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The Geeks Guide to World Domination – itsReal

Ponder if you will: yesterday’s geek was defined by a dysfunctionally high IQ, a Dungeons & Dragons character of double-digit level, and a perpetual wedgie; today’s geek still kicks ass at Scrabble and designs iPhone apps in her spare time, but here’s the thing—today this stuff is cool. We all want to be the geek with 500+ Facebook friends. We all want to be/date/snog Violet Blue. Geek is the new chic, and even the most socially well-balanced citizens want to join the club.

But how, dammit, how!

The GEEKS’ GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION: Be Afraid, Beautiful People, that’s how. This must-have guide to empowering your inner geek is comprised of 314.15 usable secrets, allowing you to know what your condescending IT guy knows and thus achieve geek nirvana.

via Garth Sundem’s Official Website · Sorry, beautiful people. These days, from government to business to technology to Hollywood, geeks rule the world..

Singapore’s Premier Business Lounge – Geek Terminal

Geek Terminal is Singapore’s one-stop Premier Business Lounge which empowers business or working professionals to compete and succeed in the New Economy through innovative technology infrastructure and full suite of business services. Geek Terminal links and like-minded professionals to connect to new business avenues.

Built specifically for business travellers, mobile executives, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a place to meet, socialize, work on their laptops and have a great cup of coffee and food – with full access to state-of-the-art business facilities all within reach e.g. private meeting rooms, video and tele-conferencing, business centre services, with free high-speed wireless internet access and power point at every seat to charge your gadgets.

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Mark Zuckerberg 24 on the cover of FORTUNE – itsReal

How would you monetize Facebook and at the same time keep membership growing and keep existing members happy about what you want to implement ?

Read on…

Pick up March’s copy of Fortune Magazine and you will see Mark Zuckerberg Founder & CEO of FACEBOOK


Magazine’s scream at you with images of entertainers & pop stars, get away holiday’s and gourmet food in the hope that you will pick them up and head to the cash register, however Mark is neither BUT the Geek in me immediately grabbed my copy and like a seeker of true knowlegde i dashed to the 7/11 cash register to purchase.

How many other “Geek Styled” humans did the same as me?

Mark sitting pretty on 175 million facebook members,has to be one of the Internet ‘s “miracles” so many others have dreamed of creating the holy grail but is the reality different in that Internet Holy Grails come with FAME but not mark-zuckerberg2Fortune… the article suggest at one point that facebook pulled in an estimated $280 million in revenue but an un-named source (wink) close to the company said it didn’t break even – ouch when on paper facebook is valued at $15 billion or is it $3.7 billion.

Mark’s initial idea (after his mashface) was to create the worlds largest digital phone book, today his aspirations are that facebook will become the phone itself without the creepy avatars,  I assume he is taking a dig at Second Life and their sometimes creepy avatars 🙂 BTW Twinity avatars are real…

The article delves into monetization of facebook and no one, even its part owner Microsoft, is hasty to complain about anything it seems & after all Microsoft is implementing facebook styled features in its new operating system OS 7.

Now if you are a beginner with facebook there is a full page profile tour for you to get the hang of things and if your’re trying to encourage your granny to get into facebook – just tell her the fastest growing demographic are woman aged 55 and over – stats reveal a jump of 175% since September 2008.

I flaunted the cover of fortune magazine as I walked back into the Geek Terminal with immediate exclamations from the females of how could I get them introduced to him, whilst the male fraternity asked if Mark was my son or was that me on the front cover, comments found frequently in facebook itself, random zitty, commonplace content & immeasurable babble all of which obviously we humans whether GEEKS or not need an outlet to express ourselves no matter our age or sex.

Congrats MARK for your achievements to date – keep building.


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