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What social media can’t do – haircare…in the air with Jetstar

Hats off to Sunsilk & Jetstar for doing the unthinkable and turning the onboard safety demonstration into an onboard passenger interactive ad –


– not only will the flight attendants wave shampoo bottles instead of seat-belts but also I imagine the mock safety vests will be covered in Sunsilk branding – the oxygen mask – hmmm how will that work… I guess the biggist reward besides making the onboard safety demo even more funny will be the free samples for all the female passengers –

– in a global 1st (or that i have heard of) SUNSILK will go down in history for breaking the airlines safety procedures in leiu of what i can only imagine to be on massive sponsorship – now even social media can’t pull off a feat like that –

– now will they make a massively expensive TVC like the folks at Air New Zealand

… to demostrate the SUNSILK Safety Procedures aboard this Jetstar Service –APLINK – itsReal


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