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Singapore’s planned software Grid – itsReal

Hey Nic WILL it happen – will microsoft comply – and become a Power Station – a mere but important utility to be tapped into when needed… by the way everyone remember to flick-off
clipped from asia.cnet.com

Sober IT truths from the island-state

by Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Singapore

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Singapore Government making software ownership easy?

The Singapore Government has just launched an initiative toward a wired future where companies and organizations can use any software big or small as an online service instead of the current traditional sales model.
Imagine a not-too-distant future where any business from hair salons to clinics, to medium-sized companies or non-profit organizations can go onto this platform to find complete suites of applications that can help them manage their businesses, for cheap! That’ll surely be a great catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore!
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