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Happy New Year from APLINK – my blogs BEST day

It is just over one year since APLINK came to life… Since then thru this blog I have meet many amazing people and have learnt a great deal about web 2.0, Social & Business networking and virtual worlds…It really is amazing how technology is evolving and allowing people to connect across the world and timelines…

I thought I would share with you my most visited day on record and the posts that delivered the results….

In November more than 6000 readers dropped by and almost the same in December… WOW

I can’t compete with the major bloggers but November 1st, was an exciting day.. so much free advertising for KFC

Thursday, November 1, 2007

These posts on your blog got the most traffic.

PageViews: 472


Title Views
Can you spot the error in this KFC ad
Bad Timing – Wasted Advertising in Today


Second Life & Sex – Get some Lessons 29
NuffNang Charity or Social Service – its 16
The Journey of an Internet Entrepreneur 11
APICTA 2007 Nominations OPEN 9
RoundUp – Second Life – The Office & 5
BioLife Marketing Launches New Healthy T 4
Singapore Girl (SIA) gets WED to TBWA – 3
Coming Soon – Outback Online, An Aussie 3
Virtual Worlds developers your roller co 3
APLINK Finds Sporting Heroes Site – itsR 3
BIO – Andrew Peters – APLINKAnd more…. 2

Happy New Year Everyone ! – Keep Dreaming – itsReal

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Maxim Girls – Top 100…

Second Life Girl comes in at No. 95


And No. 1 is…

twinity logo Visit the new Real virtual world of Twinity


at 100…


To Visit Heaven enter MAXIM HERE

twinity logo Visit the Real virtual world of Twinity


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