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Tourism WA launches new positioning and Taxi Ride campaign – mUmBRELLA

hmmm… sounds like the “couch trip” reality show from the UK ? and where is the blogger from the “best job in the world”APLINK

..Tourism Western Australia has launched a new brand positioning and marketing campaign targeting 35 to 64 year olds from Australia and key international markets including the USA, UK and Japan.

The new Experience Extraordinary positioning, created by Host, will aim to educate consumers on what they can do in the state.

Stephanie Buckland, Tourism WA CEO, said: “We know from extensive research that many of our target consumers don’t know what there is to do and see in Western Australia and that this is a barrier to travel. They are not aware of the unique experiences on offer in Western Australia.”

The Extraordinary Taxi Ride was created to support the new brand positioning. It will see the launch of a nine-week taxi journey with 11 sets of passengers from Australia and around the world undertaking the 11 legs of the journey around the state.

via Tourism WA launches new positioning and Taxi Ride campaign – mUmBRELLA.

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Flip stages Bondi flashmob stunt – mUmBRELLA

Viral Videos – this Post from mUmBRELLA has got some AUSSIE critics buzzing – my thinking – if you are going to Stage Something do it the OPRAH Way


From mUmBRELLA: While the idea – and indeed the execution – may not have been entirely original, video footage of a dancing flashmob on Bondi Beach on Friday afternoon is close to going viral.

via Flip stages Bondi flashmob stunt – mUmBRELLA.

When is the FLIP coming to Singapore ?

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News Ltd editorial boss – we don’t like our journalists using Twitter – mUmBRELLA

APLINK wonders also if twitter has a limited lifespan ?

The group editorial director of News Ltd, Australia’s biggest publisher, says that the company is “very uncomfortable” with its journalists using Twitter to tell followers news. In an interview with today’s Media section of The Australian, Campbell Reid says:

“It’s our belief that journalists who work for us who have news to tell should do so through the vehicles they are employed to supply material for. We’re very uncomfortable with staff tweeting in a professional sense under their own names, for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which is legal protection and concern about what is published.

“Like so many things that burn so brightly on the internet, we’re watching to see how it goes. We don’t want to spend a lot of time developing policies … and in three months’ time everyone’s realised it’s another way of having fairly boring conversations.”

As well as The Australian, News Ltd’s publications include The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, The Herald Sun in Melbourne, along with The Courier-Mail in Brisbane. It also publishes news.com.au and the newly-launched opionion site The Punch, where the whole editorial team is on Twitter.

Read more on social Media & Marketing downunder here:


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Jack Morton launches virtual event platform | Market-interactive.com

APLINK thinks this is an awesome move by Jack Morton Events – what do you say ?…. what’s also very interesting – “We felt we had a responsibility to build our own platform, one that allows for easy customization and on-brand experience design for our clients,” he added.

Excerpt from Market-interactive see link below…

Regional – While not designed as a response to the financial downturn, Jack Morton Worldwide’s virtual experience platform, which allows customised online events, has gained client interest in light of travel budget cuts.

The new offering was motivated by a study conducted by the company among 400 marketers with 82% said their organisation could increase revenue by better leveraging experiential strategies to engage employees, business audiences and consumers online.

Jack Morton’s virtual experience platform allows brands to customise and have multiple looks in 3D spaces that integrates into social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Newly hired director of technology solutions and head of digital studio for Jack Morton, Chris Haff said the marketplace is flooded with templated solutions that simply swap out images and call it customization.

“We felt we had a responsibility to build our own platform, one that allows for easy customization and on-brand experience design for our clients,” he added.

Ben Taylor, managing director Asia Pacific for Jack Morton, said in Hong Kong, the financial sector showed the most interest in its virtual experience platform due to cost freeze in the business. A technology company based in Beijing has also expressed interest to organise an internal meeting for its 10,000 staff virtually.

Taylor observed that the virtual platform is mostly used for B2B and media events in the US but in Asia, the biggest interest comes from companies wanting to use it for internal or employee communications.

He added that the cost of activation for the virtual experience platform is on average a quarter of the cost of doing a live event, although budget still has to be accounted for building video contents but not for flying people in, accomodation and loss of time travelling.

via Marketing, Jack Morton launches virtual event platform, HONG KONG, ONLINE ADVERTISING, Event marketing, Experiential marketing, | Market-interactive.com.

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One in four bloggers have written paid posts – mUmBRELLA

A sizeable minority of bloggers have written paid posts, a survey by the Melbourne-based Problogger website suggests.

The respected site has been asking its visitors whether they had ever written a paid post.

The survey is still live, but with nearly 1000 respondents so far, 6.4% say they do them regularly; 13% say they do them occasionally and a further 8.2% say they used to, but have since stopped. The other 72.4% said they have never done so.

The issue of paid posts is a controversial one. Some brands pay bloggers because they see it as a good way to promote their products. Others do so in order to get links to sites which will boost their value in the eyes of search engines.

However those who do so and are found out by Google risk seeing the Page Rank of their site downgraded.

via One in four bloggers have written paid posts – mUmBRELLA.


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