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5 Ways Traditional Media Companies are Using Online Video

Some clues for Local Media companies across Asia Pacific !

Woody Lewis is a Social Media Strategist and web Architect. He authors a blog at woodylewis.com about social media strategy for newspapers.

Online video is standard fare on many web sites. Businesses use video to drive marketing and communications, customer care, staff training, and many other processes. They have also put pressure on traditional media companies by embedding more ads in online video content, effectively shrinking traditional marketing budgets. What about the media companies themselves? How do they use online video, and which companies are seeing results that can potentially impact their business, and the public’s perception of them?Below are five examples of traditional media companies using online video to adapt to the changing new media landscape.

Read more at: http://mashable.com/2009/07/31/traditional-media-online-video/

Check out emerging Virtual Worlds Web TV Startup Life-On-Line From Australia – g’day Mr Cropper

Singapore celebrates its national day soon and the party happens in the virtual worlds too as Twinity marks the launch of ‘virtual’ Singapore. We chat with Twinity’s co-founder on Life On Line www.life-on-line.tv.

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Life On Line – Twitter twouble, Twinity, twaumas and twibutes

Twitter twouble, Twinity, twaumas and twibutes:

Guests include co-founder of the virtual world Twinity, Jeremy Snyder, about the exciting new gothic machinima contest there and plans for more virtual cities to be released onto the internet in 2009.

Social Networks guru Andrew Peters looks at the changing face of Twitter and reports on US Military plans to use holograms to keep service personnel in touch with their families while stationed overseas.

Newsman Sigmund Leominster reports on a new virtual world, based on European Football, how Manchester Business School is using virtual worlds to train their senior executives, how Everquest can trigger depression – and the safest way to experience the running of the bulls in Spain – virtually.

On a more serious note, we take a look at a moving tribute in music and pictures by some Second Lifers to the victims of the devastating bush fires in Australia with their song, ‘Too Many Tears’.

And American singer/song writer Dann Russo performs ‘Parking Lot Kings’.

Visit Life On Line at: http://life-on-line.tv

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Andrew Peters & The Best Job in the World

Andrew Peters debuts on Life on Line and chats in the Studio with Host Steve Cropper about the Island Reef Job in Australia, Singapore Tattoo Show & The Association of Virtual Worlds…check out Steve’s line up of guests and virtual living in this pilot of Life on Line

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Pilot: Life On Life

Life On Line is about Social networks, games, shopping, dating, music, news and much more. Life On Line, a TV show about internet living.

Life On Line is a team effort by these talented people:
Host – Steve Cropper
Music – Space Junky
News – Sigmund Leominster
Social Networks – Andrew Peters
‘Shrink’ – Dr Roman Candle
Voice – Kayden O’Connell

Check the pilot out here: http://life-on-line.ning.com/video/pilot-ep-0109# or http://blip.tv/file/1701093/

When launched in February, Life On Line will be viewed on dozens of quality websites across the internet including:

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Life On Line – A new internet TV program launches on February

A new internet TV program launches on February 1st that delves into how people spend their lives online. Life On Line, as the name suggests is about how people are increasingly spending more of their lifetime using the internet .

The TV show is the brain-child of Australian journalist and communications consultant Steve Cropper, who in 2008 was ‘Angelico Babii’, host of the LATE SHOW on Metaverse-TV (www.metaverse-tv.com) and the creator of My-Metaverse (www.my-metaverse.com) a social network for people involved in the new media arts on the web.

“We want to go deeper into how people use their online time for news and entertainment, creativity, love, friendship, business, shopping, political engagement, work and play – or any other reason”, said Cropper. “We also scan the internet for emerging new talent – musicians, movie makers, writers, bloggers – anyone who is contributing to the richness of digital life”.

Life On Line includes a cast of seasoned bloggers, journalists and entertainers including internet band, Space Junky – three people living in the US, Australia and Malaysia who collaborate, record, produce and market their music entirely onine. The line-up also boasts the Marketing Director of the Association of Virtual Worlds, Andrew Peters who is also a leading practitioner of social networking and internet marketing campaigns. Every episode features internet news man Sigmund Leominster, a veteran blogger. There are guest comedians and musicians and interviews with people making news across the internet.

You are invited to visit the life-on-line viewers’ group website at www.life-on-line.ning.com

Visit Knowledge Networking at:

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Life On Line, an internet TV talk show – APLINK joins cast

Starting February 1st 2008, Life On Line, an internet TV talk show arrives on the world wide web. It’s about how we spend our lives online – how we stay in touch, how we work and play, how we are entertained and informed. Life On Line visits virtual worlds and social networks.

APLINK aka Andrew Peters aplink3 joins cast and will have a regular spot 🙂 If you have an interesting topic get in touch and i will cover the story….

We showcase exciting new talent in music, movies and literature. A group website has been created where viewers and cast members are invited to provide their thoughts and ideas on the show, suggest original music and comedy acts, offer ideas for interviews, news reports and everything else that reflects how we spend out life online.

Please visit www.life-on-line.ning.com and join the group.

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