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Hospitality Leadership Concepts – Strategy, Trust & Creativity

BERJAYA University College of Hospitality (BERJAYA UCH) believes that every student and colleague has the potential to be successful! The roots of our belief run deep, based on the foundations of teamwork, creativity, and an berjaya open mindset. Success comes from being a leader that knows how to be a good team player.

Contrary to the stereotypical myths often propagated, the forefront of the business battlefield is not merely about the leader charging forward alone, but together with the strategy of the team surging creatively to overcome the enemy. Armed with the ability to harbour trust, generate creative mindsets, and rally the joint efforts of a team, the leader emerges as the successful team player who can deliver results for what was promised.

Also, to be a leader, especially through constantly changing circumstances, one needs to think creatively. And what do we mean by creativity? Many consider “creative” people to be “lucky” people – in that, they always get “flashes of inspiration” as if it is a talent they are born with. Instead, we believe that luck is actually the meeting point between “timing” and “preparation”. One cannot control timing but one can control preparation. So, even though leaders cannot control the circumstances around them, they can certainly prepare themselves, their teams and their organization to capture the right opportunity when it comes. Thus, creative leaders prepare as much “groundwork” as possible – learning continuously, promoting the right team culture for risk and change, cultivating a keen sense of vigilant awareness of the circumstances around them. Then, when the right moment comes, the leader and the team are ready to creatively take on the challenges ahead. As the saying goes, “Fortune favours the prepared mind.”

With an open mindset, BERJAYA UCH believes that a leader must be able to view multiple perspectives so they can wisely choose the right tools to conquer obstacles. That is why we offer students our unique BERJAYA Immersion Methodology. This tried and true teaching methodology is based on the ‘Learning by Doing’ principle – which allows students to think critically, communicate effectively, work productively and manage professionally through actively engaging problems, obstacles and opportunities at hand. In other words, BERJAYA UCH frees students from conventional thinking within the four walls of a classroom to opening up their minds so they see a world of endless problem-solving opportunities.

Equipped with this strong foundation of teamwork, creativity and an open mindset, BERJAYA UCH is confident that our colleagues and graduates are ready to take on the challenges of the leadership role in the hospitality industry with great success!

What thoughts do you have for Leadship as it relates to Hospitality ?

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think Immersion Education as it relates to Hospitality…

What does it mean… “in traditional educational instituitons that do not apply the immersion methodology, it is just learning theories in classes and that is it. however in the application of this methodology, the classroom is expanded in the sense that it “throws” the students directly into the industry itself whereby they apply the knowledge that they learn to polish up their skills. in other words it is the application of theories in the practical world as hospitality is not a “book” industry it is a “practical” industry. beyond books it is also the exposure to the environment as well as it is vital that the environment reflects what the students are learning. imagine students learning medicine who do all thier learning in a classroom but when they go into an operating theatre, they are unable to apply the knowledge they have learned .. same concept. i hope this answers your query in the immersion methodology.”

Shiela from the hospitality matters group on facebook believes it is the above… what are you thoughts – visit http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=180280445509 to voice an opinion…


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