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orchard virtual NDP 2009 virtual singapore twinity – itsReal

Overseas Singaporeans will be able to join in the action as well. Aside from catching the live feed of the parade on Channel NewsAsia’s international feed, they can log on and create an online avatar to take part in the celebrations in a virtual Orchard Road.

SINGAPORE: National Day Parade organisers are already working to build up excitement for the event. It is less than a month to National Day but Singaporeans will not have to wait till then to celebrate. This year’s parade organisers have planned a month’s worth of events to kick start the nation’s birthday.

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Col Ang Heng, chairman, Sponsorship and Celebrations, National Day Parade Committee, said: “We believe National Day belongs to all Singaporeans. That’s why we want as many Singaporeans as possible to participate in and own part of this National Day. “That’s why this string of activities will help encourage Singaporeans to come on board and participate in the various degrees in different ways.” There will be a series of weekly roadshows at several shopping malls to bring National Day closer to Singaporeans.

The roadshow will travel to HDB Hub on July 18, Jurong Point on July 25, Tampines Central on August 1 and Marina Square on August 8. It will include winning entries from the photo contest “Singapore My Home” and short film competition “My Pledge”. Lead-up activities will also be held at the Esplanade and eight community clubs.

Click to visit Orchard Virtual

Click to visit Orchard Virtual

Koh Tong Seng, chairman, Changi Simei Citizen’s Consultative Committee, said: “There’s limited tickets to go to the Marina platform, so we wanted to bring more residents out from their homes to celebrate together.” Other events include a concert at West Coast Park on August 2 and a behind-the-scenes exhibition of the parade. Singapore will also see its very first National Day Countdown Party held at Clarke Quay on August 8. The National Trades Union Congress’ Youth Wing will also hold celebrations at the Padang with a candlelight vigil.

Overseas Singaporeans will be able to join in the action as well. Aside from catching the live feed of the parade on Channel NewsAsia’s international feed, they can log on and create an online avatar to take part in the celebrations in a virtual Orchard Road. Users will have to register and download software from the website before they will be able to access the virtual areas.

orchard virtual - fanpage on facebook

orchard virtual - fanpage on facebook

If one cannot physically be at the parade itself, one can take part in the Pledge Moment. The Singapore Civil Defence chime will ring at 8.22pm during the parade to prompt all Singaporeans to recite the pledge together as one nation. – CNA/vm


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Twinity set to launch virtual Orchard Road – Business Times Singapore

Twinity set to launch virtual Orchard Road – Media coverage Business Times June 2009

FANCY walking down Orchard Road in a fully air-conditioned atmosphere? Soon you will be able to – online.


Virtual Singapore can help promote the Republic as a global city and also boost business for hotels, travel, airlines, tour guides and attractions

Twinity, a 3D online world that meshes the real with the virtual, will launch virtual Orchard Road and Marina Bay in the third quarter of 2009.

And that means anyone, anywhere will be able to explore the Singapore cityscape.


Twinity, engineered by German company Metaversum, already provides a virtual replica of Berlin.

‘Virtual Singapore can assist in the promotion of Singapore as a global city based on innovation,’ said Jeremy Snyder, managing director of Metaversum Asia.

Virtual Singapore was developed in consultation with the Media Development Authority (MDA) and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

One aim is to boost business for hotels, travel, airlines, tour guides and attractions.


The project has plenty of advertising potential.

Twinity is tying up with AsiaOne – the interactive arm of Singapore Press Holdings – to seek retailers, brands and firms interested in promoting their products or space on the virtual ‘Orchard Road’.

Partners to promote Singapore’s history, rich culture and nightlife are also encouraged to join in.

‘We will work closely with Twinity to look for guest sponsors and partners for the upcoming launch, as well as to get users for the site,’ said Raymond Teo, assistant vice-president of AsiaOne’s interactive business unit.

‘We see this partnership as a key strategy to associate the AsiaOne name with a new, cutting-edge online platform like Twinity.’

