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pigeon impossible

Brilliance in Animation, visual creativity and concept – 10 out 10

it also has YOUTUBE POPup so can be viewed via this link as well


Pigeon Impossible – is lured by a donut – as would APLINK

for more www.pigeonimpossible.com

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FOURSQUARE – a commercial users perspective

A venue owner shares his perspective of FOURSQUARE going as far to say it has the potential to be the new Twitter – what he seems to have neglected however is that FOURSQUARE can connect with Facebook & twitter – by doing so FOURSQUARE covers its bases and leverages on the 2 most successful social media platforms to date to attrract new users to its platform. – APLINK

ps: I am also trialing brightkite – which I kinda like due to its intergration with images from your mobile device.

Foursquare a new social media application launched last year in March. I have a feeling that Foursquare will grow exponentially in 2010 becoming the new social media hit and let me explain you why.

Foursquare is a location-based social network mobile application that helps you connect with venues and friends using GPS via your mobile device. Foursquare is a win-win situation. It pleases the patrons and the venue owners. In Foursquare there is a social mechanism where people say where they are hanging out or staying and through a built in g ame system it will reward them for doing so, with badges and titles.

The system really empowers the venue owner, it helps identify his customers with their real names ( sometimes it is hard on twitter) and it helps to know who comes in more often. I see it as a technological loyalty system without the cost of it as it all comes integrated in the apps. The application also includes the suggestion’s area with tips and to do list for future people checking in at the same venue..and it also helps the patrons being identified for what they really are i.e.: newbie, local and loyal. Foursquare triggers some sort of respect-benefit for the patrons in the acknowledgement of the title that the patrons have gained through checking in to the venue multiple times. Patrons will also enjoy the shared tips and recommended to do list that other patrons have left for them. To me, as a venue owner, it is a super cool application, and it makes a lot of sense from any point of view.

read more via Social Media NZ Presents: Social Media School – Home.

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Porn industry tiptoes into 3D video

The excitement around 3D TV at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) did not appear to be influencing companies at the AVN-Adult Entertainment Expo taking place at the same time, despite the fact that the adult industry is often a first mover in new video technologies.

Electronics giants such as Sony and Samsung unveiled a range of new products for 3D home entertainment at CES, including ultra-thin-screen HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players, in high hopes that consumers will snap them up this year.

The adult industry is taking a more cautious approach.

Some adult filmmakers are dabbling in 3D video, but most are moving slowly because of the higher production costs, the need for 3D glasses, and a belief that not enough people will buy 3D TV systems this year to justify the cost of making 3D movies.

“We’re very excited to do 3D production, but we don’t feel market penetration [of 3D TVs] has hit the level we need it to be in the home,” said Rob Smith, director of operations at Hustler Video Group, in an interview in Las Vegas. “I’m hoping by the fourth quarter of this year it will be at the point where we can justify doing a 3D product,” he said.

read more at Porn industry tiptoes into 3D video.


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brightkite many glitches but – itsReal

What is Brightkite?

Brightkite is the simple way to keep up with friends and places. It lets you see where all your friends are, so you can spend more time with them. You can also discover places in your neighborhood and meet other locals along the way.

What Does APLINK Think?

Brightkite reminds me of the early facebook days and then also Twitter – I could at first see little use for both of the before mentioned social platforms, however today I mock that I spend 36 hours a day in facebook and now manage around 8 twitter accounts.

But unlike facebook & twitter. Brightkite has many – let me call them – glitches but after re-attempting different things it seems like magic brightkite does what it is kinda meant to do. The best thing about brightkite is its ability to connect facebook & twitter to your travels via your smartphone, I have an HTC Hero which is android based and there is a brightkite app – hey and it works !!!

So, what do I think – APLINK can’t help but be on as many social platforms he can find and that make sense. Brightkite seems to make sense for now & with an alexa rank of 12,581 – alot more people than me must seem to think itsReal too.

note: to find me on brightkite my nick is OZAWESUM – that’s one of the glitches I can’t seem to fix. I forgot my APLINK password and can’t seem to generate a reset – so have had to re-register with a new account.

TIP: if you have a business especially a venue, restaurant or bar – register and create your business location – it’s free and yet another signpost to your doorstep courtesy of SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Tattooink.tv Sponsor of the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010



Flash your Tats at the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 and you could be one of the many FACES in the coverage of the Singapore Tattoo Show by Tattooink.tv. Have a global audience admire your pride and joy tattoo/s – see you at the show.

