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FU AP – itsReal

And i thought my issue with ping.sg was BIG hehe – check out this from BuzzMachine

I talked to a reporter this week about the embattled Associated Press and said three times that I didn’t want it to die. I might take that back.

The AP has filed truly noxious takedown notices against Rogers Cadenhead’s community-created Drudge Retort, arguing copyright violations for quotes from 33 to 79 words long.

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here is mine

Associated Press Writer

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — First came the shock, then the grief. As dozens of people injured in a tornado at an Iowa Boy Scout camp recovered, families and friends tried to make sense of the deaths of four teenage Scouts who had gone to the elite camp to learn how to be leaders.

At a vigil held in an Omaha park Thursday night, people wiped tears from their eyes as Scout leaders weaved through the crowd asking, “Did you have any there?”

“It’s hard to wrap your brain around it,” scoutmaster Doug Rothgeb said earlier. “It’s something that as parents and scouters, we know the risks. We know the boys know what they’re doing. Those four boys ended up in the wrong spot at the wrong time. It’s all Mother Nature.”

Rothgeb’s troop spent Thursday in Omaha, comforting the family of 13-year-old Josh Fennen, a troop member who was killed in the twister. The tornado – which the National Weather Service said packed winds of around 145 mph – destroyed a building where the group had taken shelter.

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Last person in the Newspaper business please turn the lights off – itsReal

Having worked in publishing in Australia and now heavily involved in Web 2.0 and virtual world deployments – I understand the viewpoint of the writer – so what, if anything can save the Newspaper Industry….

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