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qantas to shed 1500 jobs brings back memories – itsReal

APLINK is Born in Sheep Country 100% New Zealand, however whilst being a kiwi is also special, I became an Australian many years ago – at the time Qantas came out with some moving commercials written by Australian entertainer Peter Allen promoting Australia to its Citizens and those aspiring to travel to Australia’s Unique Land – here are a few – the Kids versions to me being the most impactful –

Kids Television Commercial – Long Version

TVC – Football Theme

Updated 2007 Version – I still Call Australia Home

Australia’s famous Stars Sing – I still Call Australia Home

Pictorial Australia – I still Call Australia Home

Well that was my walk down memory lane makes me homesick – BUT can someone somewhere find and fix the rising fuel costs, as consumers and like the 1500 people at Qantas now without a job – how much more of this needs to happen – all pricing just keeps going up – even Singapore which used to be an affordable destination is faced with rising prices – the latest yesterday being a 0.30 taxi surcharge for fuel – where will that surcharge end up now that it has been introduced ?


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