Contact: Tattooink.tv

Call: +61 2 83070860



PO BOX 20519 World Square
Sydney NSW 2002

Website: http://tattooink.tv

Singapore Tattoo Show Tat2 2010 – Jan 8 to 10 Singapore Expo

Join us till then on Facebook – http://facebook.com/tattoopride


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RedSphereArt – La Grasse Matinée – Exhibition of Photography and mixed media

Red Sphere Art (an Art Hub for art galleries, artists & like-minded art lovers) will enable galleries and artists to establish their own virtual galleries and creative spaces on-line and promote and sell their work with the in-built e-commerce functions and tap into almost limitless social and business networking opportunities.

Sample Gallery

For more details visit: http://redsphereart.com/en/

I was recently invited to attend the exhibition as I am well known for my interest in virtual technologies and that also there maybe an application for the Tattoo Industry to showcase fine Tattoo Artistry.

To Visit the 2D or 3D La Grasse Matinée Exhibition visit: http://redsphereart.com/en/e25.0-exhibition-la-grasse-matinee.html

La Grasse Matinée – Exhibition of Photography and mixed media – artists exhibition details below.

The 12 works entitled La Grasse Matinée depict an image of a young woman lost to the world in slumber, cherishing her eiderdown illuminated only faintly by the dawn one languid, carefree morning. A soft light plays on her figure, elsewhere only emptiness and faint shadow. She is utterly innocent and passive in her surrender to sleep and dreaming. In this silence, she hears nothing except the beating of her heart. Morning light plays amongst the trees. Through half closed eyes in the irregular intervals of light, she sees music; then hears Debussy playing Claire de Lune, she stirs. She can no longer sleep and slowly recalls a poem by Verlaine from a book read many years ago which begins to appear in her minds-eye.

These mixed media works on canvas create a fusion of impressionist imagery wrapped in semi-transparent musical scores from Debussy, combined with original French text from the poems of Verlaine; the subtle texture of this lucent blanket offers an intriguing misty depth to the images.

题为La Grasse Matinée 12张 作品描述一个少妇遗失在微睡的世界,在一个疲倦,无忧无虑与自在的早晨,紧握着她那黎明微微照耀的鸭绒被。轻柔的光芒照在她的身上,仅留下了空虚和微弱的 阴影,减少了作品内的空间层次感。作家以纯朴的手法有效地展现妇人休眠的主题。在无辜和被动下,她完全投入在她的睡梦中。在这沈默中,她只听见自己的心跳 声。早晨的轻声唤醒了树林。通过半闭的眼光,她仿佛看见了音乐,听见Debussy演奏Claire de Lune。她完全无法入眠,脑海里反复地回想起Verlaine,眼眶浮现他曾在书中写的一句诗。

这些帆布的媒体合画包含了Debussy乐谱创造, 结合与Verlaine的法文原诗;透亮毯子的微妙纹理展露出富有深度的迷人图像。

Artworks by AJE  +65 9447 9121


AJE’s process is a combination of photography and painting.

First creating the photograph then printing it onto a surface by use of either high quality digital printing and/or photographic emulsion. AJE spends the majority of his time working with oil and acrylic paints, silk screens and graphite to bring out the desired expression in his works. To experience the works in person enables one to appreciate the layers and subtlety created with the fusion of these different mediums. The final work is neither a photograph, nor is it a painting but something directly in between with the qualities of both.

AJE has lived, worked and exhibited his work in the UK, France and Australia and he now resides in Singapore.

La Grasse Matinée


Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$ 1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$ 1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Artists: AJE
Size: 60cm x 120cm
Price: S$1195

Sales enquiries please contact:

Tel: +65 9447 9121  Email: antony at eatdrinkplay.com

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Interview with Noel Boyd – Official Blogger Singapore Tattoo Show

Meet Noel Boyd http://www.noelboyd.com Singapore’s leading blogger for anything Tattoos – his latest achievements now include becoming the official blogger for the 2nd Singapore Tattoo Show this comes on top of his blogger of the month position on nuffnang.com and a soon to be released online Tattoo TV program where Noel is the Host – blogging brings rewards if you persist – read on…

1. How long have you been blogging about tattoos & Bodyart and what made you start ?
I started blogging in late 2005 so I guess it’s been four years coming to five. I’m the sort of guy that needs to voice his opinion every now and then and having a blog allows me to do just that. Also, I wanted to share my love for tattoos with not just only bodyart lovers but with also the average Singaporean. My main aim then was for my fellow Singaporeans to view tattoos and various other forms of bodyart in a different light.

