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Privacy – who needs it in social media & virtual worlds – itsReal

Apparently IBM and 14 other partners think so… i just spent a weekend at the social media breakfast letting people come out from behind their online persona’s and connect in the real world – hmmm I guess IBM is just focusing on the REAL issues like identity theft – read on about their PrimeLife project, it has a mere 10 million Euros of funding…

Working with 14 partners in Europe, IBM will work on the three-year project, called PrimeLife, from its lab in Zurich. Privacy experts say the program will focus on individuals managing their identity across social networks and other online communities

Responding to the rise in adoption of social networks, virtual worlds and other Web 2.0 technologies, IBM has launched a project to create tools to help people manage their privacy and identity on the Web, taking a stab at what could become one of the most pressing issues in online collaboration and data sharing.

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