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Are you Miss Tattoo Asia Material?

Miss Tattoo Asia – Call for Contestants

Singapore Tattoo Show Tat2 2010 are looking for girls who not only carry themselves well but with their tattoos too.

Do you stand out in crowds and feel confident with your tattoos? Do you possess a personality that is as bold as you look?


If you do, we WANT you! Show us what you are made of. Will you be the 1st Miss Tattoo Asia?

In order to compete, you must be at least 18 years of age, female, and have your body tattooed.

Entry is FREE and submission closing date is on 23 November 2009.

The top 10 contestants selected by the organizers will be competing and judged live at the show. (January 8 – 9 -10 2010) www.tattoo.com.sg

Contest is only open to all female residents of Singapore and in all parts of Asia Pacific. The top 10 contestants to be selected must be able to travel to Singapore to the show to compete.

So if you think you have what it takes, show it and flaunt it!

show logo 2010


Rules of Competition

  • Competition will take place on Sunday, 10th January 2010.
  • The competition will have 2 sections; casual wear and swimwear outfits.
  • You will be judged by a panel of judges.
  • The 10 finalists will each receive a 3 Day Pass that will allow them access to the Show.
  • You must be a female over 18 years old to enter the competition.
  • All travel expenses are at your own costs and arrangements if you are not a local finalist.
  • A maximum of 4 photo submission is required from you to enter the competition.

Photo Criteria:

1 close up view of your tattoo
1 close up view of yourself with your tattoo
1 close up view of your front face
1 full length view of yourself

Prizes you stand to win

1st PRIZE:

–  Cash: $1,000.00 &

–  Custom ring from ROOM101SILVER – value US$1,000.00

Free Photo Shoot session with your tattoo.

–  Published Shoot opportunities in Magazine(s).

Product giveaways.

2nd PRIZE:

  • Cash: $800.00
  • Free Photo Shoot session with your tattoo.
  • Product giveaways.

3rd Prize:

  • Cash: $500.00
  • Free Photo Shoot session with your tattoo.
  • Product giveaways.
* Cash Prize amounts are quoted in Singapore Dollars

for updates on Tat2 2010 join http://facebook.com/tattoopride

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BlogOut – making sense of the social media landscape

Blogout! 2009

Blogout! ’09 aims to help make sense of the social media landscape in Singapore.

It is an event to celebrate bloggers’ independent voices, emergent forms of social,

web technology and to create change for their organizations, communities and society.

Corporate + Open Track
Open Track
Date: 6 & 7 March 2009 7 March 2009
Time: 10.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: 8Q, Singapore Art Museum – 8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535
Fee: $90/per person (extended to 3 March 2009). Thereafter $120. Free, registration required
  • Gather 4 people that are a confirmed attendee, and you will get the 5th ticket FREE!
  • Furthermore, the first 50 to register & pay are entitled a chance to win in the lucky draw.

This promotion is not applicable for payment made on-site.

Please contact Belinda Ong at +65 6220 6643 or email to belinda@firestarter.com.sg

visit: http://teraeikon.com/blogout/edm/index2.html for the latest NEWS

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Singapore Blogosphere WAR – itsReal

Four days on and whilst the posts are less confrontational, the Singapore Blogosphere War between Ping.sg &  its community and banned members continues. What has this created for Singapore bloggers –

Most obvious is bloggers have something to blog about hehe, oops seriously it has put reputations on the line, depending on where you sit and who you believe and your own judgement, someone’s reputation has been tarnished… happy and conducive relationships have been severed, alternative options investigated, all in all a huge division which is remarkable considering where we are – Singapore !

All parties involved know each others mobile numbers, their IM’s yet everyone went public, as I did when I was banned from Ping.sg.

Why did I do so, to gather support for how angry i felt at the time for the banning. DK did the same I believe, his hourly scheduled posts went slightly over my exploits however he seems to now be backing down and his community seems to be telling him to chill… but WHY – he did nothing wrong !

I hate to repeat myself BUT at NEXUS 2007 Ping.sg announce it was an uncensored site for bloggers to ping their content – why introduce censorship in 2008 – why ban people for speaking there minds….why alienate strong supporters ?

What still remains is how will the community survive this WAR….

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Does this make any sense at all, Ping.sg – itsReal

DK recalls all the events that was the beginnings of Ping.sg community in Singapore and now he is banned…

Still remember the first gathering at Pitstop Cafe.
The exposure during the Nexus event.
The meetup at Essential Brew.
The great gathering at Geek Terminal.
The fun we had at Far East Shopping Centre booth.
The ping.sg presence during blogout.
The geek terminal launch party and the mini birthday celebration after that.
The first anniversary party.
The funny advertisement we made for ping.sg.
The huge gathering at Ms Clarity Cafe.
The recording of blogbuzz.tv.
The wonderful Christmas gathering.

