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Let’s Talk about Coffee at Geek Terminal Singapore

Let’s Talk about CoffeeGeek Terminal Coffee Course The”coffee talk” will demystify you the art and science of making a cup of heart-warming specialty brewed coffee. There are three modules of the coffee courses which promised to enlighten, enrich and enhance coffee-lover who wants to know more about coffee and skills needed as a barista. These three modules will bring you the barista experience that teaches you how to identify all the key variables that go into making coffee, then moves on to combining all of those variables together to make excellent specialty coffee.


Course Leader
Danny Pang has been with the coffee industry since mid 2005. He started his coffee career with a US Multi-National Corporation with 100,000 accounts worldwide. He was instrumental in setting up the coffee business for US Foodservice Company in the region, with mainly 5-star hotels in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. Over the tenure, Danny received his certification as a TAFE certified barista from Coffee Academy. Currently, he is also a certified Barista and an authorised trainer with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). He continues to share his passion and knowledge of coffee and barista skills in the above courses conducted at Geek Terminal.

For more information, please email to danny @geekterminal.com


Geek Terminal – Certified Member of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe 2008 & 2009

Facebook logo Geek Terminal on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=32611824413

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A night for tech start-ups in Singapore | Techgoondu

Techgoondu at Geek Terminal Singapore

Start-ups who presented include: (see original post for links)

* Twinity (Jeremy Snyder): a 3D online-world that replicates real world cities in a virtual environment. The city of Berlin has already been launched, and both London and Singapore will be up later this year. According to Jeremy, they have about a 100,000 sign-ups since the launch of Twinity in September last year in 2008.

* Brandtology (Aaron Koh): a social media monitoring start-up that help companies makes sense of the big bad web by mining sentiments from it. Brandtology is founded by CEO Eddie Chao, who previously incubated managed security services player e-Cop that was acquired by Temasek in 2007.

* Makeaffinity (Thomas Tan): ever wanted to control robots over the internet to slug it out in a death match? Now you can with Makeaffinity’s robot sharing platform, which allows folks to play with and make web robots without much programming whatsoever.

* 2359 Media (Hong Ting and Wenhan): founded by a trio of passionate entrepreneurs who just finished their NUS studies and a stint in Silicon Valley. 2359 Media is an advertising platform for mobile phones utilizing location based services.

* Jorbb (Shen Heng): Most job advertising portals cater to the white-collar worker. Shen wanted to create a portal specifically for blue-collar workers — part-timers, trade promoters, temp staff — and Jorbb is the result.

* Neat Co (Sarabjit Singh): Neat co, a small US company with a second office in Singapore, was the only physical tech appliance company amongst the presenters. Showcased was their contextually aware OCR reader, a smart scanning solution for receipts and the like.

* Phokki (Sean Seah): And lastly, Phokki, a start-up which turns your photos into works of art via a platform that links artists to end users directly. I’ve written a post on Phokki before.

We had a couple of other start-ups who didn’t present like seemeCV and Airvert. Not to worry. Due to good interest in this first event from anecdotal feedback (thanks to those who gave theirs!), the Techgoondus will think about running this on a semi-regular basis once in a few months. Will keep you readers posted if we do run this again. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in ideas on this front, feel free to drop me an email.

via A night for tech start-ups in Singapore | Techgoondu.


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Dan Poynter Breakfast Talk @ Geek Terminal

Have you ever thought of writing just a small book on your profile, to promote and brand yourself?
Many of the great speakers and trainers have done it.

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
Anthony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within.
Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich.
Adam Khoo – I’m Gifted So Are You..

A book, whether it is about fiction, or your family history or roots, or about yourself and your expertise, can be a very strong promotion communication tool for people to get to know you even, before they do any business with you.

