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Social Media Marketing As A Business: What You Should Know — simple Ula

If there’s one freelance role that a large number of people want to get it’s social media marketing. Why? Because it’s a business concept that is interesting, on trend and a lot of fun to manage. Social media marketing is hard work, but the actual role itself can be a lot of fun. That’s why […]

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Spot the David Meerman Scott typo – in 3 hours i got a response from David wow- itsReal

How fast is the Internet – a mere 3 hours after my initial postDavid made a comment on my blog – it’s still a big secret – anyone want to try and spot the typo ?

The New Rules of Marketing and PR Find this book on BookJetty

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David Meerman Scott I found a typo – itsReal

Has anyone else seen the typo ? – god forbid anyone go thru this blog and point out the many typo’s there must be – but it hit me smack in the face while reading – David’s the NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR – the book has been on my list to read for a while and why i took so long to discover and learn from it escapes me… i best get back to it now – I am half way thru, now there is a hint – let me know if you spotted the typo too – APLINK


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FAST Company outpaces its competitors and enters social media but what about twinity ? – itsReal

APLINK is a sometimes frequent reader of FAST Company Magazine, this has been a magazine I recognized long ago for its attention to fast moving startups along with Red Herring, these two magazines helped shape some of my thinking today…but do we need yet another network – with Fast Companies market standing would it have been better to go to bed with LinkedIN or the popular and fun Business Social Network FACEBOOK..
without sounding too optimistic – maybe their impact of this news could have been greater if they developed a community in a virtual world like twinity – now that’s a FAST idea from APLINK….
Read their blog like announcement below….
How FastCompany.com will alter the digital landscape.

Fast Company is about to shake things up again.

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Last person in the Newspaper business please turn the lights off – itsReal

Having worked in publishing in Australia and now heavily involved in Web 2.0 and virtual world deployments – I understand the viewpoint of the writer – so what, if anything can save the Newspaper Industry….

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