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would it be the same at starbucks, NO

I checked in at the Geek Terminal this morning at around 11am, this is kinda not unusal as most of you will know – people think it is my office, well a guess a travelling social media guy like me needs to have somewhere…

But as i was havin a break it suddenly dawned on me why I choose to take up space at Geek Terminal and not anywhere else…

so in order of importance here are my reasons:

  1. other like minded and clever entrepreneurs come here (already 5 of these people have chatted to me in 2.6 hrs of being here)
  2. Word of Mouth – the potential of other people hearing about mine and their projects in each of our social circles is immense
  3. the potential business opportunites that may materialise from taking up a spot at Geek Terminal on a near daily basis is up to you as everyone is friendly
  4. the FREE access to internet, power (everywhere) and smiles from the service team can’t be beat elsewhere
  5. it’s more fun than being in my isolated office 馃檪

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I won’t tell you the naked truth about world wide rave

I won’t tell you why a massive amount of the population who should read David’s book never will…

I won’t tell you the secrets in world wide rave as ALOT of people already know them, the ones who have the book…

I won’t tell you why the book is like carrot cake with extra icing…

world_wide_raveI won’t tell you how you may change once you participate in social media…

I won’t tell you about the ordinary people who have created massively successful world wide raves…

I won’t tell you how a world wide rave will change the life of a CEO…

I won’t tell you how being naked could generate a world wide rave…

I won’t tell what happens when you lose control…

I won’t tell you how being negative leads to positives…

I won’t tell you if David Meerman Scott is real…

I won’t tell you why social media makes you quit your job…

I won’t tell you how聽 to discover your virtual self…

I won’t tell why millions of people would spread your ideas willing…

I won’t tell what it means to put done roots…

I won’t tell you the naked truth about world wide rave – itsReal

Book Review: World Wide Rave Author: David Meerman Scott http://worldwiderave.com

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Sneak preview of next release of OrSiSo – itsReal

Connect to your friends on your favorite social networks.


OrSiSo currently supports: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendster, Twitter, AIM, MSN Messenger & Yahoo! Messenger.

Sneak preview of next release of OrSiSohttp://orsiso.com


Just 2 weeks after OrSiSo’s launch they are now ready with their next release. OrSiSo have listened to their fans, beta users, & in paricular ReadWriteWeb鈥檚 mini review. The release is due to be available now.

To begin, for those keenly utlising twitter, OrSiSo have upgraded OrSiSo鈥檚 Twitter interface.

All the most asked for features have been added including; * 路 Search * 路 Multiple columns * o Direct Messages * o Replies * o Friends * o +search columns * 路 Filter by closeness * 路 Display twitpics directly in the UI * 路 Refresh on demand

Secondly, the social media tool application developer has made changes to the navigation with the aim to make it easier to move between the powerful features of OrSiSo. The company realizes there is still work to be done and over the coming releases they will focus on making all the functions more intuitive to navigate.

Finally, OrSiSo is working on a Social 鈥淩adar鈥 view鈥 that will give the user a totally new way of overlooking his/her social universe! More details on this will be released soon. OrSiSo is now on Twitter: http://twitter.com/orsiso

Previously on OrSiSo: https://aplink.wordpress.com/2009/04/02/orsiso-the-newest-social-networking-tool-wins-award/


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Let’s Talk about Coffee at Geek Terminal Singapore

Let’s Talk about CoffeeGeek Terminal Coffee Course The”coffee talk” will demystify you the art and science of making a cup of heart-warming specialty brewed coffee. There are three modules of the coffee courses which promised to enlighten, enrich and enhance coffee-lover who wants to know more about coffee and skills needed as a barista. These three modules will bring you the barista experience that teaches you how to identify all the key variables that go into making coffee, then moves on to combining all of those variables together to make excellent specialty coffee.


