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Metaverse One: Virtual Worlds Roadmap

Led by Victoria Coleman and Sibley Verbeck, representatives from IBM, Intel, Samsung, Stanford, Sun, Web3D Consortium, and other companies discussed the roadmap for the group and broke into working groups to focus on future applications for virtual worlds. The groups focused on applications for the health industry, entertainment, enterprise, and museums.

via Metaverse One: Virtual Worlds Roadmap.

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Live from DMfest 2008 Singapore – Web 2.0 & Building Online Communities

First up is Aroon Tan – Managing Director & Co-founder of Magma  Studios – they build virtual worlds for companies – come on down Microsoft’s evangelist Jonathan Wong – his  5 minute demo begins now -he is nort promoting silverlight really he is not i think he has said silverlight 5 times – 6 his demo is on mobtv – he very funny – in context advertising to monetise your community – he is pushing his time limit – with his TOY F1 Girls – Ok Jonathan – till next time – come on S.P. Raja – from big blue IBM Technology Architect – important Lesson – Get ready to believe in the impossible – BuzzCity CEO Lai Kok Fung – Mobile Internet consumers using mobile devices as their primary device for the internet. India is used as country where people are accessing the internet with mobile phones – most have nvere used a computer.

BuzzCity is Buzzing…..

Hu Shunjie  from Seesmic – video platform to create conversations with video ! Community 2.0 – Video is most useful fr those with disabilities.

Another pitch from Microsoft – Windows Live is being rebuilt ! Facebook is a communications company not a social network – 18billion industry for virtual products – new industry arriving to trade virtual products – First Meta – Virtual Credit Card – for virtual and real goods


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Citizens of the (virtual) world – itsReal

Barrack Obama in his speech in Germany – Heralded – People of the World, we are all citizens of the world he said.

Connecting to people all over the world is becoming more real everyday and technologies that are spawning within and from virtual worlds make these connections tangible and REAL.

The hype that surrounded Second Life has diminished – hype can last for so long, however because of the hype entrepreneurs the life blood of business innovation, have seized the opportunities that Second Life offered and are now delivering platforms, applications and services that lead to global citizens working intimately together across distances that previously were unimaginable.

Fully animated avatars that have been perceived as impostors, pretenders of who they really are, are being replaced with Fully Animated Avatars of who you really are, if in business then who you are on LinkedIn, if more social, then who you are on Facebook. One such platform is Twinity

It is now time for Business, corporates companies all over the world to realize that Virtual World Technology is Real, Virtual Worlds coupled with Web 2.0 social applications and existing technologies are allowing for connectivity that could mean less travel, less cost, less time away from families, less harm to the environment, even less fatigue.

I recently was told of how IBM’s implementation of virtual worlds within IBM had achieved greater collaboration and I can only conclude that this has lead to alot less expenditure by IBM and decisions made faster, without the need to travel away from love ones.

Victor Keegan of The Guardian wrote an article titled We’ll all be citizens of the virtual world he concluded with….

Virtual worlds are only just beginning. During a period of financial collapse and worries about global warming, they could prove an ideal safe haven.

I suggest to you virtual wolds have begun – time is now for business to embrace and not wait.

You can be a real citizen in a Virtual World.


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IBM erects KEEP OUT SIGNS – in regions of Second Life

No Welcome mats – but Security and Stability will be offered to those that are Invited In.

IBM said Wednesday it would become the first company to host private regions of the virtual world Second Life on its own computer servers.

The project is in testing and will go live within several weeks. It marks a new focus by Second Life‘s parent company, Linden Lab, on providing software and services to corporate customers who want to use the virtual world for collaboration and teleconferencing.

IBM employees will be able to move freely between the public areas of Second Life and private areas hosted behind IBM’s corporate firewall.

This will enable the company to have sensitive discussions and disclose proprietary information without having the data pass through the servers of privately held Linden Lab.

Read More : CNET

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Turkish companies will rise on Second Life in 2008 – itsReal

Turkish companies begin to show interest in the Internet portal Second Life, where international giants like IBM, Microsoft, Adidas, Sony and Intel are prevalent. Vestel took the first step into the world of Second Life and was followed by Remax, Rixos, Garanti Emeklilik and Tefken

The newest trend among companies is the Internet-based virtual world Second Life (SL), which has 11 million addicts worldwide. From durable goods to IT, insurance to real estate, everything related to actual trade and the real business world also exists on SL. While international giants like IBM, Microsoft, Adidas, Sony and Intel are dominant in SL, Turkish companies have also started to catch on.

Read More: Turkish Daily News

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RoundUp: Second Life – Supermodel, real estate options, skytran sim, vBiz, colgate smile, architecture – itsReal

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Google News Alert for: “Second Life”

Second Life finds new customers
Malaysia Sun – Malaysia
The Second Life virtual computer world, in which users can create characters representing themselves, has had a dramatic shift.
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