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Grab your http://myname.yonkly.com url now before it goes

The considerable rise in twitter activity that has occured over recent weeks validates the SMS styled micro blogging market racing around the globe at the moment.

If you haven’t heard of yonkly before, then let me make it simple – yonkly is like Ning, except without most of the need to fill in the sometimes time consuming profile needs some of the ning community owners seek.


Yonkly’s popularity keeps growing ever day so if you want to grab your own name on the yonkly network visit http://yonkly.com now and secure it – yonkly is a free microblogging service yet also lets you monetize your network like ning does, for a small fee.

If you have also ever wanted to run your own network on Recipes, Pets, Classifieds, jobs or some other generic term or niche – head on over to Yonkly and grab it….

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Niche Microblogging Platform First To Integrate With Twitter

Yonkly.com allows anyone to create a high-end, personalized microblog


Singapore. – With Twitter growing at an incredible rate, users can easily get lost in a sea of micro posts. Yonkly.com is the first website to allow users to cut through the clutter and create personalized microblogs that integrate with Twitter.

Users simply type in their network name, create an account and they’re ready to go. Eventually, Yonkly.com will be integrated with all major microblogging platforms, allowing everyone to post messages in one place. Currently, Yonkly has a SAAS business model; they also hope to release an open-source version of Yonkly soon.

Designed by dot net programmer, Emad Ibrahim, the site allows people to design their own microblogging platform from a custom design, character length, question and domain name.

More than 3,000 people have quietly been using Yonkly during the sites development stages. Numerous sites enable users to create a microblog; however what differentiates Yonkly from the rest are focus and quality. This is immediately observed through the platform’s architectures and integration with multiple services.

Our goal was to develop a fast, feature-rich, world-class platform,” said Ibrahim. “I think the major problem that other platforms are encountering is quality. They’ve chosen the ‘launch fast at all cost’ philosophy. We could have launched six months earlier, but chose to really research and understand our users’ needs.”

Many speculate that Yonkly’s early success stems not only from the popularity of microblogging, but because of what the site represents –control, knowledge and community.


We want our users to cultivate a community of bloggers revolving around personalized platforms. There’s a lot of noise on the net and we pride ourselves on enabling knowledge, not noise,” said Ibrahim.

Microblogging popularity is growing exponentially with Twitter hitting over 14 million unique visitors in March 2009.

According to Erick Schonfeld of Techcrunch.com, “Twitter is having its hockey stick moment in terms of its growth just shooting up. Last week it may have delivered its billionth Tweet, at least nominally. And it looks like it is approaching escape velocity.”

Yonkly has developed a niche among microbloggers. The online sector is continuing to grow and it should be a fun ride for all entities involved.

Links: http://yonkly.com

Yonkly is a niche microblogging platform, started by Emad Ibrahim as a side-project based on ASP.NET MVC. It is one of the first projects developed with early preview releases of ASP.NET MVC..

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