As for other parts of virtual Singapore, Mr Snyder would only say the development and roll-out time-line is ‘dependent on partner relations and other external factors’.

But one thing is certain – you can look forward to sipping virtual coffee in Ngee Ann City come September.

via Twinity set to launch virtual Orchard Road – June 27, 2009.


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The Value of Virtual Events – Virtual Worlds

If Events in Virtual Platforms interest you may i suggest you join the Special Events Committe on Association of Virtual Worlds


Post from Cisco  Virtual Worlds Blog –

The Value of Virtual EventsRecently there has been feedback from some folks that a virtual experience can not compensate for a physical experience. My first reaction was “really I had no idea?”. All sarcasm aside; yes physical and virtual experiences are different. The fact is they both offer different value for the attendees.

To use Cisco Live Virtual as an example…

Virtually you will be able to do things you might not have gotten a change to do physically such as:
1) Ask questions directly of Cisco SVP Carlos Dominguez and CTO Padmasree Warrior in the live executive chat sessions from 11:45 am – 12:15 pm PDT. The majority of our physical attendees will not have the opportunity to rub shoulders with our executives and ask them questions directly.

2) Participate in live interactive panel discussions on topics not covered at the physical event such as the Virtual University and the Sensor Networks. These events will provide you with the ability to ask questions and join the discussion with industry luminaries such as Dr. Richard A. Bartle who co-wrote the first MUD and Adam Dunkels the author of the uIP (micro-IP) and lwIP TCP/IP protocol stacks and author of the Contiki operating system.

3) All of this without traveling!

Physically you will be able to do things virtual just does not facilitate as well or as easily such as:
1) Access to distinguished engineers via the Meet the Engineer program for exclusive, pre-scheduled one on one meetings. The virtual attendees have access to Cisco and partner experts but not exclusive, pre-scheduled one on one meetings more a first come first serve experience.

2) Demonstrations of the Data Center of the Future which showcases an actual Data Center built on site in San Francisco for you to walk through and learn more about. Uh, can not really build out a Data Center in the virtual experience that you can touch, feel, hear, smell (?) and taste (if you are so inclined I suppose you could like a router? Yuck)…i.e. experience with all your senses.

3) Chance to see DEVO and the B52’s!

It is all about choices in my opinion. The goal for Cisco Live Virtual is to enable folks who can not or do not want to come to San Francisco to still get some of the Cisco Live experience from anywhere. Register now!

What do you think differentiates virtual and physical experiences?

Posted by Dannette Veale at 11:30AM PST


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Will “Immersive Internet’ become the next buzz word ?

an APLINK wink – Is Immersive technology just waiting for the right combination of technology and comsumer dseire to propell its mass adoption?

Will “Immersive Internet’ become the next buzz word ?

Or should I put it this way : Will the term “Immersive Internet” be the next buzz word to replace that of virtual worlds in the coming months ?

Like the term “2.0” added some glamor to the poor old web of researchers and academics, like the term “serious games” has made video games more politically correct to the anti-players, will “immersive internet” open a new era where real-time 3D surf will become hype and sexy …

An era that sweet and crazy dreamers who inhabit immersive platforms in the shape of all types of avatars will boast of being there first, missing those ancient times when the world sill had the flavor of the garden of Eden … the time before the “market” …

At the speed in which new technologies evolve and converge, change is imminent, although professionnals predict it will take two to five years to “cross the chasm”, Geoffrey Moore in Crossing the Chasm), which separates the adoption of a technology by early adopters to a take-up (early majority).

At the speed in which new technologies evolve and converge, change is imminent, although professionnals predict it will take two to five years to “cross the chasm”, Geoffrey Moore in Crossing the Chasm), which separates the adoption of a technology by early adopters to a take-up (early majority).

