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Qantas blames passengers for their injuries – itsReal

My… My… Qantas – i was quite shocked to read in the Today Paper in Singapore how Qantas turned the tables on its passengers – its customers and blamed them for their own injuries as the Perth bound Qantas flight dropped suddenly – due to as yet no one knows why.

The Captain of the plane heralds that they should have had their seat belt on –

It is NOT compulsary to wear a seat belt, so why, in a time of distress, does Qantas choose to blame their passengers.

Is it because Qantas is having so many safety issues and the injuries add another headache to their current global position in the airline industry. I think in this case there should have been NO finger pointing at passengers or that there is a lack of laws compelling people to belt up – rather it should have been compassion and sympathy for what seems to be an unusual and uncontrollable incident.

Qantas – i thought Australian’s had a heart.


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I survived Flight QF19 to Manila | NEWS.com.au

We made our way to the runway for what appeared an ordinary takeoff.

Shortly after I felt the plane wheels leave the runway there was an unusual grinding noise, which seemed to come from beneath the plane.

I looked about the cabin and saw that several other passengers had also noticed it.

One man asked in an unusually high-pitched voice: “What the hell was that?”

I survived Flight QF19 to Manila | NEWS.com.au

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