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it’s hard to stand out – not so at AVW – go platinum

it’s hard to stand out ? not so at AVW – go platinum on AVW – Association of Virtual Worlds and enjoy international virtual & real recognition that will drive your busines development strategies immediately.
You don’t need to be Linden Labs or redlightcentre.com or facebook or even war of warcraft to make your mark on what is still an emerging yet strong and progressive industry !
The AVW is where virtual worlds, games, social networks, and those who wish to explore the technology, come together.
AVW is everything Virtual – let us help you drive your exposure and business development strategies


What is Platinum Membership

AVW Platinum is a new high visibility premium membership package that offers members the opportunity to showcase their companies, products and services in order to build both sales and brand awareness. This is an exciting way to stand out on the main AVW site, on the active and growing AVW business and social network and inside the AVW Global Virtual Headquarters.

AVW Platinum Membership includes:

1.     Logo on front page of the Business & Social Network (rotating basis) with link to member site. (http://www.network.associationofvirtualworlds.com).

2.    Logo on the Main site’s Home Page (rotating basis) with link to member site. (http://www.associationofvirtualworlds.com).

3.    Poster in the AVW’s Global Headquarters containing an embedded image of that member’s choosing and a click through to a website

4.    10% discount on sponsorship opportunities (such as upcoming discussion forums and conferences).

BONUS: AVW Platinum Members also have the opportunity to present their products and services in a Platinum Showcase presentation to be held inside the AVW Virtual Headquarters. In addition, the AVW will send out an email invitation to the entire membership of over 2,700 members—and counting!

AVW Platinum is offered at the introductory membership fee of USD99 per month.

Contact me: To Secure Your Premium Membership & Privileges – apglobal @ gmail.com

Check out the new AVW facebook group at


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IBM & Linden Demo teleporting out of Second Life – itsReal

I have to say the narrator of this video is REALLY corny – however IBM & Linden Labs have successfully teleported Avatars from Second Life to another Virtual World OpenSim – except you can’t take your toothbrush !

Just Listened Again – Sack the narrator, script writer, creative head …. doesn’t anyone at IBM or Linden Realise how it belittles the achievement  – itsReal

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Linden Lab’s ex CEO talks to Forbes about his Second Life – itsReal


In the virtual world as much as the real one, the past months have been filled with bleak economic news. Following a federal investigation, Second Life’s parent company, Linden Lab, banned all gambling in the virtual world–a major source of its business. A month later, the collapse of an in-world bank led to a crackdown on all of Second Life’s unregulated financial institutions. Most worryingly, Linden Lab’s sales of Linden Dollars–the world’s currency–trickled off during the second half of 2007, and in February 2008 still stood just below where it did the same time a year before, about $720,000 a month, compared with $800,000 in February 2007.

Read more at Forbes

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