In the same way that it gets more difficult to imagine ourselves working without internet, it should be the same in the next five years for immersive Internet. Soon, we will study and train ourselves in virtual campuses where immersion and simulation will provide unimaginable benefits for the understanding of situations and familiar or professional applications.We will do some part of our work in 3D environments where we can communicate, collaborate with colleagues all over the world, working to produce prototypes, visualize complex datas, interview and recruit candidates.

Read More at makemyworlds.com: Will “Immersive Internet’ become the next buzz word ?.


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Twinity Press: Changing the Face of the Internet – Event

The Changing Web: Internet Prophet Robert B. Cohen Presents New Book about Web 3.0 Live in Real and Virtual Berlin

The 3D online world Twinity is broadcasting the book presentation of ‘Changing the Face of the Internet: Virtual Worlds and the Information Economy’ live from Berlin’s Capital Club.

The business network Second Commerce and Berlin’s prestigious Capital Club are extending a warm welcome to Dr. Robert B. Cohen, renowned internet expert, senior economist and fellow of the Washington Economic Strategy Institute, to present his latest book ‘Changing the Face of the Internet: Virtual Worlds and the Information Economy’. Twinity is offering the public the chance to follow his presentation online in virtual Berlin. twinglobe2

The event will take place on 19 June in the Hilton Hotel at Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt and will begin at 9am (CET). Sydney 1pm, Singapore 3pm Twinity will stream the presentation, including the subsequent Q&A round, live in virtual Berlin’s media.net office.

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public Beta. You can register for free membership at www.twinity.com and begin exploring the world today.

There are surprises coming from Twinity in Singapore – Stay Tuned !!!

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Jack Morton launches virtual event platform | Market-interactive.com

APLINK thinks this is an awesome move by Jack Morton Events – what do you say ?…. what’s also very interesting – “We felt we had a responsibility to build our own platform, one that allows for easy customization and on-brand experience design for our clients,” he added.

Excerpt from Market-interactive see link below…

Regional – While not designed as a response to the financial downturn, Jack Morton Worldwide’s virtual experience platform, which allows customised online events, has gained client interest in light of travel budget cuts.

The new offering was motivated by a study conducted by the company among 400 marketers with 82% said their organisation could increase revenue by better leveraging experiential strategies to engage employees, business audiences and consumers online.

Jack Morton’s virtual experience platform allows brands to customise and have multiple looks in 3D spaces that integrates into social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Newly hired director of technology solutions and head of digital studio for Jack Morton, Chris Haff said the marketplace is flooded with templated solutions that simply swap out images and call it customization.

“We felt we had a responsibility to build our own platform, one that allows for easy customization and on-brand experience design for our clients,” he added.

Ben Taylor, managing director Asia Pacific for Jack Morton, said in Hong Kong, the financial sector showed the most interest in its virtual experience platform due to cost freeze in the business. A technology company based in Beijing has also expressed interest to organise an internal meeting for its 10,000 staff virtually.

Taylor observed that the virtual platform is mostly used for B2B and media events in the US but in Asia, the biggest interest comes from companies wanting to use it for internal or employee communications.

He added that the cost of activation for the virtual experience platform is on average a quarter of the cost of doing a live event, although budget still has to be accounted for building video contents but not for flying people in, accomodation and loss of time travelling.

via Marketing, Jack Morton launches virtual event platform, HONG KONG, ONLINE ADVERTISING, Event marketing, Experiential marketing, | Market-interactive.com.

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Call for Research Proposals Feeling Communication, Global Computing and Media Telescope Asia.

Keio – NUS Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments (CUTE) Center – Call for Research Proposals – 2009

Keio-NUS CUTE center is a joint collaboration between The Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Keio University. The main objective of setting up the center is to collaborate on fundamental research in the general area of Interactive Digital Media targeted at addressing the future of interactive, social and communication media. The main vision of the center is to “Engage all senses in a creative centric approach to make inventions that will engage millions of children and families“.

Main themes under which this vision is to be realized are: Feeling Communication, Global Computing and Media Telescope Asia.

More details about each individual research area can be found on our web site http://www.cutecenter.org.

