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Second Life new CEO is a REAL Newbie – itsReal

I doubt his jump into fantasy by being a tray of donuts will last very long, for real commerce to be achieved lifelike avatars are highly desirable – check out the upcoming more real world twinity.

New CEO’s First Week

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 at 4:50 PM by: M Linden

Greetings friends of Linden Lab! M(ark) here. I am starting my second week on the job as CEO of this fantastic enterprise and I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you, as I experienced them from the moment I accepted the job, right through my first week.

My avatar was created by Linden Lab well before I was on the payroll. I began my Second Life experience like any other noob. I fell into the world in a white t-shirt and jeans with generic brown hair. Before I could take over my avatar and dress him properly, I/he was found sleeping on a job that I hadn’t officially begun. Here is the amusing but incriminating photo. I blogged about it in my farewell note to my old company. It put me on notice that Residents are highly engaged and very observant

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Linden Lab’s ex CEO talks to Forbes about his Second Life – itsReal


In the virtual world as much as the real one, the past months have been filled with bleak economic news. Following a federal investigation, Second Life’s parent company, Linden Lab, banned all gambling in the virtual world–a major source of its business. A month later, the collapse of an in-world bank led to a crackdown on all of Second Life’s unregulated financial institutions. Most worryingly, Linden Lab’s sales of Linden Dollars–the world’s currency–trickled off during the second half of 2007, and in February 2008 still stood just below where it did the same time a year before, about $720,000 a month, compared with $800,000 in February 2007.

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