For more info: http://tinyurl.com/d38tfu

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Web Wednesday Singapore Invite Feb 25th 2009 @ Geek Terminal

Web Wednesday Singapore 12.0 – February 25th – Mobile and Web Metrics – Invitation

Dear Digerati

Web Wednesday Welcomes you to the first month of the year of the OX – BULL! A time for new beginnings for strength and optimism and above all a time for insights into the year.
With this in mind, Web Wednesday warmly welcomes Internet measurement guru Will Hodgman from the USA. Will is currently the Executive Vice President for International and M:Metrics for ComScore.
For those of you who look at online advertising, Will was the founder of AdRelevance – the online advertising measurement tool and he was also the founder of the mobile measurement firm, M:Metrics. Will sold M:Metrics to comScore last year and now runs their mobile measurement business as well as comScore’s international business.

Will shall give us a scintillating look at some interesting digital measurement data and insights, hopefully both for mobile and the web.
Web Wednesday Singapore will be held again at the Geek Terminal Singapore (55 Market Street, behind Raffles Place)

NEXT Wednesday, February 25th 2009 from 6:30pm till 8:30pm (although you are always welcome to stay…).

Hope to see you there!

Recent Attendees at web weds @ geek terminal

Recent Attendees at web weds @ geek terminal

About Web Wednesdayhttp://www.webwednesday.com.sg/2008/01/about-web-wednesday-singapore.html

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Why Join E.Factor?

About E.Factor


“E.Factor” stands for “The Entrepreneur Factor” and represents a vibrant online community and virtual marketplace designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs love E.Factor.com because it’s a place where they can focus exclusively on making business connections, negotiating deals, exchanging information, and advertising their products and services.

Comprised of businesspeople and investors across an array of industries around the globe, the E.Factor community is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to increase their brand exposure, establish a network of high quality contacts, and acquire the funding needed to take their enterprise to the next level.

Why Join E.Factor?

Powerful tools at your fingertips. Everything you need for professional business networking is right here!
A dynamic and interactive platform. Ask questions, make referrals, form discussion groups and more.
Basic Membership is FREE. Start networking on E.Factor as soon as today!

Live networking events. E.Factor offers exclusive group discounts and special rates for our members.

Company behind E.Factor

E.Factor was formed in 2007 by Roeland Reinders, Adrie Reinders, and Marion Freijsen – all highly skilled and well-connected entrepreneurs serving Fortune 2000 companies with innovative IT business solutions.

The trio had started work on their second book about Entrepreneurship (Adrie and Marion’s first book, The N Factor, was published earlier in 2007). The website began as a small virtual community where the authors could share info and ask for feedback by other entrepreneurs. It proved to be the beginning of something wonderful: the E.Factor. In time, the group was joined by “serial social networker” Rodney Sampson, and they went on to broaden the scope and function of the site to attract entrepreneurs globally.

With all three founders hailing from OHM, Inc., a global enterprise dedicated to assisting emerging technology companies in selling their products to Fortune 2000 corporations throughout Europe and the United States, E.Factor was founded in the idea that strategic business networking can vastly impact the future of global business and your company’s role in it.

Click here to become an instant member of E.Factor.com!

Click here to learn more about the E.Team

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Breakfast at Geek Terminal Singapore

Geek Terminal is launching FRESH CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST BUFFET on 7 Jan 2009

Facebook Event:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=58259186209


At last an affordable and cool place to have a buffet breakfast – in the CBD of Singapore – starting tomorrow 7th january 8am to 10am – Geek Terminal Singapore will offer a buffet breakfast consisting of a wide variety including egg station, breads, cereals, milk, fresh juices, bee hoon and not forgetting Geek Terminals signature barista-made coffee!

Get out of your hotel, rub shoulders with liked minded entrepreneurs and local businessmen ! enjoy your meetings with hi-speed internet FREE…

Bring your team for an early morning treat and then engage in an effective staff meeting – private rooms available on request.

Best of all START the day with ENERGY – See you at Geek Terminal Singapore.



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GEEK PASS from Geek Terminal Singapore

Get an exclusive identity at Geek Terminal Singapore – Singapore’s Premier Business Lounge in the Heart of the CBD with FREE Hi – SPEED wifi and FREE VoIP international calls

Business Travelers to Singapore check into the Geek Terminal, 55 Market Street Singapore

Geek Pass – your benefits…..

