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The More You Know – NBC Message To All

Taking over this blog after my best friend passed away, is not an easy choice to make. I have received quite a bit of mixed reactions. Personally, I think it is the right thing to do. I am not out to take over his place in the cyberspace, all I wanted to do is to share information, like I have always done when he was still around. In fact Andrew Peters profile will always be in this blog, in honour of the guy that started it all. This will always be his blog and I am just continuing what he had started.

I’m doing things a little differently nowadays, instead of passing on articles to him to post, I am actually doing the writing and the posting.

For this post, in memory of someone close to me, and coincidentally, NBC has released a newly revised campaign named “The More You Know“. It website of friendly reminder to look after yourselves. Please visit it and think about how it can affect you and your loved ones.

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Cholesterol Talk! Blog Introduces New Guest Blogger, Lim Lay Beng – TCM Physician from Singapore

Cholesterol Talk! Blog Introduces New Guest Blogger, Lim Lay Beng – TCM Physician from Singapore

Guest blogger Lim Lay Beng, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physician to blog and share about heart and cholesterol related information on Cholesterol Talk! blog (http://yourheartyourlife.com) and Cholesterol Talk! (http://hypocol.ning.com) community.


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Global Release, August 14 2008, ASIApharm Private Limited (Singapore) is proud to introduce a guest blogger on our Cholesterol Talk! Blog (http://yourheartyourlife.com ) – a blog dedicated to share and introduce natural therapeutic ways to reduce cholesterol levels through the use of red yeast rice and healthy lifestyle choices. The guest blogger will also appearing on ASIAPharm’s Hypocol sponsored community, Cholesterol Talk! (http://hypocol.ning.com)

Ms Lim Lay Beng our new guest blogger has a wealth of experience, and specializes in the field of Internal Medicine, Acupuncture and Orthopaedic Trauma, with special focus on Metabolic Syndrome (high blood pressure, high Cholesterol, Diabetic and obesity), Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Tumour and kidney. Ms Lim also works with many patients suffering from reproductive endocrine issues, basic infertility, menopause and osteoporosis. She is bilingual in Chinese and English.

Cholesterol Talk! Blog Introduces New Guest Blogger, Lim Lay Beng – TCM Physician from Singapore.


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A new kind of IT Emerges – itsReal

Pitch to the possible presidents of the united states – inspiring

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Disabled People get a Second Life – itsReal

SL can be a Social network for those confined to thier homes due to the disabilities offering them a new life a Second Life

clipped from www.reuters.com

Disabled could think their way around Second Life

TOKYO (Reuters) – People with severe paralysis could find new opportunities from shopping to doing business or making new friends in the virtual world of Second Life by just thinking about it, if experiments being conducted by a Japanese university bear fruit.

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