….maybe this is an engineered publicity stunt by Ping.sg – hmmm

On top of this Daphne – APLINK does not write rubbish…

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Ping.sg Banning continues – itsReal

The BANNING on Ping.sg continues – another long time supporter of Ping.sg gets Banned – I am unsure as to the sense or reason for the Ban but it is becoming a Singapore catastrophe –  the Singapore blogging community whilst  growing , is TINY – alienating bloggers who have supported Ping.sg by contributing online and at physical events is truly astonishing. These supporters have used Word of Mouth to help spread Ping.sg through their own networks whether business of social, it was done freely in the past to grow the Ping.sg community.  Are these same supporters who helped grow Ping.sg not needed any longer, their unselfish raves to people they met about this cool community called Ping.sg a virtual waste of effort…the opportunity to take Ping.sg out of the RED might have been just around the corner. This latest Banning is a mystery….the practice must cease….APLINK


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FU AP – itsReal

And i thought my issue with ping.sg was BIG hehe – check out this from BuzzMachine

I talked to a reporter this week about the embattled Associated Press and said three times that I didn’t want it to die. I might take that back.

The AP has filed truly noxious takedown notices against Rogers Cadenhead’s community-created Drudge Retort, arguing copyright violations for quotes from 33 to 79 words long.

Read more BuzzMachine

here is mine

Associated Press Writer

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — First came the shock, then the grief. As dozens of people injured in a tornado at an Iowa Boy Scout camp recovered, families and friends tried to make sense of the deaths of four teenage Scouts who had gone to the elite camp to learn how to be leaders.

At a vigil held in an Omaha park Thursday night, people wiped tears from their eyes as Scout leaders weaved through the crowd asking, “Did you have any there?”

“It’s hard to wrap your brain around it,” scoutmaster Doug Rothgeb said earlier. “It’s something that as parents and scouters, we know the risks. We know the boys know what they’re doing. Those four boys ended up in the wrong spot at the wrong time. It’s all Mother Nature.”

Rothgeb’s troop spent Thursday in Omaha, comforting the family of 13-year-old Josh Fennen, a troop member who was killed in the twister. The tornado – which the National Weather Service said packed winds of around 145 mph – destroyed a building where the group had taken shelter.

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life without ping.sg – itsReal

SAD – no more daily labouring to manually pinging my main blog (https://aplink.wordpress.com, wordpress don’t allow auto ping) to ping.sg – sometimes 3 times a day – i have been evicted from ping.sg, i have been excommunicated from ping.sg – i went to visit ping.sg to log on and that does not exist anymore either – the itsReal SAD part is that every time i pinged I got to see what the COMMUNITY at ping.sg was talking about and maybe even offer a view – now I do not see because I have been banned – no need to visit the site anymore which i was part of the community – to find out what real people are discussing – which is usually sex – but sometimes gems turn up on ping.sg – eviction is painful yet if you loose something other opportunities arise in OMG places like Digg.com or mixx.com – i will miss ping.sg but blogs can and do and have flourished on a global scale…..aplink


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cutting yourself on Xanga its Disturbing – itsReal

This is REALLY off topic for me BUT I am shocked – i have just recently joined XANGA social media space and as I am interested in Alternative Medicine (for which my helpful site www.yourheartyourlife.com was recently banned from ping.sg, it is very helpful even if sponsored) I went searching for communities related to Health and Heart issues, I found some and joined – however in my Search I found on every single page multiple communities for those who are into cutting themselves – from my point of view this is an epidemic that most of us are NOT aware of and only thru social media does it show how many people are interested in or participating in the act of cutting themselves.

I have seen this issue raised in Oprah but only thru social media can you see how many people are affected by this addiction.

So how wide-spread is “cutting” from the Xanga site there appears to be thousands interested in the topic – does the addiction also happen in Asia – are there support systems in place to help people.

This is a disturbing post I am sorry BUT – itsReal


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the(new)mediaslut Revealed – itsReal

OMG poor Aaron, Sabrina and Michael what kind of mess are they in – so it can only be fair that I step up and tell u who is REALLY the(new)mediaslut – for along time….. Continue reading


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Recruit.net strategy evolves targeting social media micromarkets

Recruit.net Powers Ping.sg Newly Introduced Job Search Function..

Recruit.net’s marketing strategy evolves targeting social media micromarkets with job channels powered by Recruit.net’s award winning technology platform..

Singapore, May 5th 2008, Recruit.net, an award winning tech company that operates a network of trilingual job search engines across Asia Pacific, has launched a new job search function at Ping.sg, Singapore’s leading blogging community site. With the new function, community members are able to search for ten of thousands of jobs through a single click at Ping.sg. The Recruit.net job channel allows for users to find tens of thousands of Singapore related jobs from hundreds of websites in a single search through Ping.sg: http://jobs.ping.sg/
Continue reading

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