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Star Trek Movie 2009 or Star Wreck – itsReal

The release of the new Star trek movie in May 2009 will be a pre-qual to the original series – check out the trailer here at their very cool website –  http://www.startrekmovie.com

In the interim, while the world waits have you heard of the Star Trek Spoof movie STAR WRECK made for the internet – a full length downloaded movie totally free…

download here http://www.starwreck.com/

Star Wreck & its creator Timo Vuorensola of Energia Productions Ltd. where recently VIP showcased at Singapore’s DMfest 2008 – Digital Media Festival

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Live from DMfest 2008 Singapore – Web 2.0 & Building Online Communities

First up is Aroon Tan – Managing Director & Co-founder of Magma  Studios – they build virtual worlds for companies – come on down Microsoft’s evangelist Jonathan Wong – his  5 minute demo begins now -he is nort promoting silverlight really he is not i think he has said silverlight 5 times – 6 his demo is on mobtv – he very funny – in context advertising to monetise your community – he is pushing his time limit – with his TOY F1 Girls – Ok Jonathan – till next time – come on S.P. Raja – from big blue IBM Technology Architect – important Lesson – Get ready to believe in the impossible – BuzzCity CEO Lai Kok Fung – Mobile Internet consumers using mobile devices as their primary device for the internet. India is used as country where people are accessing the internet with mobile phones – most have nvere used a computer.

BuzzCity is Buzzing…..

Hu Shunjie  from Seesmic – video platform to create conversations with video ! Community 2.0 – Video is most useful fr those with disabilities.

Another pitch from Microsoft – Windows Live is being rebuilt ! Facebook is a communications company not a social network – 18billion industry for virtual products – new industry arriving to trade virtual products – First Meta – Virtual Credit Card – for virtual and real goods


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Design News – Digital Media Festival to kick off with screening of Internet films – TAXI Design Network


October 2008

The inaugural Digital Media Festival 2008 (DMfest) will be held in Singapore this October 2008.

With the theme “Television 2.0: Internet Services and New Media Mashup”, the event focuses on how the defining characteristics of the Web 2.0 world – such as interactivity, user-generated content, social networking and collaboration – will impact on the digital media industry of the future.

The two-day event will kick off with an Opening Night Film and Video Screening, where delegates will be able to catch the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD; Star Wreck, the most popular Internet movie ever; and other ground-breaking machinima and open source movies.

The second day programme will feature a full-day conference covering topics such as the TV 2.0 Infrastructure; the move of serialised television onto the Internet; Community Television; Digital Production and Visualisation; Web-Enabled Business Models and Channels of Distribution; and Web 2.0 and Building Online Communities. Speakers include the filmmaker behind Star Wreck, an Internet TV pioneer, broadcast personalities, social media gurus and a host of other illuminaries and thought leaders in digital media.

DMfest is organised by the Digital Media Chapter of the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF).

“DMfest comes at an opportune time, as the ubiquity of high-speed communications and the proliferation of devices transform the way content is delivered to the end user, and how the end user interacts with this content. This opens up new opportunities for our infocomm and media production communities,” said Ng Chong Khim, Chairman of the SiTF’s Digital Media Chapter.

“DMfest will provide infocomm and media production communities with a platform to establish partnerships and share their expertise, so that they can better position themselves to tap on these opportunities,” he added.

The event also incorporates fringe activities such as a Business Matching Service and the MDA Programme Awareness Forum, as well as an exhibition component featuring a Mobile Applications and Content Showcase, Games & Simulations Showcase (GXA) and Sponsors Showcase.

via Design News – Digital Media Festival to kick off with screening of Internet films – TAXI Design Network

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Young Upstarts – DMFest 2008: A Spirited Pre-Event Discussion On User-Generated Content

Another man of Passion – Daniel reports in on the pre- DMfest meetup

DMFest 2008: A Spirited Pre-Event Discussion On User-Generated Content

excerpt below….

I was invited to a pre-event session for the Singapore Digital Media Festival 2008 by the kind folks of PR outfit Text100, where I had the opportunity to meet some of the festival’s speakers and panelists such as Muvee COO Philip Morgan, Ultimate Video FX director Stefano Vergilli, Seesmic Flex developer Hu Shunjie, as well as the creative director and co-founder of Magma Studios Chris Jones. Also present were familiar faces and friends in Singapore’s social media scene – Walter Lim, Daniel Tsou and Chinmay “NTT” Pendharkar of Tech65.org, Benjamin Koe, Coleman Yee, Bernard Leong, and fellow TDMer Andrew Peters.

After an introduction by Ivan Ho and Anthony Fu from the DMFest organising committeee, we launched into a discussion on the state of user-generated content (UGC) in Singapore. With the quality of the people present – panelists and media socialists alike – we were in for an extremely fun and intellectually-stimulating debate.

Here are some of the points that were raised:

Young Upstarts – Voice of A New Business Generation » Blog Archive » DMFest 2008: A Spirited Pre-Event Discussion On User-Generated Content.

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ExpertRIA.com Singapore – DMFest Preconference Meetup – Round up

Awesome round up of the pre DMfest meet up – Shunjie has passion

excerpt below…

The meetup kicked off by a series of introduction by Ivan Ho, who is running the Digital Media Festival, as well as Anthony Fu, who gives us more insight of the purpose and the schedule of the main event proper on the 30th and 31st of October. The purpose of the meetup is to allow the speakers and the blogger community of singapore to meet up and network, as well as to give us a quick showcase of some really nice user generated movie, one of which titled “Big Buck Bunny”, which is really very impressive!

The main part of the meetup evolves around the discussion of “User generated Content (UGC) , in particular in Singapore, as well as the viability of both the publisher and the platform provider to generate revenues via UGC. This spawn into very interesting discussion among the attendees. Some discussed points includes:

via ExpertRIA.com | Tech blog of a Flex | AIR | Flash | Actionscript Developer | Singapore

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Text100 Entertains for pre DMfest event – itsReal

Have just come back from Text100‘s pre-event dinner for DMfest 2008 to be held in Singapore – we were met by SiTF the organisers and a few speakers that will be at the event on the 30 – 31 October in Singapore – my fellow invited guests were bloggers, social media true believers – and UGC’s – yes it means User Generated Content – Tech65 as an example – I was there to represent The Digital Movement – TDM.

I won’t babble here about the importance of and the value that DMfest 2008 will offer those that have a passion for this space – the details are below. But clearly the conversations that were carried out whilst munching on pizza and raw fish you can easily see that passion will drive this event to success.

For me it was my fourth meeting of the day – the meeting prior was very cool as I was able to demo Virtual Geek Terminal in twinity to one of the owners of the real Geek Terminal who got very excited – it looks so real he said – that I was a bit too tired to contribute – that said sometimes listening is the best thing you can do somtimes – clearly the event is being well organized, the speaker line up impressive for a 1st time event and with Text100 driving the publicity support – all together it means if you have a passion for Digital Media and User Generated Content you should attend this event and learn just a bit more – i did tonight.

For more information on DMfest 2008, visit their event website
Click here to register now!
For enquiries, contact the event secretariat today!
T: +65 6829 7516
F: +65 6220 6116
E: secretariat@dmfest.com

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