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Most Entrepreneurial Supermodels – Forbes.com

Pity the poor supermodel. A decade ago she was stomping her way to $50,000 a day on the runways of New York, Paris or Milan. Today, all but the cream of the crop are likely to slink from the flashbulbs with little more than taxi fare and a few pairs of Manolo Blahniks. As for cosmetics contracts, long the province of names like Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington, those are going to Hollywood types like Scarlett Johansson and Eva Longoria, both with L’Oréal.

Fortunately, pretty faces never go out of style. A popular model with a few contracts under her belt can slap her name on fragrances, clothes, shoes and skincare lines. “Brands are still looking for that beautiful face or body,” says Ryan Schinman, chief executive of Platinum Rye, which represents corporations that partner with celebrities. “Older models with household names are making more than they ever did as supermodels in the 1980s or 1990s. They are at the height of their earning potential.”

In Pictures: 12 Supermodels Turned Moguls

via Most Entrepreneurial Supermodels – Forbes.com.


10 gorgeous girls in one house, all competing to become Asia’s next big modeling sensation. What can possibly go wrong? Join the girls on their journey to fame as they pout and strut their way through weekly challenges and elimination rounds.

Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/SupermodelmeTV/80974482419

Gisele Bündchen

The highest-paid supermodel in the world, with an estimated $35 million in earnings last year, is also an astute businesswoman. Last year, Gisele reportedly began demanding to be paid in euros instead of the ever-shrinking dollar. And even though she has over 20 modeling contracts, the biggest payday comes from her licensing deal with Brazilian sandal-maker Grendene. The model’s line, Ipanema by Gisele, is sold worldwide and accounts for 20% of the company’s shoe sales, or about 30 million pairs last year. Gisele’s annual royalty stream: about $8 million. Tom Brady’s gal pal has also recently licensed her name to Luxottica’s Vogue Eyewear for her own line of sunglasses called “Gisele’s Selects.” Oh, yeah, and she’s in the hospitality business to boot, as the owner of Brazil’s successful Palladium Executive hotel.

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would it be the same at starbucks, NO

I checked in at the Geek Terminal this morning at around 11am, this is kinda not unusal as most of you will know – people think it is my office, well a guess a travelling social media guy like me needs to have somewhere…

But as i was havin a break it suddenly dawned on me why I choose to take up space at Geek Terminal and not anywhere else…

so in order of importance here are my reasons:

  1. other like minded and clever entrepreneurs come here (already 5 of these people have chatted to me in 2.6 hrs of being here)
  2. Word of Mouth – the potential of other people hearing about mine and their projects in each of our social circles is immense
  3. the potential business opportunites that may materialise from taking up a spot at Geek Terminal on a near daily basis is up to you as everyone is friendly
  4. the FREE access to internet, power (everywhere) and smiles from the service team can’t be beat elsewhere
  5. it’s more fun than being in my isolated office 🙂

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Peace of Mind at Geek Terminal

Geek Terminal is Singapore’s one-stop Premier Business Lounge which empowers business or working professionals to compete and succeed in the New Economy through innovative technology infrastructure and full suite of business services. Geek Terminal links like-minded professionals to connect to new business avenues. gts-logo

Built specifically for business travellers, mobile executives, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a place to meet, socialize, work on their laptops and have a great cup of coffee and food – with full access to state-of-the-art business facilities all within reach e.g. private meeting rooms, video and tele-conferencing, business centre services, with free high-speed wireless internet access and power point at every seat to charge your gadgets.

Trusted venue for Corporate Training, Product Launches, Press Conferences and Parties with more than 300 events hosted per year since 2007.

Are you a mobile business executive that LOVES to work out of your office? Do you find it frustrating to find a place with high speed WIFI and then discover there are not power sockets… Geek Terminal is for you…

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Why Join E.Factor?

About E.Factor


“E.Factor” stands for “The Entrepreneur Factor” and represents a vibrant online community and virtual marketplace designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs love E.Factor.com because it’s a place where they can focus exclusively on making business connections, negotiating deals, exchanging information, and advertising their products and services.

