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Eyeball Tattoo Trend – NEWSOXY

Besides the possibility of blindness being very present, who are we to determine what someone does to their own body, yet those that don’t understand the desire to be unique wish to ban the eyeball tattoo procedure – your thoughts ?

Source NEWSOXY – Eyeball tattoo trend is surging in America and Canada. The trend encourages young adults to an eye tattoo leaving behind a full colorful ink.

I don’t mind tattoos, but one for the eyeball? It’s the new trend in North America as many young adults are coloring the whites of their eyes. The procedure is done by injecting ink into their eyeballs.

Eyeball tattoo trending is in the nation’s prisons or as gang members try to find ways to identify themselves with a particular gang. Alternatively, even just to appear formidable in an unusual alien kind of way. One fellow took the challenge and had the whites of his eyes tattooed blue.

Trends come and go, but this one is a bit scary to watch. The procedure is known as a “body modification” and is often used for patients that had trauma to their eye. Joining piercings is one modification, but most doctors advise against putting anything in your eyes that will permanently mark or damage them.

Tattoos on the eye can be painful and discomforting. Even after the procedure, it feels like something is in your eye, according to most people who had it done. Television shows have entered into the foray as well, with eyeball tattoo episodes appearing on CSI:NY.

New Laws Under Consideration To Ban Procedure – read more at

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