Course Leader
Danny Pang has been with the coffee industry since mid 2005. He started his coffee career with a US Multi-National Corporation with 100,000 accounts worldwide. He was instrumental in setting up the coffee business for US Foodservice Company in the region, with mainly 5-star hotels in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. Over the tenure, Danny received his certification as a TAFE certified barista from Coffee Academy. Currently, he is also a certified Barista and an authorised trainer with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). He continues to share his passion and knowledge of coffee and barista skills in the above courses conducted at Geek Terminal.

For more information, please email to danny @geekterminal.com


Geek Terminal – Certified Member of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe 2008 & 2009

Facebook logo Geek Terminal on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=32611824413

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Metaversum and Twinity has been elected a Red Herring 100 Europe Winner 2009

With its 3D online world Twinity.com, Metaversum is one of the 100 most promising private technology companies in Europe

Singapore, April 8, 2009 鈥 Red Herring announced that the company Metaversum has been elected a Red Herring 100 Europe Winner for its 3D online world Twinity. This award is given annually to the top 100 private technology enterprises headquartered in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.


“We feel honored to receive the Red Herring 100 Europe award. This clearly confirms our vision of a 3D world based on real cities, allowing real people to interact and communicate with each other.鈥 says Metaversum CEO Jochen Hummel. “Twinity is coming alive through our partners, including Cinestar, Berlin.de, Zitty, Be.Berlin, Bigpoint, Sony Pictures, the city of Singapore, Geek Terminal Singapore, The Digital Movement (TDM) and many others. Together with our users, they are filling our vision of a real 3D world with life.”


This nomination as one of the top 100 ground-breaking technology companies proves that, with its innovative concept of real 3D cities inhabited by a real 3D community, Metaversum offers a trend-setting contribution towards the three-dimensional web: Twinity’s realistic 3D replicas of international metropolises enable internet user from all over the world to communicate and interact with each other in a whole new way. It鈥檚 a place for real people to share experiences online in a familiar environment.

twins twins_05 twins_03

Red Herring’s list of top private businesses is an important guide to identifying new and innovative technology companies. In their early years, enterprises such as Google, eBay, and Skype were recognized by Red Herring editors as significant concepts, likely to alter the way we live and work. To pick the winners, Red Herring’s editorial staff evaluated several hundred enterprises according to strict standards, including thorough analysis of financial data and subjective criteria such as management quality, implementation of strategies, and effort in the area of research and development. The virtual world of Twinity is currently in the open Beta phase. At http://www.twinity.com, you can register for free and explore the 3D world.

About Red Herring:

Red Herring is a global media enterprise that provides a network for the world’s foremost developers, investors and economic decision makers through various platforms: a market-leading magazine presenting new developments, daily online news from the hi-tech sector, newsletters, and major events for executive managers from all over the world. Red Herring offers insider knowledge regarding the global innovation economy, with a unique outlook on up-and-coming technologies. For further information, please visit www.redherring.com.

About Metaversum and Twinity:

Metaversum develops and operates the 3D online world of Twinity, pursuing the vision of closely connecting the real world with the virtual one. The most exciting metropolises of our planet, starting with Berlin, are being replicated to scale and made virtually accessible. Other cities will follow soon. With their personal avatar, Twinity members get to virtually explore real cities, move into their own 3D homes, communicate, work, and get creative with friends, or simply have fun! Twinity offers enterprises innovative opportunities for market presence in virtual real cities with genuine people. Direct and emotional digital dialog with target groups will be possible through virtual shops, real 3D representation, in-world advertising campaigns, or product placement at virtual events. Twinity is currently in the open Beta phase. Metaversum, founded in July 2006, and financed by leading VCs, has offices in Berlin, Kiev, and Singapore. For more information, please visit www.metaversum.com and www.twinity.com.

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It’s a Who’s Who that drops by Geek Terminal this week

It is no secret that APLINK is working with the Geek Terminal on Some projects in social media and events however it amazes me each week who can be found droppin in to Singapore’s only cafe, where you dont need to fight over access for power to keep your laptop charged & that also has reliable FREE wifi access.

