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I Love Netbook Singapore – itsReal

Many will argue that netbooks are so under powered that it should hardly be called notebooks. But if you look that how the average users are using these devices, it seems the contrary is true. It seems that people are using their netbooks as notebooks and this is a very important observation which explains a growing trend; users are experimenting with running Windows Vista, Windows 7 and other more mainstream software on their netbooks. Netbooks which were initially designed for the casual web surfer and email addict is now a very affordable and capable notebook.

This site is created to provide you with the latest reviews and some tips and tricks on how you can optimize the use of your netbook to be more efficient on the road. Besides me, I have a couple of friends who will help me with content and the technical side of things. We are very proud to be launching this together with our partner Lenovo, during the IT show.

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Revisited 2008: Singapore’s IT Show attracts 725,000 visitors and they SPENT – $53 MILLION – itsReal

Last years heading:  Singapore’s IT Show attracts 718,000 visitors and they SPENT – $48 MILLION – itSreal – WOW

This year per person the spend was appox $73.10 per person – no wonder there is no cover charge to go to the IT Show in Singapore and that there are 8087 technology related jobs on offer in Singapore right now.

This year I got to see my mate Melvin Koh on prime time TV – as well as hearing that the show had gone GREEN – can u imagine the paper needed to sustain 725,000 eager consumers, looking for computer, printers, phones and memory cards ?

Today’s mypaper picked up that in the 45 minutes they were stationed at city hall – no one was checked – when carrying their IT Show Singapore goodies home – so homeland Security for the first time came into the hugely successful IT SHOW in Singapore.

All that aside – well done to the organisers and see you next year !

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