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Singapore Tattoo Show 15000 inked fans

1st Singapore Tattoo Show  – Revisited – already over 300 artists have registered to take a booth for Tat2 2010 – Singapore’s Second Tattoo Show – returning are crowd Favorite’s Chris Garver, Miami Ink, USA & Bob Tyrrell, Night Gallery, USA – Tat2 2010 Show Ambassador will be Kim Saigh from LA Ink Fame – so what will be in store in 2010 – more will be revealed soon by the show’s brainchild Kirby Lian…

Kirby Lian STS & Chris Garver, Miami Ink

Kirby Lian STS & Chris Garver, Miami Ink

Here is lasts years show roundup and tattoo contest winners revisited…

Last year’s inaugural Singapore Tattoo Show ended on Sunday, 11 January 2009 with just over a total of 14,000 one-day and three-day passes sold, bringing the total number of attendees to 15,000 who attended the 3-day convention held at Singapore Expo from 9-11 January 2009. The show saw people from all walks of life, as well as a few thousand overseas visitors who flew down especially for the show.

The show saw an exhibitor line up more than 120 tattoo studios and 16 tattoo vendors from various countries, showcasing various tattooing techniques using machines and traditional tools and boasted an exciting programme featuring a body art-bikini fashion show, HPI drifting competition, Harley Davidson showcase, tattoo photography showcase, Art Fusion, live band performances and a daily tattoo contest (results below).

Well-known tattoo personalities Paul Booth of Last Rites Tattoo (USA), Chris Garver of Miami Ink (USA), and Bob Tyrrell of Night Gallery (USA) were at the Singapore Tattoo Show 09.

Kirby Lian, the brainchild and organizer of the show says, “I am very pleased with the outcome of the convention. Tickets sales were brisk from the start on Friday and we even had families and parents with toddlers attending the show. I’m glad that the show has achieved one of its objectives in educating the public on tattooing and the tattoo industry.”

From the response we have achieved, we are considering doing a bigger and more comprehensive show in 2010,” added Debra Tan, co-oganiser of the Singapore Tattoo Show 09, “So look out for details in October 2009!”


For daily updates and Tattoo Industry News join in the conversation at http://facebook.com/TattooPride or join the growing international social site Tattoo Pride for Tattoo Artistry http://tattooartistry.ning.com


About the Organizer – www.tattoo.com.sg

This young start-up company combines vision and passion for the tattoo artistry, bearing the charter to change the social norms associated with the permanence of this art form. Behind the company is a team comprising a professional tattoo artist-entrepreneur with 7 years’ industry experience and a marketer formerly from a multinational company. Having developed a wide network of global tattoo artists whom many are considered close friends, this team aims to promote the tattoo industry for the appreciation and commercialism of tattoo art. For more information please visit www.tattoo.com.sg.


Tattoo Contest Winners 2009

Tattoo Contest results: 9 Jan 2009

Best Sleeve Tattoo:

Tattoo Magic, Australia, Geordie Cole

Best Leg Tattoo:

Night Action Tattoo, Taiwan, Wu

Best Cover Up Tattoo:

Imagine Tattoo Studio, Singapore, Aelvin Lim

Tattoo Contest results: 10 Jan 2009

Medium Tribal/Celtic Tattoo:

1. Night Action, Taiwan, Ping

2. Night Action, Taiwan, Ping

3. Think Tattoo, Singapore, Elson Yeo

Medium Black and Grey Tattoo:

1. My Tattoo, USA, Jess Yen

2. Tiao Fang Tattoo, Taiwan, Fang Chun Suen

3. Tsai Da Long Tattoo, Taiwan, Tsai Da Long

Medium Colour Tattoo:

  1. Dow Jenn Tattoo, Taiwan, Cheng Yuan Sheng

  2. Visual Orgasm, Singapore, Joseph Siow

  3. Night Action Tattoo, Taiwan, Mr Wu

Tattoo of the Day:

Skin Label Tattoo Studio, Singapore, Sam Wei Ming

Tattoo Contest results: 11 Jan 2009

Back Piece Tattoo:

1. Lion King Tattoo, Taiwan

2. Dow Jenn Tattoo, Taiwan, Zhao Jun Ji

3. Night Action Tattoo, Taiwan, Yu Fu Lien

Most Realistic Tattoo:

1. Imagine Tattoo, Singapore, Aelvin Lim

2. Night Action Tattoo, Taiwan, Yeh Ting N

3. Visual Orgasm, Singapore, Joseph Siow

Large Colour Tattoo:

  1. Dow Jenn Tattoo, Taiwan, Zhai Jun Ji

  2. Lion King Tattoo, Taiwan

  3. Night Action Tattoo, Taiwan, Yu Fu Lien

Large Black and Grey Tattoo:

  1. East Tattoo, Taiwan, Zhou Wei Long

  2. My Tattoo, USA, Jess Yen

  3. Fly Back Tattoo, Singapore, Jerry

Tattoo of the Day:

Tattoo Mangon, Germany, Patrick Frank Huettlinger

The judges for the tattoo contests were:

  • Richard Bahadur, Body Décor Tattoo & Piercing, Singapore

  • Diau An, Dian An Tattoo, Taiwan

  • Chris Garver, Miami Ink, USA

  • Bob Tyrrell, Night Gallery, USA

  • William Yeo, William Tattoo Studio, Singapore


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Sexy Edge Queen Kat Von D Launches High Voltage Tattoo

Television personality Kat Von D

iKat Von D's new book, 'High Voltage Tattoo.'Kat Von D’s new book, ‘High Voltage Tattoo.’

Kat Von D goes for a little ‘High Voltage Tattoo’

Updated Wed. Jan. 28 2009 4:55 PM ET

Constance Droganes, entertainment writer, CTV.ca

Famed tattoo artist Kat Von D, the star of “LA Ink,” has written the definitive insider’s guide to the art of ink on skin. The ultimate communicator in a field known for looks more than linguistics, she’s penned a book that explains the allure of the tattoo and how to do it right.

Kat Von D is the Venus de Milo of high tattoo art, stacked atop her 1970s platforms with head-to-toe “tats” to die for. Renowned for her lifelike artistry with black and grey ink, she’s the fast-living rebel who makes “LA Ink,” TLC’s No. 1-rated show.

Von D’s painterly tattoos and pin-up good looks have earned her and  “LA Ink” a strong cult following in the United States, Canada and around the word.

Her new book, “High Voltage Tattoo,” won’t hurt that allure – earned largely by Von D for making a venerable pop culture accessory look hot once more.

“Some people might think tattoos are passé,” says Von D, 26, who makes them look anything but in this book, with its hundreds of skimpy bikini and camera-friendly glam shots.

“Whether you go to a concert in Madison Square Garden or a fashion show in Milan you’ll see tattoos on everyone – rich people, stars, ordinary guys. It makes sense because a tattoo is about being creative and expressing who you are. That need in us never changes,” says Von D.

That point, ironically, isn’t fans’ first focus in “LA Ink.”

Since its debut in 2007, this reality show has documented the ups and downs of her tattoo business. It follows the day of this 26-year-old edge queen as she manages a colourful and overly-dramatic staff, runs her busy social life – all time looking good in tight leather pants and a bustier.

But with “High Voltage Tattoo” Von D (aka Katherine Von Drachenberg) is making a new commitment to the art of her craft, not her celebrity.

The Prodigy Live in Singapore Feb 3 http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=47501287073&h=R0p4H&u=Kpl5y

Read more: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20090127/KatVonD_tattoo_090127/20090128?hub=Entertainment

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