This week Mobile Monday started the week聽 with their Peer Awards and an A list of judges graced the networking event….

Nokia – Kenny Mathers, Head Forum Nokia (APAC),聽

Yahoo! – Matthias Kunze, MD & GM

MMA – Rohit Dadwal, MD Asia-Pacific

MEF – Joerg Krahnert, MEF Asia/Netbiscuits

Microsoft – Chris Chandler, Head of Mobile, Online Services Division

RIM – Gregory Wade, Regional Vice-President

CocoaHeads Singapore – Eric Dunivant, Founder

Startups – who where at the event

Next Gen LBS – Human Network Labs
GenTalk – Intregen
Mobile Cloud Service – LMobility
Location Based Social Networking – myWobile
OrSiSo – Aureliant
Driving Mobile Intelligence – Smoov Technologies
Targeted Advertising – InCent Media
Celcius V5 – Mobile Distillery
Mobile GeoCast – Nano Equipment
Stickkey – Fast Innovations Asia
Mobile Commerce Solution – Venture Manufacturing
WaveSecure – tenCube
winners on the night were OrSiSo & WaveSecure – congrats !!

My mate JC from eyeka was there plus some media -also the new RICE PR agency led by Sonya made an entrance with some great looking business cards 馃檪
Aaron from Brandtology and I met over coffee and our upcoming Breakfast Rave event
Yesterday, i meet up with 5 awesome IBM people 3 were from Canada and Hannah from the UK and Peng Han Singpore – a nice Virtual chat, then 2 very cool people dropped by who聽 i will be working with on a secret project…
Did i mention I ran into Illke who was busy with her clients…
also…the lovely estelle from the casino royale elegantly perched sipping coffee over her Sony Laptop….
Today,聽 Jason Puon from Significant Ranking a very cool Malaysian SEO company has just dropped by from KL to meet with me 馃檪
who else will drop by – by weeks end – maybe YOU

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OrSiSo the newest social networking tool – wins AWARD

Aureliant, the company behind OrSiSo, the newest social networking tool, has won a prestigious Asian industry award. OrSiSo aggregates and simplifies multiple social networking sites through one easy to use application available both on PC and on Mobile.

orsisoFounder and CEO Thorben Linneberg, said, 鈥淭his system helps you organize and simplify your online social life; giving you back the time needed to socialize with your closest friends whilst keeping in touch with everyone across all your social networks. We expect to see exceptional growth in 2009 and 2010.鈥


OrSiSo has won the Mobile Monday award for best startup held at Geek Terminal on May 30th. The award aims to reward and recognise the exciting innovations emanating from the local mobile industry. It also aims to build and showcase the innovations from various individual developers that bring status-quo-challenging new ideas that reinvents the mobile industry, while providing visibility on the global stage to investors, customers, the media and business partners.

The jury consisted of some serious senior players in the Asian mobile industry:

Nokia – Kenny Mathers, Head Forum Nokia (APAC)

Yahoo! – Matthias Kunze, MD & GM

MMA – Rohit Dadwal, MD Asia-Pacific

MEF – Joerg Krahnert, MEF Asia/Netbiscuits

Microsoft – Chris Chandler, Head of Mobile, Online Services Division

RIM – Gregory Wade, Regional Vice-President

CocoaHeads Singapore – Eric Dunivant, Founder

To find out more about OrSiSo, check out www.orsiso.com. You can download the application and be connected to all your social networks in a matter of minutes, it runs on PC, Mac and Linux.


Read more about the award on the Mobile Monday website.
For more details about OrSiSo, please contact us at info@orsiso.com


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The Geeks Guide to World Domination – itsReal

Ponder if you will: yesterday鈥檚 geek was defined by a dysfunctionally high IQ, a Dungeons & Dragons character of double-digit level, and a perpetual wedgie; today鈥檚 geek still kicks ass at Scrabble and designs iPhone apps in her spare time, but here鈥檚 the thing鈥攖oday this stuff is cool. We all want to be the geek with 500+ Facebook friends. We all want to be/date/snog Violet Blue. Geek is the new chic, and even the most socially well-balanced citizens want to join the club.

