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China needs your help – itsReal

disasters – famine – sickness

please help to save lives – save the society – save living

to donate visit NVPC and donate – itsReal

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Vinton Cerf Event by TDM – itsReal

Last nite The Digital Movement (TDM) organised the..

Meet ONE of the Fathers of the Internet! (Google Chief Internet Evangelist) Vinton Cerf…

Event at Suntec sponsored by IDA Singapore and Google… WOW.. is all I can say to have the opportunity to meet and hear such a legend. His accolades as read out by James Seng as (moderator) are extensive, his stage presence even more compelling in his 3 piece suit and bearded face… This man, Vinton Cerf is remarkable in that his ability to articulate technology, present analogies, connect with his audience and inspire us with personal stories of victory such as for his wife who at the age of 3 lost full hearing, only 50 years later to regain her hearing through technology – MASSIVE is the only word that comes to my mind as I reveled in the concept of being able to hear for the first time in 50 years and as Vint said, greeting telemarketers with a keen desire to HEAR what they had to say (where in the world would u hear that a telemarketer call is welcome) Vint sliced humor throughout his presentation to the obvious delight of his audience.

The Topic for last night was The Internet in 2035 ! Why 2035 I do not know BUT Vint’s predictions are not sci – fi in reality – No Beam Me Up Scotty – from Star Trek – only Holograms managed to surface in the possible scenarios which strangely I wrote about in a post recently – Imagine

For myself, I have seen the Internet grow from dial up frustration to broadband lightning speed frustration in Virtual Worlds.

The opportunities for the developed world to harness the internet’s power for business, social and compassionate needs is unlimited. We must now address how this power can help the undeveloped world to enhance the lifestyle of those less fortunate than ourselves – how this will evolve I do not know – but by evidence of last nights event – The Internet has a LONG Future ahead of it and maybe somewhere along the way, its power will destroy poverty, hunger and disease. – itsReal

To donate to to the China EarthQuake Fund please visit: National Volunteer & Philanthorpy Centre Singapore

The Digital Movement (singapore) on Yebber.com

A more in depth review of the evening can be found at Byzantin3


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Top 10 Most underreported Humanitarian stories – itsReal

Every country in the world has people in poverty, people homeless and destitute, subjected to violence and deprivations that don’t end. None of it will stop until someone makes a difference. Who can that someone possibly be? ME or YOU.
clipped from doctorswithoutborders.org

The 10 Most Underreported Stories

Displaced Fleeing War in Somalia Face Humanitarian Crisis

a 16-year conflict has resulted in some of the world’s worst health indicators, with an estimated life expectancy of 47 years
MSF increased its operations in 2007 and is now running projects in 10 out of the 11 regions of south and central Somalia.

Political and Economic Turmoil Sparks Health-Care Crisis in Zimbabwe

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Spreads As New Drugs Go Untested

Expanded Use of Nutrient Dense Ready-to-Use Foods Crucial for Reducing Childhood Malnutrition

Civilians Increasingly Under Fire in Sri Lankan Conflict

Conditions Worsen in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Living Precariously in Colombia’s Conflict Zones

Humanitarian Aid Restricted in Myanmar

Civilians Caught Between Armed Groups in Central African Republic

As Chechen Conflict Ebbs, Critical Humanitarian Needs Still Remain

the MSF teams also witness widespread needs for psychosocial care, caused by years of exposure to violence and displacement
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