Geek Terminal has quite a few regulars and have been contemplating how they could start a membership program to give these members an identity exclusive to Geek Terminal, and reward these members ever so regularly for their support. The management of Geek Terminal gave themselves 3 criteria to meet;

a. The members must not carry another card. Everyone knows there’s too many cards out there fighting for wallet space. Geek Terminal’s members must NOT need to carry another card or anything extra to what they already have for that matter.

b. Without a card, Geek Terminal’s members’ must still be identifiable and be able to carry that identity as part of their existing daily “must have” accessory.

c. The identity must be able to store value or loyalty points so that Geek Terminal’s members can enjoy immediate benefits when they visit Geek Terminal.

Struggling for a while, the guys at Geek Terminal searched high and low, cracked their brains and finally stumbled on the solution. They sought the manufacturer and finally launched this solution last Wednesday (26 Aug).

Geek Pass

It is obvious to many what it is. Its such a simple idea which eluded many such that Geek Terminal is the first retail F&B outlet to deploy this solution commercially. The Geek Pass is an adhesive based on the e-grip which when pasted on your mobile phone or ipod, allows the device to “Stick” or “hang-on” to your car’s dashboard or any surface at an angle of up to 70 degrees. Not only that, the Geek Pass contains a small RFID chip that can store the member’s basic contact information and preferences. Third, the Geek Pass acts like a MRT card which enables its members to store or top up value in the card for expenditure at Geek Terminal. With this simple adhesive, Geek Terminal basically “TAGs” their members. The members can stick this adhesive to the back of their mobile phone. I stuck mine on my new white coloured E71 as below:


What a match! Now that I am “tagged”, all I need to do is tap my phone on the Stick Key reader and voila! I can pay for food and drinks with it and enjoy an additional $1 bonus to spend for ever $10 I topped up into the Geek Pass. Woo hoo!


In addition, there are additional benefits that comes with the Geek Pass as follows:


Enjoy high-speed (up to 1.5 Mbps as compared to most hotspots which only provides at most 512Kbps), reliable and secure internet connection

Free local and overseas phones calls using Geek Terminal’s IP phones

Free loan of laptop (usual charge at S$5 per hour)

20% discount on use of enterprise level video conferencing facilities

20% discount and priority booking of sound-proof private meeting rooms

20% discount off business centre facilities (print, fax, copy and scan)

20% off space rental for event packages

First-hand discounts on gadgets from Technology Partners

Networking opportunities with like-minded executives

Access to professional seminars and workshops at discounted rates

Priority access to business concierge services (conditions apply)

o Jet Quay’s exclusive flight check-ins and returns at members’ rates

o Hotel booking

o Limousine/Taxi booking

o Document and Parcel Courier service

Birthday Privileges for members

o Free 2 glasses of wine on the month of member’s birthday or,

o Free dessert your birthday

Post source: http://blog.omy.sg/ezprezzo/2008/09/01/geek-pass-launch/

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Tonight – 1st Singapore SEE THROUGH party at Geek Terminal

Looking for some last minute 2008 entertainment at only $25.00 for guys and Free for girls…drop by Geek Terminal Singapore Tonight for Geek Terminal’s 1st See Though Party – Party Starts at 7pm 🙂

Time and Place –
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
7:00pm – 11:55pm
Geek Terminal
55 Market Street (Opp. Golden Shoe Carpark Taxi Stand @ Raffles Place
Singapore, Singapore
Geek Terminal & MC Models organise Singapore’s first SEE-THROUGH PARTY on 30 Dec 2008 @ 7pm. Prepare yourself for the most anticipated party of music & beauty. Let your inner beauty glow as we see thru Year 2008 beautifully! HEALTH WARNING – MEN WITH HEART CONDITIONS ARE REQUIRED TO SEEK DOCTOR’S ADVICE BEFORE ATTENDING THE PARTY.

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