Comprised of businesspeople and investors across an array of industries around the globe, the E.Factor community is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to increase their brand exposure, establish a network of high quality contacts, and acquire the funding needed to take their enterprise to the next level.

Why Join E.Factor?

Powerful tools at your fingertips. Everything you need for professional business networking is right here!
A dynamic and interactive platform. Ask questions, make referrals, form discussion groups and more.
Basic Membership is FREE. Start networking on E.Factor as soon as today!

Live networking events. E.Factor offers exclusive group discounts and special rates for our members.

Company behind E.Factor

E.Factor was formed in 2007 by Roeland Reinders, Adrie Reinders, and Marion Freijsen – all highly skilled and well-connected entrepreneurs serving Fortune 2000 companies with innovative IT business solutions.

The trio had started work on their second book about Entrepreneurship (Adrie and Marion’s first book, The N Factor, was published earlier in 2007). The website began as a small virtual community where the authors could share info and ask for feedback by other entrepreneurs. It proved to be the beginning of something wonderful: the E.Factor. In time, the group was joined by “serial social networker” Rodney Sampson, and they went on to broaden the scope and function of the site to attract entrepreneurs globally.

With all three founders hailing from OHM, Inc., a global enterprise dedicated to assisting emerging technology companies in selling their products to Fortune 2000 corporations throughout Europe and the United States, E.Factor was founded in the idea that strategic business networking can vastly impact the future of global business and your company’s role in it.

Click here to become an instant member of E.Factor.com!

Click here to learn more about the E.Team

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what is smarta – itsReal

Industry believes this social network may give LinkedIn a run for its money – hmmm ???? But Smarta’s backers are impressive !!!!
Smarta is a new support platform for anyone starting or running a small business

By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Smarta provides a one-stop-shop where you can access the business advice you need, when you need it.

Our network of entrepreneurs and experts, videos, guides and tools are here to inspire and support you at every stage of your business journey, from business planning to raising finance and growth strategies.

Smarta aims to shake-up the business support landscape. Innovative, intuitive and practical, Smarta will be where the UK does business.

More about us

Founding Partners

  • Natwest
  • Vodafone
  • RBS

Why register?

  • Connect with people like you
  • Create profiles, groups, events
  • Ask questions, get answers
  • Access free expert advice
  • It’s FREE!


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Citizens of the (virtual) world – itsReal

Barrack Obama in his speech in Germany – Heralded – People of the World, we are all citizens of the world he said.

Connecting to people all over the world is becoming more real everyday and technologies that are spawning within and from virtual worlds make these connections tangible and REAL.

The hype that surrounded Second Life has diminished – hype can last for so long, however because of the hype entrepreneurs the life blood of business innovation, have seized the opportunities that Second Life offered and are now delivering platforms, applications and services that lead to global citizens working intimately together across distances that previously were unimaginable.

Fully animated avatars that have been perceived as impostors, pretenders of who they really are, are being replaced with Fully Animated Avatars of who you really are, if in business then who you are on LinkedIn, if more social, then who you are on Facebook. One such platform is Twinity

It is now time for Business, corporates companies all over the world to realize that Virtual World Technology is Real, Virtual Worlds coupled with Web 2.0 social applications and existing technologies are allowing for connectivity that could mean less travel, less cost, less time away from families, less harm to the environment, even less fatigue.

I recently was told of how IBM’s implementation of virtual worlds within IBM had achieved greater collaboration and I can only conclude that this has lead to alot less expenditure by IBM and decisions made faster, without the need to travel away from love ones.

Victor Keegan of The Guardian wrote an article titled We’ll all be citizens of the virtual world he concluded with….

Virtual worlds are only just beginning. During a period of financial collapse and worries about global warming, they could prove an ideal safe haven.

I suggest to you virtual wolds have begun – time is now for business to embrace and not wait.

You can be a real citizen in a Virtual World.


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We’re All Entrepreneurs – itsReal

• It is tough out there, and it’s only going to get tougher.

• Forget about security.

• Like it or not, even if you start out with a large corporation, you are going to be an entrepreneur.

• Make peace with this reality, and your life is going to be a lot better.

We’re All Entrepreneurs.

Suggest you read this short article by Marshall Goldsmith – it might help you in times of need.

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