Oprah Winfrey sent out her first tweet and will dedicate a full episode of her talk show to Twitter.

While Twitter’s sudden mainstream appeal might be somewhat disconcerting for early adopters who would prefer it if Twitter wasn’t suddenly the cool new thing to try out for soccer moms, it will surely bring a lot of new opportunities (and challenges) for Twitter.

Like any good tool, though, Twitter is flexible enough so that it can be whatever you want it to be. At its best, Twitter can connect you with like-minded users, but for users with large numbers of followers, Twitter becomes more of a broadcasting than a two-way communications medium.

I Can Talk to Oprah Now!

Unless you are a public figure or a publisher, however, having a large number of followers may not even be the best way to create a positive experience on Twitter, though the current hype around Kutcher and CNN racing to the 1 million follower mark will surely drive the perception that follower numbers are what Twitter is all about. Also, while the current perception in the tech blogosphere is that Twitter is all about self-promotion, for those mainstream users who are joining Twitter now, that will simply not be the case, and we will have to wait and see how many of Kutcher’s and Oprah’s new followers will use Twitter for anything else but to follow their favorite celebrities. It will also be interesting to see if Oprah decides to continue using Twitter in following weeks and if she will actually use it for two-way communication with her fans (beyond the all-caps message that heralded her arrival on Twitter today).

Can the Mainstream Handle Twitter?

fonz_shark.jpgOn its own site, Twitter will also have to explain its utility better if it wants to draw in all the potential mainstream users who will hear about Twitter for the first time today. Twitter, after all, still asks you what you are doing, even though that is probably the least interesting way of using Twitter. It is also important to note that Twitter, being the small company that it is, barely has any tech support besides its Get Satisfaction page, so a befuddled new user doesn’t have any place to go to ask questions about how to use it.

Can Twitter Handle the Mainstream?

This sudden mainstreaming of Twitter, however, doesn’t mean that Twitter has finally jumped the shark. In the end, Twitter going mainstream will barely affect most current users. After all, once you manage to unfollow Ashton Kutcher again, most of us won’t have to deal with Oprah, Kutcher, or any other celebrity on the service; though, who knows, you might soon be getting DM’s from your mom…

Original Source: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/twitter_mainstream_oprah_winfrey_and_ashton_kutcher.php

If your looking for a more controllable twitter like service: sign up with http://yonkly.com


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