2. Where will Blogging about Tattoos & Bodyart take you in the future ?
You know Andrew, initially I had no idea where this road will take me. All I knew is that I wanted to do this. If somehow had told me back in 2005 that I would receive the many wonderful opportunities that I have been getting, I would have laughed in their faces!

So yeah, this month alone I am the featured blogger on Nuffnang, I am writing for Mediacorp’s Mother & Baby magazine and I’m hosting an internet show about body art. I don’t know what the future has in store for me but I’m sure I’ll be at a good place.

3. Do you think social media has had a positive impact on the Tattoo industry & artists ?
It sure has! With lesser restrictions than traditional media, we get to say what we want and get the word out. But of course social media needs to be used in a good and constructive manner. So far it’s been nothing but GOOD GOOD GOOD! I would highly recommend artists to use social media to promote themselves and their business. It’s the way to go and the results show for itself.

4. What was the first Tattoo you got for yourself, how many tattoos in total do you have now ?
It was in my teenage years when I got my first tattoo. I’m a scorpio so I got a tiny scorpion tattooed on my arm. It didn’t cost much and it ended up looking like crap! If you are a teenager, please listen to my advise. You’ve probably heard this a million times but I’m gonna say it. DON’T rush into getting a tattoo and please for heavens sake wait till you are 18 years old. I’m lucky because I don’t regret getting inked. But if you look around, there are way too many folks who got inked young that kinda regret getting tattooed. Now that sucks!

How many tattoos? Man, I don’t know where to start. There’s way too many to count now. Does a full sleeve count as one tattoo or is it each design on the sleeve?! Hahaha. Let’s just say I have enough but with room for more.

5. Do you regret getting any of your tattoos ?
Thankfully no. Not even with the scorpion tattoo. It was an eye opener and an experience that I will never forget. To me, that’s priceless. I’ve been blessed with choosing the right designs and I look at each tattoo differently. All my tattoos were done in different stages of my life so all of them mean something. Amen!

6. Do you have Tattoo Artists you admire & why ?
This may sound cliché but I think the cast of Miami Ink rock! Their show changed the mindset of millions of people around the world. My parents don’t have tattoos but they watched and liked the show. Miami Ink helped our cause in educating the general public about tattoos. That it ain’t just about gangsters or criminals with ink. I admire them for that and I also thank them from the bottom of my heart.

7. Can you tell me what are the changes that have happened in the tattoo industry that you have seen ?
For starters, our local artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The Singapore Tattoo Show does just that for them. It’s not just about having a venue with booths. The Singapore Tattoo Show is a medium for our local boys and girls to shine. Well to me, it doesn’t get any better than that…

Also, Singaporeans are more acceptive to tattoos now than say 5 years ago. There’s still a lot more work to be done but we are heading in the right direction.With that said, you can walk Orchard Road on any given day and I guarantee that you will see a good number of tattoos. Singaporeans are flaunting their ink and that’s always nice to see.

But erm…it’s also good to hear that our local artists are traveling the world either tattooing at a convention or guest starring at a foreign studio. These guys are flying our flag wherever they go. Simply put, they are representing Singapore in what they do best!

8. Where do you see the tattoo industry heading ?

It’s funny because I was just asking myself the same question the other day! I would like to think that foreigners don’t look at Singapore as another destination in Asia for cheap tattoos anymore. We are fast becoming a tattoo hub in Asia where if you want a good tattoo done, this is the place to come to. With all things Singapore, give us a few more years and some of our artists will be among the best in the world. But for that to happen, they need all the support they can get. Be it from their customers, government agencies or their families. But it can be done!

9. What are you hoping to get from the Singapore Tattoo Show ?
I plan on having fun at the show. I mean, that is what blogging is supposed to be about. I plan to meet and interview some very cool people. Readers of my blog can look forward to live updates from the venue hall, exclusive pictures and interviews with some of the best artists alive today!

Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

it’s on again the Singapore Tattoo Show -Tat2 2010 Jan 8 to 10 Bigger & Louder. For more info here are some links – http://facebook.com/tattoopride http://www.tattoo.com.sg http://twitter.com/tattoopride With guest appearances by Kim Saigh (LA ink), Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush tattoo), Michelle Myles (Daredevil tattoo and winner of TLCs Tattoo War Competition at the 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention), Shige (Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan) and returning to this show again will be Chris Garver (Miami ink) and Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery). Also attending the show will be VIP guest, Matt Booth, celebrity jewellery designer and owner of Room101 who is also the guest judge for this upcoming years tattoo show with Room101 being the major sponsor for this event and introducing Paypal who is also sposnoring the event for the very first time.- video production courtesy: http://tattooink.tv


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How Virtual Reality can Help with Culture Shock

Culture shock can strike expats unexpectedly when they move overseas for an assignment, particularly when they are expecting their new home country to be very similar to the one they left behind because of distance or language similarities. Culture shock can lead to homesickness, a lack of self-confidence, insomnia, anger, or even depression and there is no quick fix to adjust to life abroad but preparation can help.

1st Virtual Relocation Service Launches

Virtual reality tools can help pre-arrival to encourage you to consider and learn how different life will be in your host country. By touring a virtual world, the visual immersion allows you to experience firsthand, in a safe environment, how a city looks; the architecture, shop fronts, a new language on billboards, the public transport network and the type of amenities available.

Training packages using virtual reality software are widespread, encompassing a range of scenarios such as military simulations, therapy for disorders and phobias and workplace situations. Cultural training material is also available in the form of computer simulation and virtual games. Simulation tools help expats to understand the differences they will face in communication, lifestyle, daily routines and mindset, to help ease the transition to a new country.

Virtual reality tools also provide an environment for interactive and engaging language training, with virtual worlds promoting listening comprehension in a foreign language and providing the opportunity to practice what you have learnt in real scenarios such as pharmacies, train stations and shops, as well as meet others learning the same language. This technique of language training is particularly effective because it is wholly immersive, accessible for the whole family and can begin before you move overseas. When you touch down in a new country, you already possess the basic language skills to understand signs and get by in basic social situations, making you feel more comfortable in your new environment from day one.

A visit to a virtual city opens up a social network to you in your host country too. It allows expat organisations, social clubs and networks to promote their activities to you so that you can be aware of groups and events before you arrive. You can also interact with other expats prior to relocating; ask advice and information about life in the destination city and make friends that you can meet up with when you arrive abroad. Social interaction in the anonymity of virtual worlds helps break down barriers that can exist in a real life situation and a network waiting for you in your new home supports the adjustment to life overseas.

The Chamber of Commerce and companies relevant to your expat needs are also able to have a presence in a virtual world, putting you in touch with contacts and services that may be useful to you during your relocation, or after.

Widening your network and contacts before you arrive overseas contributes to you feeling more comfortable on arrival, and helps you to know where to turn when you need a helping hand.

Source: http://www.ExpatFinder.com

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twitter for ANY community

If you haven’t heard of twitter – time to WAKE UP – it is a FREE communications tool for social & business communications. – if you have a twitter account leave your ID in a comment on this blog and I will follow YOU, as should all the people that visit this blogpost. Have a Twitter Conversation.

Twitter is for discovering and sharing what’s happening right now through the timely exchange of short, public messages. Since its inception in 2007, this open exchange of information has transformed Twitter from a simple social utility to a new kind of communication with the potential for positive global impact. Individuals and organizations alike are encouraged to try Twitter for a variety of uses ranging from social to commercial.

You can follow my twitter accounts here:

http://twitter.com/aplink – my personal twitter account

http://twitter.com/pintomarc – Marc Pinto’s – Primitive Tattoo

http://twitter.com/supermodelme – SUPERMODELME.tv Reality TV

http://twitter.com/tattoopride – Singapore Tattoo Show

http://twitter.com/tattooinktv – Tattooink.tv

http://twitter.com/koinupbiz – Koinup.com for your Virtual Life

http://twitter.com/studyinoz – Study In Australia

http://twitter.com/asia_uncut – Asia Uncut TV Talk Show

Tattoo ARTISTS reach Tattoo Fans via Twitter and grow your conversations with real people – conversations lead to many new beginnings.

Social Media evangelists or seekers of social media understanding – the twitter community is an awesome promotional and educational tool.

Small or large business – your customers want to have conversations with you as do your prospects.

Families members & FRIENDS are only a free TWEET away….