But how, dammit, how!

The GEEKS鈥 GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION: Be Afraid, Beautiful People, that鈥檚 how. This must-have guide to empowering your inner geek is comprised of 314.15 usable secrets, allowing you to know what your condescending IT guy knows and thus achieve geek nirvana.

via Garth Sundem’s Official Website 路 Sorry, beautiful people. These days, from government to business to technology to Hollywood, geeks rule the world..

Singapore鈥檚 Premier Business Lounge – Geek Terminal

Geek Terminal is Singapore鈥檚 one-stop Premier Business Lounge which empowers business or working professionals to compete and succeed in the New Economy through innovative technology infrastructure and full suite of business services. Geek Terminal links and like-minded professionals to connect to new business avenues.

Built specifically for business travellers, mobile executives, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a place to meet, socialize, work on their laptops and have a great cup of coffee and food 鈥 with full access to state-of-the-art business facilities all within reach e.g. private meeting rooms, video and tele-conferencing, business centre services, with free high-speed wireless internet access and power point at every seat to charge your gadgets.

Join the聽 Facebook Group: Geek Terminal Singapore

Click the LOGO


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A night for tech start-ups in Singapore | Techgoondu

Techgoondu at Geek Terminal Singapore

Start-ups who presented include: (see original post for links)

* Twinity (Jeremy Snyder): a 3D online-world that replicates real world cities in a virtual environment. The city of Berlin has already been launched, and both London and Singapore will be up later this year. According to Jeremy, they have about a 100,000 sign-ups since the launch of Twinity in September last year in 2008.

* Brandtology (Aaron Koh): a social media monitoring start-up that help companies makes sense of the big bad web by mining sentiments from it. Brandtology is founded by CEO Eddie Chao, who previously incubated managed security services player e-Cop that was acquired by Temasek in 2007.

* Makeaffinity (Thomas Tan): ever wanted to control robots over the internet to slug it out in a death match? Now you can with Makeaffinity鈥檚 robot sharing platform, which allows folks to play with and make web robots without much programming whatsoever.

* 2359 Media (Hong Ting and Wenhan): founded by a trio of passionate entrepreneurs who just finished their NUS studies and a stint in Silicon Valley. 2359 Media is an advertising platform for mobile phones utilizing location based services.

* Jorbb (Shen Heng): Most job advertising portals cater to the white-collar worker. Shen wanted to create a portal specifically for blue-collar workers 鈥 part-timers, trade promoters, temp staff 鈥 and Jorbb is the result.

* Neat Co (Sarabjit Singh): Neat co, a small US company with a second office in Singapore, was the only physical tech appliance company amongst the presenters. Showcased was their contextually aware OCR reader, a smart scanning solution for receipts and the like.

* Phokki (Sean Seah): And lastly, Phokki, a start-up which turns your photos into works of art via a platform that links artists to end users directly. I鈥檝e written a post on Phokki before.

We had a couple of other start-ups who didn鈥檛 present like seemeCV and Airvert. Not to worry. Due to good interest in this first event from anecdotal feedback (thanks to those who gave theirs!), the Techgoondus will think about running this on a semi-regular basis once in a few months. Will keep you readers posted if we do run this again. Meanwhile, if you鈥檙e interested in ideas on this front, feel free to drop me an email.

via A night for tech start-ups in Singapore | Techgoondu.


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Dan Poynter Breakfast Talk @ Geek Terminal

Have you ever thought of writing just a small book on your profile, to promote and brand yourself?
Many of the great speakers and trainers have done it.

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
Anthony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within.
Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich.
Adam Khoo – I’m Gifted So Are You..

A book, whether it is about fiction, or your family history or roots, or about yourself and your expertise, can be a very strong promotion communication tool for people to get to know you even, before they do any business with you.

For more info: http://tinyurl.com/d38tfu

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