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Is your Media Monitoring missing something ?

Are you seeking insights into what might be being said about…
your company, your products, your services or your competitors on the Internet.

– If yes, Harro Research can find out for you.

Harro Newsletter March 2008

– Singapore continues to capture headlines across the world. These range
from sovereign funds buying into global banking franchises UBS &
Citibank to Mas Selamat’s inexplicable escape from police custody.

– Social Media continues to grow with countless sites lead by
individuals creating a form of on-line presence. We see these sites as
gaining credibility because the creators are making investments into
their web properties. This could be from site upgrades, to purchasing
their own domain names, registering with various search engines, and

– Facebook traffic tapers off. Is this the end of Facebook? Not likely.
You can now place ads on Facebook.
– Linkedin has updated its user interface. Are they following the
Facebook layout?
– Ning claims to be a virtual world? Well, it all depends on what people
perceive as a virtual world. Ning definitely has a growing community.

– Introducing a soon to be launch virtual world Twinity.com. This is a
virtual world funded by Germans, and builds upon the successes and
failures of Second Life. Twinity is about REAL people, REAL places, and
REAL events. Its invitation only for now.

– Are social networks the new search engine? Because of a global
increase in online media, search engines are struggling to remain
relevant. This has sprouted off countless vertical search engine. In a
parallel universe, social networks started facilitating community-based
interactions. They are strong in providing relevant news and events to
their community. This is something that search engines lack. In the
future, we will see social networks become a the mainstream of
information management supported by search engines.

Andrew Peters has joined Harro to lead sales & marketing. Andrew hails
from Australia/NZ and has mastered the art of internet-awareness. Andrew
also leads niche communications platforms like Twinity, the Internet
Association in Singapore, and countless other communities.

Harro.com gets a new look. As the Harro business evolves, we
communicate our business focus to the public. Harro is about Research,
Monitoring, Syndication and Reports. We maintain strict practices of
research confidentiality and information distribution.

Bloggorazzi.com has been created as a home for the social media
aggregation platform. Although this plays an important part of our
business, our focus is increasingly on what clients are looking for.
There is also a wealth of tools, methods and resources that assist us to
understand the media. Bloggorazzi is a valuable platform.

Andrew Peters | Harro Research

Mobile : +65 9451-9012
Skype: ozawesum
email: apglobal@gmail.com
Web: www.harro.com
Squidoo: www.squidoo.com/harro

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