– if you have a twitter account leave your ID in a comment on my blog and I and my many twitter accounts will follow YOU, as should all the people that visit this blogpost.

To learn more about twitter and How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighbourhoods (and family & friends can collectively help you out of a sticky situation) – grab a copy of TWITTERVILLE by SHEL ISRAEL


Happy tweeting with text – images & videos all is possible. APLINK

What are your thoughts on twitter ?


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Branded in Singapore by Marc Pinto

Marc Pinto: Professional Custom Cauterie Branding Services

History of Branding

The word “branding” carries many connotations be it cars, shoes, clothing – but the last one that comes to mind in the 21st century we live in, is what the word originally meant. To brand, is literally to burn. To permanently place a burn mark onto an object.

The act of branding livestock to denote ownership dates back to the ancient Egyptians. The technique would be passed down through the ages where it would most famously be applied by cowboys of the Americas where a red-hot iron brand would be pressed into the skin of the animal, normally a cow or a horse, allowing animals from different owners to graze on an open range avoiding confusion. It is from the long tradition that branding came to denote ownership of an animal, and with the progression of time, ownership of people too.

The application of brands to humans probably started with the Greeks and Romans where slaves were branded on their legs to denote servitude and prevent escape. Through the process of branding, a slave wound hence be bound to the master until he or she was sold to another master in which a new brand would be applied again. In this era, branding a person could thus be seen as an extremely dehumanizing action, reducing the slave to no more than a biological entity akin to a cow.

This dehumanizing aspect would later be used as punishment binding criminals to their crimes for life. In France, criminals were branded with the initials “TFP” to signify hard labour for life and adulterers in puritan settlements in America were branded with an “A” usually on the chest for men and bosom for women. Often, the location depended on the severity of the crime, with serious offences getting more visible locations like arms or even forehead to increase the humiliation.

The brand is also to some people a re-affirmation of their beliefs much like tattoos are due to the irreversibility of the process. Hence the process of pain to achieve the ultimate result may often be perceived as a deeply spiritual one. Branding as part and parcel of spirituality has been longest documented amongst Hindu devotees of the Vaishnava Sect. The branding of Vishnu devotees was known as taapa and is the first in a fivefold process of initiation. The V-shaped strike brand is first heated in a sacrificial fire till it is red-hot before being applied to the devotee’s shoulder. The process represented a purification of the mind, body and soul.

Branding in a modern context

Branding has continually evolved throughout history and its increasing popularity today represents an abolishment of old taboos and an increasing openness in the modern world.

The infamous history of branding has not deterred people of the 21st century adorning themselves with various designs using this technique. While the traditional form of branding, known as “strike-branding” by the body modification industry is still practiced, branding techniques have also evolved so as to allow more complex designs.

Electro-cautery branding is more commonly practiced these days and it involves the use of a device akin to an arc welder.  The hand-held device creates a spark of electricity which burns the skin. With its ability to control the depth of damage and accuracy of the cut, this method allows for more intricate designs.

Yet despite its dark history, people wishing to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd often seek out branding as a means of adorning their bodies as tattoos gain greater popularity. Apart from being head turners, brands often provide their wearers with an exciting tale to tell about the pain endured to receive the selected design.

Today, branding designs are unique and varied, with people opting for one-off designs that compliment their own style and physique. From traditional tribal to modern contemporary designs, branding offers a different medium in which to adorn one’s body.

Branding is enjoying resurgence in Perth, Australia and Marc Pinto of Primitive Body Piercing Studio in Barrack St, is leading the way in this primal art form. Marc Pinto is an international pioneer in the promotion and preservation of the traditional art of fine cauterie branding.  Primitive Body Piercing Studio is the only one in Perth that offers professional custom cauterie branding services, where each design can be uniquely custom made for the individual. Having trained at the Fakir Musafar School of Branding Intensives in San Francisco, Marc Pinto has also pioneered techniques for fine cauterie branding that is now used and taught in the Fakir School of Branding Intensives itself.

With more than 13 years experience, Marc Pinto and his team are passionate about the traditional history of the branding culture and hope to adorn the bodies of their clients with pieces of artwork that will keep the rich history of branding progressing well into the future.

Note: Professional custom cauterie branding services are now also available at Marc Pinto Primitive Tattoo in Singapore.

Social Media Sites:







Website: http://www.marcpinto.com

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