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SIMS 3 – preview clocks up 1 million plus views on YOUTUBE

Since May 2009 EA has garnered 1.2+ million views of their preview of sims 3 – their developer preview clocks in at 1.3+ million views – for those who have not seen the consumer version here it is.. imagine avatar’s that need to head to the bathroom to….

While your here take a look at 2 Episodes from Asia Uncut hosted by Jon Niermann and its new Stars Sock & Mr Bubble

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ASIA UNCUT – EPISODE 1 – Video Segments Host Jon Niermann

Jon meets with Hong Kong based film director and fight choreographer Antony Szeto, to unleash a little *&W*$#)(%% on him. Turns out transforming Jon into a bona fide stuntman will take years… and hours of fast-cut editing.

Singapore’s very own Jack & Rai are an emerging singer-song writer duo penning soulful and original songs. Rai reveals the story of how they became Jack & Rai, and not the other way around…

Watch an American-idol showdown between Jon and James Blunt singing his hit song “Beautiful” in a Chinatown. The singer-songwriter talks about his experiences and inspiration during the Kosovo War, and the benefits of selling his sister on E-Bay.

Writer comedian TJ Johnson, a.k.a the (funny) Barack Obama of Singapore, chats with Jon about maids, aphrodisiacs, and his love of hecklers in Singapore over a pungent plate of durian.

Actors Ethan Hawke and Simon Russell Beale log into a video conference with Jon to talk about the Bridge Project, Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov and chewing gum.

Tired of flipping burgers, these two guests decided to follow their passion and are now living the dream. Together, Michael Chugg and Sat Bisla represent the two most important parts of the music business: discovering the talent, and then getting people to buy their music. With artists like Cold Play and Robbie Williams on speed dial, they’ve got to have the jobs that most of us would die for.

Asia Uncut Website: http://www.asiauncut.com

Asia Uncut Twitter: http://twitter.com/asia_uncut

Asia Uncut Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=65662618367&ref=ts

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