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Miss Tattoo Asia – Final Call

Seeking women who are comfortable with expressing and showing their sensuality through an alternate type of beauty, the type of beauty that separates all traditional rules! With a platform for you to make a statement steering away from the stereotypical way of female beauty, this contest is especially for tattooed women who would like to showcase their tattoos in pursuit for a new idea of sensuality in the female gender.

Do you stand out in crowds and feel confident with your tattoos? Do you possess a personality that is as bold as you look? If you do, we WANT you! Show us what you are made of.

First Prize
* Cash: $1,000.00
* Free Photo Shoot session with your tattoo.
* Published Shoot opportunities in Magazine(s).
* Product giveaways.

see website for 2nd & 3rd Prizes.

ALL finalists will win a stunning Brazilain Bikini http://www.mybikini-sg.com/store.php

In order to compete, you must be at least 18 years of age, female, and have your body tattooed. Contest is only open to all female residents of Singapore and in all parts of Asia. The top 10 contestants to be selected must be able to travel to Singapore to the show to compete.

So if you think you have what it takes, show it and flaunt it!

Rules of Competition

* Competition will take place on Sunday, 10th January 2010.
* The competition will be judged in swimwear outfits.
* You will be judged by a panel of judges.
* The 10 finalists will each receive a 3 Day Pass that will allow them access to the Show.
* You must be a female over 18 years old to enter the competition.
* All travel expenses are at your own costs and arrangements if you are not a local finalist.
* A maximum of 4 photo submission is required from you to enter the competition.
* Photo Criteria:
o 1 close up view of your tattoo
o 1 close up view of yourself with your tattoo
o 1 close up view of your front face
o 1 full length view of yourself

* Submissions of above photos and a photocopy of your ID are to be sent to debra@tattoo.com.sg / apglobal@gmail.com for registration.
Your submission should reach us by december 15th 2009

Other Event news:

NEWS UPDATES – Singapore Tattoo Show – Tat2 2010

– Early bird tickets ending on 30th Nov.

– Citibank members extend to 6th Jan with promo code “STS2010”.

– Book your tattoo appointments with artists early. How to book a tattoo appt?

o Contact artist via their email direct to book schedule at show. Be patient as most artists are packed with bookings and artists are normally booked prior to show.

o Pricing is quoted by individual artists and varies.

o Organizer does not take bookings on behalf of artists.

For more details, visit the FAQ at http://tattoo.com.sg/faqs.html.


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