The Keio-NUS CUTE Center calls for proposals for research projects that align with the vision of the Center from internationally renowned researchers. Preferably all or at least a major part of the research work has to be carried out in the Keio-NUS CUTE Center in Singapore.

Further details of the Keio-NUS CUTE Center including key R&D projects and formats for proposal submission can be found under Call for Proposals at http://www.cutecenter.org.

Important Dates:

Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest (2 pages + CV) 9th July, 2009

Invitation to submit detailed proposals for short listed applications 20th July, 2009

Deadline for submission of detailed proposals 5th August, 2009

Award of the Grant and

expected commencement of research 21st September, 2009

For further information:

WWW : www.cutecenter.org

E-mail: reserachproposals2009@cutecenter.org

an APLINK Wink

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Twinity’s All-New Female Avatars

COMING SOON – VIRTUAL SINGAPORE http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=87504127317&ref=ts

You may have noticed that Twinity’s female avatars were ready for a makeover. So as of today, please welcome Twinity’s new female avatars!

Your new female avatar is visible when you log in to Twinity. We have remodeled her entire body, giving her a more oval face, a more elegant neck and shoulders, and much more female body proportions. Her animations have also been tweaked to give her a slinkier walk, as well as more feminine moods and facial expressions.

All your current avatar settings still apply. However your new avatar will still look different, because of her new head and body shape. You will probably need to adjust your body and face settings to get the perfect look, but these kind of problems should be easy to remedy. In some cases we recommend repeating PhotoFit to get a more genuine facial appearance.

We have also improved Twinity’s female avatar creation tools, letting you set your female avatar’s waist and hip size, and give her a more accurate age. Your previous outfits have been given an optimized fit and hairstyles have been remodeled. And for the very first time, additional jewelry options are available, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. For those of you looking to update your wardrobe, there are also many new summer clothes to choose from.

We hope you enjoy the new female avatar and look forward to your feedback! Take part in our mini survey below and tell us what you think about the new female avatars, or if you have more to say, drop an email to support@twinity.com

via Twinity blog » Blog Archive » Twinity’s All-New Female Avatars.

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One in four bloggers have written paid posts – mUmBRELLA

A sizeable minority of bloggers have written paid posts, a survey by the Melbourne-based Problogger website suggests.

The respected site has been asking its visitors whether they had ever written a paid post.

The survey is still live, but with nearly 1000 respondents so far, 6.4% say they do them regularly; 13% say they do them occasionally and a further 8.2% say they used to, but have since stopped. The other 72.4% said they have never done so.

The issue of paid posts is a controversial one. Some brands pay bloggers because they see it as a good way to promote their products. Others do so in order to get links to sites which will boost their value in the eyes of search engines.

However those who do so and are found out by Google risk seeing the Page Rank of their site downgraded.

via One in four bloggers have written paid posts – mUmBRELLA.


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David Meerman Scott – his success continues to grow – itsReal

Wiley Launches New Series of Marketing Books Edited by Bestselling Author David Meerman Scott

Message from APLINK – Congrats David, you deserve this recognition for the inspiration you offer to people like myself, the new books I am sure will inspire and continue to engage people to keep Breaking the Rules – awesome !!!

HOBOKEN, N.J. – (Business Wire) To help readers navigate today’s daunting transformation of the marketing and social media landscape, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (NYSE:JWa) (NYSE:JWb) announced the signing of a new book series with David Meerman Scott, one of the most influential marketing strategists. The New Rules of Social Media book series will be based on Scott’s award-winning BusinessWeek bestseller, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and will be written by leading online marketing and social media experts chosen by Scott in collaboration with Matthew Holt, Publisher, Wiley.

Grounded in the revolutionary marketing philosophy presented in The New Rules of Marketing and PR, each book in the series will provide executives, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals with a deeper understanding of the changing online marketing landscape. Scott will provide a foreword to each title.

read more here: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/wiley-launches-new-series-of,836410.shtml

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